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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 8, 1952

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TUESDAY, APRIL 8, 1952, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning,
Miss Mercer, Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
Requests have been received (from the service desks for material in
the Bindery, some to satisfy end-of-term demands for work to be turned in
within a few days. It was pointed out once again that it is very costly to
locate items during the period in which they are in the Bindery; there are
now 570 books in various processing stages in that department, and the librarian said that there would be as many as 1000 volumes in the Bindery at one
time, when it gets properly under way. Material therefore cannot be taken
out except in extreme emergencies. A good deal of University money is being
put into the Bindery, and a substantial volume of work must be turned out
each year in order to justify the expenditure. It was agreed that none of
the Library Staff, except Mr, Lanning, should enter the Bindery,
Mr, Harlow announced that Miss Patricia Iiggins, a graduate from
this University and McGill Library School, has accepted a junior professional
position, commencing July 1, in the Catalogue Division, and Miss Suzanne
Vabre has replaced Mrs, Locke in the librarian's office.
Miss Martha Sheperd, Director of the Bibliographic Centre in Ottawa,
is at work in the library, photographing the Authority File for the national
union catalogue. She has finished copying the master file at the Vancouver
Public library, and will go from here to Victoria.
Mr. Harlow asked if there were any comments about the "Quiet" campaign.
Miss Smith said she thought that it had had a remarkable influence, but that
the initial effect was wearing off. It was agreed that a fresh lot of signs
should be put on the desks on Wednesday, April 9, the librarian asked if Mr.
Alan Fraser could be requested to look after placing the signs* It was generally agreed that it would be useful to put up varying signs and notices enjoining quiet throughout the year, to remind the students of the continuing
Four new positions, requested in the estimates, have been allocated
in the library budget for 1952/53, and there is an important increase in the
budget for the purchase of books. The new positions are: First Assistant for
the Catalogue Division, Junior Profesional for Reference, Library Assistant
for Serials, Clerk 1 for Acquisitions, Mr. Harlow said thathe is generally - 2 -
rexy much pleased with the budget. Present indications are that the new year
will be a big one for the Library, and certainly for the processing divisions.
Mr* Harlow remarked that he had not received reviews and comments
from all the Division Heads on this subject.
The letter to faculty and staff requesting return of. books is going
out in today's mail.
Miss Jefferd has revised the instructions for inventory and returned
the revision to Miss Lanning. It will be typed and available for next Tuesday's meeting*
Miss Lanning mentionned the difficulty of getting material back to
the Library from some faculty members before they go off for the summer, means
were discussed for coping with such problems.
The Board of Governors has decreed that fines incurred by April 15
must be paid by April 20, or students will not be allowed to graduate or to
receive their marks or transcripts of record* Fines for undergraduates, incurred after April 15, will be held until next September* By April 16, the
Circulation Division, will have billed all fines accrued to the 15t>h, and have
mailed them so that students will have an opportunity to pay by the 20th*
This puts teeth into an otherwise not very effectual regulation*
Miss Smith asked whether the Library might not reconsider its policy
regarding loans of periodicals material, government documents, bound periodicals, etc. Some of this material is now probably taken out of the stackroom
without permission, or is hidden there by individuals who want to be able to
put their hands on it next time they need it* Miss Smith suggested that
possibly the time has come to consider a more liberal lending policy, as a partial solution to some of the problems which have grown out of the present rigid restrictions upon borrowing* The use of unbound periodicals would also
enter into a consideration of this problem* Mr, Harlow welcomed the suggestion
for discussion. Mr. Lanning remarked that the heavy bound volumes might suffer
damage if they were much handled, under a more generous lending policy* It
was suggested that the material should be available in the library during the
evening, not going out on loan until 9:30 p.m. This would increase the lines
at the loan Desk on Saturday afternoon and Monday morning. The restrictions
upon use of depository material would also have to be considered. „ 3 -
In connection with access to the stackroom, Mr. Harlow reported
that work was under way again on the installation of emergency exit locks
on the stack doors into the fire stair. He said that with these doors under
control, more careful restriction of access by way of the Loan Desk would he
neeessary. A person should be constantly available to check entrances and
exits by this route. There may not be enough staff at the Loan Desk to spare
one person for this work, means of coping with the situation were discussed,
such as the possible advantages of shifting the entrance to the north end of
the Desk. Some solution will need be found* The new stack doors now being
installed back of the Loan Desk are to be locked when the Library is closed*
and the librarian asked how people in the stacks are warned of closing time.
The buzzer system was explained, and Mr. Harlow wondered whether a bell might
compel more attention.
It was noted that persons seeking further information about perio«
dicals and Government publications are now referred by the public catalogue
to Serials, the Reference Division, or to Law. In most cases they should go
to Reference first, and it was suggested that perhaps they should be referred
to Reference in the first instance in every case. Mr. %rlow said he would
think that inquiries should normally be made to Reference first, and he
asked that the matter be discussed later with a number of related problems.
The meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.


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