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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Nov 3, 1959

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November 3,   1959. No.  203
Reporting Division Heads Fleetings and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH, SR, RJL, AMS, EBFl, ML, DF, G. Dobbin (for MAT),
and HM.
Friends of the University Library
There will be a meeting of the Friends of the University
Library on Tuesday, December 8, 1959, at 8:00 p.m. in the Mildred
Brock Room. Guest speaker will be President MacKenzie who will
talk on Andrew Carnegie'; DW Ping-ti Ho will describe the Chinese
collection and his trip to Macao to inspect it. There will be -
an exhibit of notable gifts acquired through the Friends, including
some from the P*u*p&h Chinese collection!
A large number of contributions received during the 1959
Alumni Annual Gift Campaign have been earmarked for the Library.
Mr. Aubrey Roberts of the Alumni office has submitted a list of
persons so contributing, and acknowledgment letters will be sent,
with membership cards for the Friends of the Library.
"This Week at U. B. C"
"This Week at U. B. C" is a publication issued by the
Information Office to keep members of the faculty informed about
activities on the campus each week. Copies are available
normally only at the Faculty Club, but Fir. Banham has agreed
that copies will be sent to the Library for the Archives and the
Reference Division.
Classification of Books in the Sedgewick Room
When the College Library is opened next fall, the books
in the Sedgewick collection will be moved there.  It will be
necessary, therefore, to have them classified and cataloged
before that time.  It was decided that call numbers will be put
on the books but that book cards,- pockets, and date slips will
be held out until they are moved to the College Library (because
we cannot provide a charging system until that time). Duplicates
of unique volumes will meanwhile-be acquired for the main book-
Western Book Show
The annual Western Book Show will be held from November
24 to December 12 in the University Art Gallery, with a special
program on the opening night. There will again be a typographical
display by Mr. Grenby and a display of Chinese block prints. 2«
Emergency Lighting during Power Failures
Following a letter by Fir. Harlow to President MacKenzie,
on the matter of providing emergency lighting during power blackouts, we have learned that facilities of this kind will be
available in the new wing and that lights for the present
building can be connected to this.  Since it would be uneconomic
to install two emergency systems, we shall have to go through
one more winter relying upon flashlights.
The campus Safety Committee has contacted the elevator
company for advice about the procedure to follow when a power
failure traps someone in an elevator.  The best advice now
available is to "sit and wait". Most blackouts have lasted
only a few minutes.
Training Program for High School Students
A group of high school students, who have been chosen
for special training in mathematics and science, will be given
weekly lectures by University faculty members. Dr. R. Sharp
of the School Board has asked whether these students may
borrow books from the University Library. Mr. Harlow advised
him that the Loan Desk was having some difficulty.supplying books
to University students (especially in mathematics) and doubted
whether the younger students would benefit from this privilege.
Next year it might be possible to handle a special group in the
College Library, Fir. Norman Ellis, of the School Board, is
coming out to discuss the matter with the Librarian.
Curriculum Laboratory
There will be in the University Calendar for next year
(for the first time) a notice regarding the location and purpose
of the Curriculum Laboratory.  It will then be located in the
annex of the Education building.
Flultiple-copy Call Slips
The printer is preparing samples of a two-copy call
slip and will submit it and a price within a few days. Miss
Lanning reported that an average of 50 - 75 bound journals are
taken out each day.  At present, temporary book cards have to
be made for each of these. The use of the new slip in the
Reserve Book Room is being studied.
Classification of Journals
The problem of re-classifying journals throughout the
Library to bring together titles in subject fields irrespective
(1) of their language and (2) of whether they are considered to
be regular journals or publications of societies is a large one
and varies in detail in different parts of the classification
scheme. 3.
It will probably be handled in several stages, the first
of which will be to-consolidate class numbers Q 2 to Q 4 (general
biological sciences, arranged by language) into Q 1.  The next
step agreed upon will be to bring together G 1 to G 55 (Geography,
including languages and societies) under G 1.  Thereafter the
procedure might well be to begin with B 1 and work through the
collection, except for Q 11 to Q 99, which as the fourth and
perhaps largest single group (arranged by country) would be
done last.
Library Hours
Fliss Smith submitted a list showing the hours of
service provided by libraries of 26 of the universities she
visited in the spring. Of these, 16 close- at 10 p.m., 1 at
9:30, 1 at 10:30, 3 at 11, 1 at 11:30, 2 at midnight, and 1 at
2 a.m. Opening hours vary from 7:30 a.m. to 8:45 (the Harvard
Lamont (undergraduate) Library opening at 8:45 and closing at
midnight). This information will be given to the Senate Library
Committee, which will be inquiring about the 11 p.m. closing of
the U. B. C, Library last year prior to the final examinations.
It is planned to remain open until 11 p.m, again before the
examinations in April.
Medical Library Association
Miss Doreen Fraser will be attending the regional
meeting of the Medical Library Association in Portland.
Fir. Walter G. Barrow
Mr. Harlow announced with regret the death of
Fir. Walter G. Barrow, long-time member of the University
janitorial staff, with many winters of service in the Library,
Mrs, Judith Lokhorst as Clerk I in the Cataloging
Division on November 4.


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