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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 20, 1960

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N  U
April 20, I960.  No. 215
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, AMS, EBM, ML, RJL, GD (for MAT who is on
holiday) and HM.
A Meeting
of the Library Staff
will be held
Friday, April 29, I960 at 4:00 p.m.
in the Staff Lounge
A new report to members of the staff regarding
the occupation of the new building, the remodeling of the old, and the reorganization of
the Divisions
The midnight-to-8 a.m. workmen (the "swing shift", also
known as the "brownie" detail) have made good progress in the
remodelling of the Reserve Book Room preparatory to turning it
into the new processing area. The new wall has a coat-of plaster
applied and the new stairway from level 1 to the new processing
space is nearly finished. The large display case and the east
side of the cloakroom have been torn down in preparation for
installing the entrance to the new Humanities Reading Room.
For the immediate future, the Reserve Book Room will be
closed after Saturday, April 23. On Sunday the books will be
moved from the RBR shelves to the cleared area behind the Loan
Desk and equipment will be moved from the existing Acquisitions,
-Cataloguing and Serials divisions into the new processing area.
Additional lighting will be installed in the new area by the
night shift before April 25, and in the present RBR stack area
(the new Cataloguing typing space) soon after, before the
typing office equipment and books are moved. The new Humanities
Reading Room is to be ready for use by Summer Session. Work will begin on May 2 on the Loan Desk and Concourse.
This will involve enlarging the Loan Desk area, removing most of
the large tables and placing the public catalog in new cases in
its permanent position in the centre of the Concourse. The
receiving station for the pneumatic tube system will also be
put in at that time. New lighting will also be installed
(perhaps after Summer Session).
Remodelling of the Ridington Room will commence on
May 30 with the intention to have it completed by Summer Session.
11:00 P.M. Closing
The Flain Reading Room and bookstacks remained open
until 11:00 p.m. from Monday,.March 28, until Thursday, April 14.
A further report will be'-made next week.
Budget ■    .     "
Mr. Harlow has received the budget allocations for
1960/61. There has been an increase of about $17,000 in general
book funds, bringing this source up to $129,010. The salary
scale for professional librarians has been raised, the floor
for Librarian I now being $4600.
Holiday Schedule
Regulations concerning annual holiday allowance are
set out in Appendix A at the end of these Minutes for the information of the staff.
Universities Grants Committee
Three representatives of the British Universities
Grants Committee will be on campus this week.  They will visit
the Library on Friday, April 22, to view holdings in Asian and
Slavonic Studies.
Miss Doreen Fraser is out of hospital following her
operation and is staying at the home of a friend. She is making
rapid progress and expects to return to work at the beginning
of Flay.
Mrs. Nancy Dore has now returned home from the hospital
and is also progressing favourably.
Mr. Inglis Bell and Dr. Reg. Watters are contributing
editors (for Canada) to the current volume (V.30, 1950-52) of
the Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature
Mr. Bill Kurmey, a student assistant in Cataloguing, has
been awarded a Graduate Tuition Scholarship in the amount of $900
at the University of Chicago Graduate Library School for study
in the academic year 1960-61. Resignations
Mrs. Margery Cartwright as Library Assistant in the
Cataloguing Division on Flay 6.
Fliss Judy Pump as Clerk I in the Cataloguing Division
on April 29.
Miss Patricia Sexsmith as Clerk I in the Cataloguing
Division on May 13.
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Vacation allowances are based on the length of service
during the period June 1 - May 31. Non-professional staff
with a full year of service are entitled to three weeks of
holiday (15 working days, plus Saturdays and Sundays).  Professional staff members with a full year of service are entitled
to one month's vacation (22 working days, plus Saturdays and >
The vacation allowance for employees who began after
June 1, 1959, is calculated at the rate of l£ working days
(for non-professional staff) and li; working days (for
professional staff) for each full month of service. When
fractions of months are involved, staff members will be given
credit for periods of service to the nearest one-quarter of a
month and will be credited with days off to the nearest half-
Vacations are granted by the University as a. condition
of continuing employment. Employees who do not expect to
continue employment for at least a month after their vacation
receive separation pay in lieu of vacation entitlement.
If a statutory holiday comes at the beginning or end
of the vacation period, the employee is entitled to such
holidays in addition to the vacation allotment.  If the
statutory holiday falls within a vacation period,- no extra
day is given.


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