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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jul 2, 1963

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June  11,   and July  2.   1963.     No.   293
Reporting'-Divisiorr Heads Meetings  and Other Matters of Interest   to  the
University of BM.tiish Columbia Library Staff.
Present   on June  11:     RJL,   BSS,   JS,   EBM,   JO'R,   GD,   GGT,   IFB,   JR,   AD,   MD
Present   on July 2:       AD,   IFB,   MD,   ML,   DF,   EH,   RJL,   AL,   TKN,   JO'R,   JR,   SR,
JS,   BSS,   GGT,   EW
Appointment of Miss Gilroy
Dr. Rothstein announced that Miss Marion Gilroy, Supervisor
of Regional Libraries for the Province of Saskatchewan, has accepted
an appointment as Assistant Professor in the School of Librarianship. Miss
Gilroy will teach the public library courses, which were formerly taught
by Miss Vainstein who has resigned.
Sick Leave
Mr. Ranz announced arrangements to make up sick leave exceeding
the annual allotment by five days or more must be discussed by the
Division Head with Mr. Bell.
Graduate Studies Library Fund
The Committee on the Graduate Studies Library Fund met on June 19
to consider suggestions for book and journal purchases made by the various
faculties and departments. Requests in excess of $80,000 were lodged
against the $50,000 at the disposal of the Committee.
Conferences, Visits, Tours, Etc.
Several members of the group reported briefly on conferences
attended during the past few weeks. Dr. Rothstein, who had been in the
East attending meetings of the Associate Committee on Scientific Information
of the National Research Council, described library developments in the?
colleges and universities in Ontario. Miss Fraser reported on the proceedings of the International Medical Libraries Conference in Chicago.
Several Division Heads who were in attendance at the meetings of the Canadian
Library Association in Winnipeg also reported on their activities.
Miss Marilyn Berry, Librarian I in the College Library,
Effective June 15, 1963.
Miss Suzanne Dodson, Librarian I in the Circulation Divison,
June 17, 1963. Personnel cont.
Miss Janet Goddard, Clerk I in the Social Sciences Division
effective June 24, 1963.
Miss Susan Hand, Librarian I in the Humanities Division,
effective July 1, 1963.
Miss Jane Ellen Kincaid, Librarian I in the Catalogue
Division, effective July 1, 1963.
Miss Patricia LaVac, Clerk I in the Acquisitions Division,
effective June 24, 1963.
Miss Margaret Leighton, Clerk II in the Dental Library,
effective July 24, 1963.
Mrs. Elizabeth McAully, Library Assistant in the Biomedical
Library, effective July 1, 1963.
Mr. Douglas Mclnnes, Librarian I in the Special Collections.
Division, effective June 10, 1963.
Mrs. Mary Macaree, Librarian I in the Catalogue Division,
effective July 1, 1963.
Miss Patricia Flynn, Clerk I in the Catalogue Division
transferred to a Library Assistant position in Acquisitions Division.
Miss Audrey Malln, transferred temporarily from the Social
Science Division to the Acquisitions Division.
Miss Catherine Bii-own, Clerk I in the Acquisitions-Division
June 10, 1963.
Mr. Frank Davey, Library Assistant in the Acquisitions
Division, July 19, 1964.
Miss Roberta Gemmill, Clerk II in the Dentistry Library
July 2, 1963.
Mrs. Marlene Lower, Library Assistant in the Social Science
Division, July 31, 1963
Mr. Michael Matthews, Library Assistant in the Biomedical
Library, June 3©, 1963. 5B
Personnel cont.
Mrs. Halina Rocchini, Clerk I in the Science Division,
August 5, 1963.
Mrs. Heng Tsoi, Clerk I in the Asian Studies Library,
June 28, 1963.
Clerk I in the Catalogue Division
Clerk I in the Science Division.


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