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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 17, 1961

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      ■ j
October 1?, 1961 No.255
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia.Library Staff
Present:  SR, IB, GGT, AMS, NTK, JO'R, DF, JS, EH, AL, ML,
BSS, PRS (for EBM), and HM. Minutes #25^
Loan Privileges "Restricted Use" means that a book
so marked"Is ''normally non-circulating but available on restricted loan at the discretion of Subject Division Heads." This
would mean that students registered in Graduate Studies may borrow
the materials for up to one week but faculty members would not
necessarily be so limited.
Libelous Literature
The book, "From Coalmine to Castle" contains a libel
against Robin James Dunsmuir and a judgement was entered against
the author, James Audain on September 26, 1956. A notice by
Mr. Dunsmuir's solicitor, in the B.C.L.A. Reporter, warns
against "the continued publication of this libel". As the
University Library has three copies of this book, two of which
are in the stacks for general circulation, the matter has been
referred to the President's Office for advice. For the time
being, the books have been removed from the stacks.
Faculty Reading Room
A resolution went before the Faculty Association meeting
on Thursday, October 19, asking provision of reading space on
each floor of the stacks for use by the faculty. Dr. Rothstein
informed the Association that there are already 21 carrells in
the stacks which are reserved for faculty. There are also 31
faculty studies on Floor 8 of the Koerner wing. The former
Faculty Reading Room (now office space in Social Sciences) was
not heavily used at any time. The resolution was defeated.
The number of students requesting carrells Increased
considerably this year. If all requests had been granted,
three students would have had to be assigned to each carrell.
As a result, it was decided to assign carrells only to students
registered in the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
Dr. Rothstein reported receiving complaints from the
Students' Council and other student groups about this restriction.
Division Heads agreed that the situation was regrettable and considered means of alleviation. Mr. Bell is to look into the
possibility of installing additional study tables in the Floor
3 area and also Into the feasibility of providing shelf space
for books on semester loan to students.
17 18
Berg Science Seminar
High school students in the Berg Science Seminars
have again been given Library cards. They are permitted to
use material in the Library and have access to the stacks,
but they have no borrowing privileges. They have been asked
to limit their use of the Library as far as possible to the
evenings and Saturday afternoons.
Student Assistant Time Sheets
Division Heads are asked to turn in the time sheets
for their student assistants to the Librarian's Office by
9:30 a.m. each Monday.
Noise in the Library
Complaints have been received about loud talking and
noise by members of the staff while passing through the stacks
to the elevator. Staff members are therefore requested to
be as quiet as possible when going through the stacks,
especially at coffee time.
Division Report - No. 8, Circulation Division, Miss M. Lanning
—""■ ».ll—II        !«■    HI-. "-■■"■« ■'   III—   WHWI   ■■—.<■— ,.■■■■■ I ■     ■■■■■  ^ hlMIII.IMH.mWWI.      '■■■'■"      "■"   '■    ■'       '     '   "    !■—■■■■■■*—
For many students, the Circulation Division is the
Library and therefore the role of the Division is of prime
importance. The impression we make must be good and our
manners should be impeccable. These standards are, however,
difficult to maintain in the face of the ever growing work load.
As the Faculty, students, and general staff have increased, so
should the staff of the Division, and the time has surely come
when the Division should have three professionals.
One of the most important tools in the Division is the
Location File which contains Information about the whereabouts
of any book not in its place in the stacks. If It is not on
the shelves or noted in the Loan or Location files, a search
is made. The Location File has grown almost out of bounds and
shortly it will have to be modified or discarded. It could be
moved from behind the desk, in which case a full time person
would have to man it. If discarded, all the information contained in it would have to be incorporated in the main catalogue.
The circulation files may be changed to a Keysort
system, as the one we use is cumbersome and far too much time
is spent "pulling", mostly for overdues on which we are seldom
up to date. There is also some difficulty in getting books back
from faculty members. Rebinds, prebinds and binds also require
cards to be marked and filed. When books are taken from rebinds
or prebinds to binds, cards must be pulled, remarked and reflied. 19
"Reserving" of books also presents some large problems.
The lists must be checked, the books collected and cards and
records changed. At present the Reserve Book Collection is
up to date but faculty members are sending in lists constantly.
One-third more books were placed on reserve this year than
last. There is a heavy year-round job of putting books on,
taking books off, checking summer session lists and doing
summer session reserves.
Summer School now requires a full staff plus extra
clerical help.  The chief difficulty is getting reserve lists
in time to have the books ready for the opening. . As most of
the staff is necessary for summer school, holidays are taken
before or after thus limiting the time in which Inventory or
other projects can be undertaken.
Stack entrances must be manned at all times. This
requires at least 36 people and any absences may disrupt the
whole operation.
Student assistants are needed between sessions to
clean the shelves and books. Dust and dirt cause books to
deteriorate and make the stacks unpleasant.
Miss Melva Dwyer, Head of the Fine Arts Division, has
completed requirements for a Master of Arts in History and will
receive her degree at the Fall Congregation.
Miss Joyce Kruger, as Clerk I in the Catalogue
Division on October 16.
The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.


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