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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 31, 1953

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TUESDAY, MARCH 31, 1953, at 10 a.m.
No. 33
Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning,
Miss Mercer, Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
Miss Lanning brought to the meeting a volume of "Social
Case Work" that had a whole section ripped out of it.
example of the kind of treatment that is occasionally,
often, given library material by some individuals.
This is an
though too
Mr. Harlow called attention to a stack of catalogue cards
for which Miss Higginbottom had cut the stencils recently and
which Miss Vabre mimeographed.  There were about 200 stencils in
the lot.  The cost of doing this work will be estimated, but the
great convenience of having the cards done rapidly and in the
Library is also to be taken into account.
This substance is a kind of glue which restores the
finish, of old, worn leather and also acts as a binder.  The
Librarian believes it probably has a rubber base and that it may
deteriorate in time, in which case the process will have to be
repeated at intervals.  It may serve for temporary binding or even
as a substitute for rebinding.  This material and the leather
preservative which Mr. Harlow has recently acquired will have to be
used by people trained in their proper application.  It may be
possible to use trained student assistants, and some of this work
may be done in Acquisitions, as books come into the Library.
The installation of the new stacks on floor 2 was
completed on March 29, quickly and quietly, and students are
already at work moving the books.  The installation was done with
remarkably little inconvenience to library staff and users.
In this connection it was brought up that the new exit
door from the stack on level 2 (delivery entrance) has been found
open several times, especially on Saturday morning.  It is
probably done by the night watchman or the janitor and'' the
Librarian will make inquiries. During the day it is occasionally
left open, and Mr. Harlow stresses the importance of keeping it
closed except when in immediate use, and that anyone who finds it
open should close it without question: might as well leave the
front door open as the back door.
It is also rumored that students may be dropping books
out of the stack windows on the east side I  If true, it may become
necessary to screen the windows in the stack area. The "J's" are now being moved into the new stacks.
Mr. Lanning said that Mr. Neale would prefer to do the moving of
the "W's" himself, because the spacing of this section requires
careful planning.  It was pointed out that there is no way of
knowing how much space will be occupied by "W" periodicals.  It is
expected that Miss Fraser will bring back a considerable quantity
of material from her trip this summer, and a long list of requests
may arrive from the University of Texas.
During the discussion of the medical collections, the
proposed UNESCO exchange program was brought, up.  European
exchanges are not on as informal a basis as the American, and it
is likely that we should be expected to have material for exchange
fairly promptly, which would be difficult for us. Likewise
shipping costs must be considered.  On the whole, Mr. Harlow feels
that we should consider very carefully the desirability of becoming
involved with European exchanges before checking UNESCO lists.
Acquisitions has expended the available book funds during
the fiscal period, an achievement greats to its credit.
Mr. Lanning's Division has similarly done a good job in relation
to the periodical funds.  As a result of the increased book-buying,
the Catalogue Division has handled and is handling more titles,
and in general the volume of work has increased all along the line.
Mr. Harlow said that the Library must prepare a statement
of orders outstanding at the end of the fiscal year against the
Library Books and Magazines account, and it was decided that orders
over two years old would be cancelled and the items entered upon
want lists. Mr. Harlow suggested that a mimeographed form should
be drawn up, to advise dealers to cancel such outstanding orders
but to say that we are still searching for the materials.
The weekly report to Buildings and Grounds of lights
to be replaced has not always resulted in prompt action, but it was
stated today that many tubes and globes that had been out for
several weeks.were being replaced.  If the same lights are out
from week to week, they should be reported each Wednesday, for
only by doing so can we check upon the promptness of replacement.
One carrel on floor 2 will be removed to provide
passageway to the new stack area.  Small tables will be needed for
the new carrels, and an attempt will be made to round up enough
army tables for the purpose.
A new lot of signs to be placed on the reading room
tables has been obtained from the Extension Department and a display for "QUIET" during examination period is in the small
display case.  The campaign will start in earnest on Easter
It has been suggested that we might have a separate call
slip for government publications, bringing the number of kinds to
four.  The discussion was postponed in order to give Serials,
Reference and Circulation an'opportunity to consider the matter
jointly. Mr. Harlow, who originally inquired whether the slips
might be reduced from 3 in number to 2, believes that the kinds as few as possible.
In regard to the material to be printed on the back of
the call slips, Miss Smith suggested that such terms as "main entry"
should be explained.  Some such information should perhaps be
posted at the public catalogue, and Mr, Harlow asked for further
recommendations relating to the proposed card and the call slips.
It was pointed out that the phrasing of the statement in
the last sentence of the second last paragraph on p, 3 of
Minutes No, 32 seems to indicate that no extra effort would ever be
expected of non-professional staff. Mr, Harlow felt that more was
being read into the statement than was warranted and certainly more
than was intended.  He said that he had meant merely to convey the
idea that more is to be expected of the professional than of the
non-professional staff.  Every conscientious member of the staff
will doubtless have opportunity and occasion from time to time to
contribute something in addition to what is actually required of
him; such action on the individual's part serves to make the job
his own and not just routine impersonal employment.
The Librarian inquired whether a few more copies of the
Minutes would make it considerably easier for all the staff to see
them, and it was so agreed. Mr. Harlow also wondered whether the
"Minutes" should not be expanded to include other official information of interest to the staff. Miss Mercer felt that they should
continue to give careful report of the Heads' meetings, and it was
agreed that such information should continue to be made generally
A form letter will be sent-out to all members of faculty,
and to all staff members who have books on loan, asking for the
return of all library material to the Library for the annual check.
The material is to be in by May 1, and the notice will be sent out
to reach borrowers before the last day of lectures. Attention will
be called to the necessity to return the books, not just a list of
It was decided that the Library should specify "students
registered in the Faculty of Graduate Studies" as those eligible
to borrow periodicals for periods up to one week.  To borrow for
longer periods, up to one month, the borrower should have a faculty
identification card.
ROOM 366
When Miss Lanning's staff counted the Provincial textbooks in Room 366 (a space set aside for Education material and for
use only by Teacher-Training students), there were 35 missing.
Dr. Mcintosh is speaking to the students about the loss.
Mr. Harlow said that the books are in a room within the bookstacks
and that the Library is as responsible for this collection as any
other, since volumes may leave the stack area only via the Loan
The meeting adjourned at 12:30 noon.
Mr, Harlow announced that Mrs. Sinclair is resigning from
her position in order to go with her husband to Edmonton, where he
plans to carry on his work as an architect.  The success of the
Fine Arts Room during its short life owes much to Mrs, Sinclair's
special knowledge of Music and Architecture, to her interest, in
people, and to the energy she has  shown in giving service to staff
and students who make use of the collections.  She will be much
missed, and the good wishes of the Library staff go with her.
Miss Beverly Harris, who has been a member of the
Circulation staff since July, 1951, has resigned from her position
in order to go abroad for four months this summer. We wish her a
most enjoyable holiday.


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