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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 11, 1964

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 University of British Columbia Library
September 11, 1964. No. 308
Minutes   This will be the last edition of the minutes issued in this form.
In future they will be included in a new library newsletter, prepared by
members of the library staff. An editorial board has been organized. Its
members are; Jane Kincaid, Chairman (Cataloguing)j Pat Gorgenyi (Acquisitions);
Jill Buttery (Science); Susan Lissack (Social Sciences); Mike Matthews (Circulation); Marilyn Berry (College Library); Ture Erickson (Woodward Library) and
Jeanette Fish (Law Library). Anyone having information they wish to circulate
should contact a member of the editorial board before October 23rd.
Automation  Mr. Harris displayed the IBM cards which will be used during
registration this year. The library card will be a by-product of the registration process; it will be colour-coded, plasticized, and will carry a
picture of the student.
Faculty Letter  A general letter of information regarding building changes
will be sent to all members of faculty.
Building  No firm date for completion is yet available. Public service
desks will be ready for use by September 16th.
Serials Section  After the Heads Meeting, a discussion was held regarding
the servicing of Serials in the new location of floor 5. Attending were;
JO'R, AL, JSj, RBH, IFB, RJL, BSS. There are several difficulties attendant
on servicing the serials, and practically no solutions satisfactory to
Everyone, The group agreed on the following tentative arrangements. Through
jxperience and flexibility it is hoped that we will arrive at the best compromise.
1. Physical arrangements Humanities and Social Science Serials in new
stack area on Floor 5; a Serials Information Desk near these unbound
2. Staffs
A» Provided by Serials Divisions
I. A library assistants From 9-5, Monday to Friday to provide
answers to directional questions, filing arrangement, binding, circulation, etc., and to do some binding preparation. Complex questions
to be referred to subject divisions. Questions after 5 p.m, and on
Saturdays to be answered in subject divisions.
ii. A clerk (or student assistant)!  To be responsible for filing
of journals, overdues, etc. 9-5, Monday to Friday (9-5 Saturday?),
B. Social Science Division agreed to send someone to Serials Information
Desk for checking overdue materials. - 2
C. Science Division will continue to prepare its own binding, and do its
own filing, overdues, etc.
3*    Loan records;  Tentatively to be kept at Serials Information Desk.
4<i Records?
A, Title cards;  For Social Sciences and Humanities serials; kept at
Serial Information Desk. Binding records will be included on these cards.
B. A copy of Scientific and Technical Journals . • .
Would also be available, but binding records for Science Division materials
would be maintained in the Science Division.
,5, Visible Files %    No decision made.
6'« Routing Journals;  To be handled by subject divisions in the same manner
as previously.
7. Distributions  Regular journals to be routed, as usual, to subject divisions
to check new titles, etc. All journals to be filed quickly after brief
scanning, sorting, etc. Any hold-up for lengthy scanning to be avoided by
making other arrangements to do this work.
|8» Paging of unbound serials;  Circulation Division will page.
Journals for 1st and 2nd year students during 9-6 p.m., Monday to Friday
and 9-1 p.m., Saturday.
PURCHASING POLICY    From Mr. W. White, Bursar.
It appears to be appropriate to restate the policy at this time because there
have been instances recently where unauthorized members of faculty and staff have
ordered goods and services in the name of the University. This practice has
proved embarrassing both to the University and the suppliers* because the Purchasing Agent, and his staff are the only authorized officials who can commit
the University for the provision of goods and services through the issuance of
a Purchase Order form.
The Policy of the University with respect to Purchasing, is as follows?
"The Purchasing Agent is responsible to the Bursar and Treasurer for
the procurement of equipment, supplies and services necessary to
maintain facilities for teaching, research and extension, as efficiently and economically as possible. Procurement for the University is centralized in the Office of the Purchasing Agent. No other
staff member or student may obligate the'Institution for goods and
\     services".
In the selection of a source of supply for goods and services the Purchasing
Agent is appreciative of the suggestions made to him by members of faculty and
staff. The responsibility for the final selection of the supplier, however,
rests with the Purchasing Agent. ;'■■'... - 3
I Correction - Change of Address;
In the minutes of August 25, 1964 we gave the staff members Miss Doreen Fraser's
I address. This is a correction on that address:
Miss M. D. E. Fraser
#34, Eldorado Apts.
830 MacLean Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mrs. Judith Holmes. Clerk I in Circulation, effective October 1, I964.
Miss Pat Carnochan, Clerk I in Cataloguing, effective September 8, 1964.
Mr. Shui Yim Tse, Clerk I in Asian Studies, effective September 8, 1964,
Mr, Michael Matthews. Library Assistant in Circulation, effective September 8.
Miss Ellen Brown. Clerk I in Curriculum Laboratory, effective September 8.
Mrs. Janet Yuan. Library Assistant in Acquisitions, effective September 14.
Mr. Rudolf Plasser. Clerk I In College Library, effective September 23, 1964.
Miss Sheila MacEwan. Library Assistant in Acquisitions, effective October 1.
Miss Kay Nishimura. Clerk I in Cataloguing, effective October 1,
Mrs. Leah Gordon, Library Assistant in Serials, effective September 23.
Miss Mailis Sirkia. Clerk I in Cataloguing, effective October 1.
Miss Joanne Davey, Clerk I in Woodward Library, effective September 29.
Miss Margaret Belford. Clerk I in Curriculum Laboratory, effective October 5.
Miss Barbara Raue, Clerk I in Circulation, effective October 13.
Mrs. Dorothy Ollenberger, Clerk II in Curriculum Laboratory, effective October 16.
Mrs. Josette Glattli. Clerk I in Cataloguing, effective September 30.
Miss Lorraine Simpson, Clerk I in Woodward Library, effective .September 24.
Mrs, Beryl MacMillan. Secretary II in Woodward Library, effective October 31.


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