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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 4, 1950

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      APRIL 4, 1950, at 10 a.m.
Present:  Dr. Dunlap, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning,
Mr. Lanning, Mr. Rothstein, Miss Fugler.
The first item for discussion was a report by
Miss Jefferd that one person, if not more, has coffee in the
morning. It has always been campus policy to permit a short
break for tea or coffee either in the morning or the afternoon,
but not at both times. Mr. Rothstein said he believed that more
than two or three persons went out for coffee in the morning as
well as for tea in the afternoon. Miss Smith thought the
practice should not be permitted, and that each Division Head
should keep track of what his or her staff was doing. The
Division Heads do not wish to have to put up signs or resort to
watching their staff members, but the situation requires attention.
If the staff does not show a proper sense of responsibility
stricter measures will be taken to ensure that no abuse of
privileges exists. Mr. Lanning recommended that for the sake of
uniformity all Division Heads should adopt the same procedure.
Mr. Rothstein asked if a letter embodying general instructions to
the staff could be posted on the bulletin boards in the various
divisions.  It was agreed that Dr. Dunlap should publish a letter,
and that after its appearance the Division Heads should speak to
their own staff.
Another question involving discipline arose when it was
reported that student assistants have been making use of the
staff quarters on the top floor. Dr. Dunlap expressed the opinion
that the senior professional person on duty in the evening should
be responsible for maintaining order.  If that person can deal
with a problem at the time, she ought to do so; if she cannot cope
with it immediately, she should report as soon as possible to the
Division Head. Dr. Dunlap said he believed that the Division
Heads should take an interest in other divisions than their own.
Regardless of which iivision a professional staff member belongs
to, that person should be responsible for helping maintain order
in the Library. Reports of incidents should be made to Division
Heads promptly, not mentioned a week or two after the events.
Dr. Dunlap said he had received another letter from
Mr. Bayly stating that the Extension Library door was found open
after regular hours. He had discussed the matter with Miss Stewart,
who reported that when she stayed late one evening recently she
had observed a number of students going out through the Extension
Library door after 5 o'clock. Dr. Dunlap feels strongly that it is
the responsibility of the Library staff to maintain discipline and
he also feels that no continuing effort has been made in this
direction. The whole problem of access to the stackroom is involved
in this problem. Dr. Dunlap pointed out that the responsibility for checking
stack permits belonged to the Circulation Division, and that the
Loan Desk set-up should be re-arranged to provide for this. After
general discussion it was agreed that this be done for the
remainder of the present terra. Dr. Dunlap asked Miss Lanning to
give further thought to the question of access to the stackroom and
control of persons entering it. The matter will be considered
again at a later meeting. Dr. Dunlap remarked that so far only
one professor has objected to the proposal to restrict stack
permits to graduate students next session.
Miss Jefferd said that the Library could have a large
fern from the greenhouse if it wished.  She thought it might be
suitable for the Sedgewick Room. Dr. Dunlap thought it would be
some time before the Sedgewick Room was ready for plants.
He said that money had been provided for the furnishing of the room
and that he and Miss Rose of the Home Economics Department would go
shopping in the near future for furniture, etc. y^Miss Smith asked
how many books Dr. Dunlap expected to provide for the Sedgewick
Room and he replied that about 5000 would be required.  They should
be attractive, but not rare books or definitive editions.  It will
be a general collection, about one half of which will remain there
and the other half be replaced at intervals of a few years.
The books probably will not circulate. //
Mr. Rothstein asked what procedure his Division should
follow regarding microfilm. The Acquisitions Division will order
all material which is to go into the Library collections.  Items
under this head are to be sent to Miss Jefferd for cataloguing.
Articles or portions of books will not be so treated, but any
complete volume of a periodical or complete book should be
Mr. Lanning asked if the Library Committee had taken up
the matter of binding second sets of periodicals. Dr. Dunlap
replied that the Committee had dealt only with departmental
allocations at Its last meeting, but that the matter of binding
second sets of periodicals would be considered at the next.  It has
always been the practice to bind certain second sets of periodicals
for the use of departments such as Physics and Chemistry.
Theoretically the second set belongs to the Library, although in
practice it remains in the departmental library and the Library
never has the use of it. Dr. Dunlap felt it was unusual to bind
second sets of some periodicals while first sets of others remained
unbound. Mr. Lanning agreed that it was not logical to do so.
Miss Smith said she would prefer to have the departments pay for
binding the sets they keep in their libraries.  She also said
she thought it more important to have two bound sets of things
like the chemistry abstracts than one bound set of abstracts and
one bound set of some minor, little-used periodical. Mr. Lanning
said that Chemistry and Physics now have five or six sets each
and that Physics has requested further sets to be bound for its
use. Dr. Dunlap felt that any other department would have an
equal right to such a service. It was settled that Mr. Lanning
should inform the Physics Department that for the present no
additional sets will be bound for their use. Miss Lanning said that the list of outstanding fines
would be completed very soon and sent to Dr. Dunlap
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.


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