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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jul 25, 1961

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 MINUTE        S
July 25>  19b 1 Mo. 2B0
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Presents  SR, RJL, JS, GGT, AMS, JO'R, MD, EBM, AB, ML, AL,
BSS, DP, and MP.
Plan of the Library
Miss Dwyer has completed a draft of the Library
floor plan. Por maximum clarity, it will show only levels 3
and 5 (Ground Floor and Main Floor).
Miss Dwyer's investigation indicated that the
proposed three-dimensional model of the Library would cost
$300. It was agreed that the model would not warrant this
Night Return Chute
Miss Lanning drew attention to the misuse of
the night return chute. Reserve books returned during the
day by this means may not be cheeked in for some hours after
they are due. The night return chute is intended only for
after-hours use and Dr. Rothstein asked Mr. Stuart-Stubbs
to have the chute rendered inoperable at other times. In
addition, the Circulation Division is to arrange for collection of books from the chute at 8:30 each morning.
Library Aluminum Doors
The Department of Buildings and Grounds has
asked the Library not to use wedges to keep open the aluminum
doors leading to the College Library and Humanities Division,
Such wedges apparently damage the doors. Dr. Rothstein has
written to Mr. Hughes requesting that some other means be
found for keeping these doors open in warm weather.
P.N.L.A. Conference
Dr. Rothstein announced that the Pacific Northwest Library Association conference will be held in Eugene,
Oregon, September 7-9, and hoped that some members of the
Library staff could attend.
"Know Your Library"
Copy for the 1961/62 edition of Know Your Library
has been sent to the Extension Department. To save time ana
money, Dr. Rothstein has kept the contents and format very much
like the previous ones. However, a thorough revision should be
109 110
considered for next year's edition.  By arrangement with
Mr. Bushell who is now in charge of the Extension Department's
printing office, a smaller type face will be used for the
present edition, which will make for a less crowded appearance.
Reclassification of Staff
The following staff have been reclassified:
Mr; Leonard Williams (Stack Attendant, Circulation
Division) to Group f.
Mrs. Lorna King (Humanities Division) to Clerk II.
Overdue Bills for Extra-Mural Readers
The Library has experienced difficulty in
collecting fines from extra-mural readers. Dr. Rothstein
reported that in the future, bills of overdue extra-mural
readers are to be sent, with a copy of the correspondence,
to Mr. Craven who will have the University solicitors threaten
legal action.
Science Division
Mrs. Brearley reported that the Science Division
received a handsome bouquet of roses from a research worker
for the Canadian Uranium Foundation in appreciation for the
Division's service.
Supplemental Examinations
Miss Cock asked Division Heads not to send
students to the College Library for supplemental examinations.
These have not been filed since 1938. This information is
also to be entered in the "black book" at the Information
Plaunt Papers
Mr. Stuart-Stubbs read a press release which he
had prepared about the Plaunt Papers. The papers relating to
the period 1932-36 are now available for use by serious students,
but those of the 1936-40 period may be consulted only with the
permission of the donor, Mrs. Dorothy Dyde of Edmonton.
Divisional Report - No.4, Social Sciences Division, by
frllss QtRpurke
The start of term in September, i960, found the
Social Sciences Division with many tasks still to be done. Until
the materials for the Science and Humanities Divisions had been
removed, it was impossible to shift and consolidate the remaining
book stock, documents and journals. The most pressing shifts Ill
were done in the early weeks of term, but the process has been
carried on on a minor scale all year and is not yet complete.
In view of their heavy use, the periodical indexes
were left on open shelves in the reading room, while the enclosure shelving was kept for the more important reference works.
We also try to limit use of journals and government publications
to the enclosure area. The alcove of the reading room was given
over to Library Science materials, both Library Use and
clculatlng books. This arrangement worked well during the
past year, but should be reconsidered before the opening of
the Library School.
The loss of closed stacks on Floor 5 caused
difficulties for the staff. The D.B.S. files and United
Nations Depository collection are in the Serials stacks, and
while we try to keep people out of them, we have trouble doing
so. All other documents are on floors 4 and 6;  to service
them we have to take a key to get into the stacks or depend
on the elevator.
The microcard machine and the U.S. Atomic Energy
Commission reports have gone to the Science Division, and
the microprint collection to Special Collections. The microfilms and two readers are in the Floor 6 closed stacks but
will require new quarters in future.
With the closure of the reading room in the old
Commerce Building, we received a little usable material, and
all of its clientele. At Christmas we took over the Commerce
Faculty's file of company reports.
During the session, Commerce students constitute
the largest single group of users.  Classes in this faculty
are large, and it has been a problem to provide enough
material for all of them to use in the time they have
available for assignments. These are short and extremely
hectic sessions for the staff.
The students In Geography courses make very
frequent requests for information, mainly statistical or
drawing on resources other than for maps. They are heavy
users of government documents.
The students in Economics are usually working
on Individual problems rather than class assignments, and
several start in September with graduating essays and are
with us until April. This causes some problems for they want
material gathered and held aside for them (often for several
months), with consequent difficulty in locating such publications for the use of other students. 112
From April on we do a great deal of work with
graduate students and with research assistants. In the Summer
Session, we have very heavy demands from teachers.
The Division has been remarkably successful in
keeping up the same document checking system as was used in
the Reference Division, along with routing of pertinent
documents to other divisions. But we have been hampered by
the desk work which far exceeded our anticipation. We are
pleased to have an added position in the division but recognize
this is not enough to solve the work load problem.
Mr. Reginald W. Buckle, as Library Assistant in the
Catalogue Division on August 1.
Mrs. Phyllis Killeen, as Library Assistant in the
Biomedical Library, on August 14.
Mr. Louis T. Medveczky, as Library Assistant in the
Serials Division, on August 21.
Mrs. RodaPayrl, as Library Assistant in Acquisitions
Division, on July 20.
Miss Nancy C. Young, as Clerk I In the Acquisitions
Division on August 17.
Mr. Martin Bartlett, as Library Assistant in the Catalogue
Division on July 7.
Mrs. Mary Bowker, as Library Assistant in the Acquisitions
Dividoh on August i6.
Miss Rita Butterfield, as Library Assistant in the
Circulation Division on August 25.
Miss Ngaire Coe, as Library Assistant in the College
Library on September 6.
Mr. John Cummings, as Library Assistant In the Biomedical
Library on August IS.
Miss Halina Cymbal, as Clerk I in the Curriculum
Laboratory on September 8
Mrs. Barbara Edmonds, as Library Assistant in the
Serials Division on September 1
Mr. Robert Harris, as Library Assistant in the Circu-
lation Division on August 31.
Miss Mae Montgomery as Clerk I In the Acquisitions
Division on August 11.
Miss Sally Simpson, as Library Assistant in the Social
Sciences Division on September 1.
Mrs. Marilyn Thompson, as Library Assistant in the
Catalogue Division on September 5.
The meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.


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