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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 27, 1956

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Flarch 27, 1956.  No. 124
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH, SR, AF1S, MF1L, RJL, EBM, F1AA, EF.
Minutes No. 123
Last week's Minutes should be dated Flarch 20, 1956.
Closing Library
The Library doors were found open at 6 p.m. last
Saturday. It is understood that the patrol is responsible for
closing, but it was-agreed that hereafter the last member of the
Loan Desk staff to leave the building should check to make sure
the front door is locked.  If it is open at that time, the staff
member should telephone the Power House, where there is always
someone on duty.  If necessary, call Mr. Harlow.
Food in the Library
Quite a number of lunch bags are found in the stack
waste-paper baskets, and the Librarian asked how we are to keep
food out of the stack area.  The Library seems to be free of
rodents and insects, and it must be kept that way. There are now
no means for storing lunches at the stack entrance, and no
lockers are provided in or near the building.  Some plans will
need to be worked out by next fall.
Recruiting Conference
On Tuesday, April 3, about seventy High School Counsellors are expected to visit the University Library.  They are to
arrive at 1:30 p.m. and assemble in the Sedgewick Room.  Guides
will conduct small groups (ten tours of 7 persons each) through
the building and the whole group will gather in Room 352 for
talks, going later to the lounge for tea.  In each division a
brief explanation will be given of the place of its operations
in the general library organization, but no detailed information
regarding processes or procedures.  The talks will emphasize the
variety of attractions and employment in librarianship, and the
tours will illustrate this point rather than try to explain the
detailed operation of the Library.  It is believed that bringing
the information to the Counsellors may be even more useful in
recruitment than talking to a group of high school students themselves. Pf
End of Fiscal Year, March 31
It appears that all money in the "Books and Flagazines"
account has now been expended, and congratulations were extended
to the Acquisitions Division and to Serials. Fliss Fiercer said
that the new accounting system (based upon the multiple forms) has
very greatly simplified the operations and that Mrs. Howell
and Firs. Houston have been able to do all of the handling of
invoices and accounts which was formerly shared during the year-
end rush by four or five members of the Division.  This does not
minimize the accomplishment of the staff, for this has been the
largest year, budget wise, in the Library's history, and the
normal year-end confusion and congestion has been avoided.
Use of Book Loan Labels
It was pointed out that the Canadian Post Office
Book Loan Labels are to be used only when material is sent out
on loan, not for general mailing of exchange or other material.
The very special rate for the lending of books does not apply to
other mailing purposes, such as the sending of exchange material,
Mail—Tourist Class
Mr. Lanning reported that three parcels were recently
sent to the Library from Germany.  Two arrived promptly, but the
third was long delayed.  It has'now reached us, by way of
Yokohama, Japan, although it was correctly addressed to the
UBC Library.
Delivery Service
Fliss Mercer will try to make firm arrangements with
departmental stenographers before the end of term to establish
official stations for pick-up and delivery. Fliss Smith reported
that since faculty may use the delivery service to return material
out on short-term loan, they are making more use of it and are
returning it promptly.
Fliss Lanning pointed out that the Delivery Service will
no doubt be heavily used to return books for the annual inventory.
Books brought in by hand may normally be checked and taken out
again immediately, but it will not be feasible for the Loan Desk
to check immediately and return great lots of material sent to
the Library by the Delivery Service. Fir. Harlow said that Faculty
who wish to have books re-issued immediately must bring them to
the Library personally or re-order them item by item.
The last day of lectures is April 12, and the notice to
faculty to return material to the Library for inventory should
reach them on the 9th or 10th of April. k'9
Railway Rates to Niagara Falls
Special conference rates to the meeting of the Canadian
Library Association in Niagara Falls (June 11-14) are as follows:
C.P.R., coach $119.34 round trip, plus $14.90 for lower berth or
$11.90 for upper each way; first class, $142.05 plus $22,30 for
lower berth or $17.85 for upper each way. Air coach rates are
obtainable also.
Dr. Rothstein mentioned the bargains, especially in
fiction and English and American literature, being offered in
dealers' catalogues, and suggested that the Library make a list of
replacements and additions in order to take advantage of these
sales. Fliss Lanning reported a large number of books awaiting
repairs from which a selection can be made.  Gaps in the collection might be quickly filled in this way, and Dr. Rothstein asked
that staff note any which come to their attention. He will make
up a list of material that can be obtained, with staff assistance-
The meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.
Mr. George Frajkor has started work in the Library, taking
over the mail room job from Fir. McKay who leaves at the end of the
Miss Margaret Niall has been engaged as Junior Clerk and will
start work in the Reserve Book Room on April 3.
Mrs. Gretl Fischer will replace Firs. Muriel Pritchard as
Library Assistant in the Bio-Medical Reading Room when Firs. Pritchard leaves in May.
The new janitor is Fir. Carling; he has the shift formerly
taken by Fir. Barrow.
New subscriptions
Psyche.  This periodical, new to the Library, is, surprisingly
enough, in Entomology,
Venus.  And this new journal is devoted to sea creatures,
published by the Flalacological Society of Japan,
Contemporary Psychology.
Revue francaise d'etudes .clinigues et -biologiques.
Special Libraries "Association! (T)" Bibliography of Engineering
Abstracting Services, No, 1; (2)' LT5ralle"s~'To*F'"Research
and Industry, No. 1
Zeitschrift fur romanische philologie.  Supp: bibliographies.
"V. 34-57 (1909-1937). w
International Labour Office, Bibliography on Workers' Education.
Geneva, 1956.
GATT Bibliography, 1947-1953; and First Supplement, 1954-June 1955
Geneva, March 1954 and August 1955.
The University Library, by L. R. Wilson and Flurice F. Tauber.
A new editio"h of this publication dealing with university
librarianship in its broadest terms.  It is a compilation
based upon the writings in the field, meticulously revised
to include material published during the last 12 years.
It is very useful but does not offer much that is fundamentally new. It is a standard text and provides access
to the best of the journal literature pertaining to the
various aspects of universit3?- librarianship.


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