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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Feb 26, 1957

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February 26, 1957.  No. 147
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, AMS, MML, RJL, EBM, MAA, EF.
Asian Studies Program
A recent visitor to the Library was Dr. Ruth Krader, in
charge of the Library of Far Eastern studies at the University of
Washington. Dr. Krader has kindly offered her assistance in dealing with problems regarding Asian Studies here.  Further action
here will await the provision of space for shelving existing
material in the new stack area. We can count on preliminary assistance from Dr. Ho and Professor Dore and expect to secure a trained
person as the University's program expands. We shall hope to get
a trained librarian who is competent in either Chinese or Japanese
and able to supervise the work of the project and of a second
person with competence in the other language.
High School Conference
The annual High School Conference started last Saturday.
The weather failed to cooperate and the result was a break-down of
tour plans. However, people turned up in small groups and the
Reference staff made up tours whenever enough had assembled.  The
student organizers were very helpful and by special effort on their
part and of the Library staff everyone who wanted to see the Library
was able to do so.
Miss Nora E. Beust to Teach in Summer Session
Mr. Harlow has asked for the appointment of Miss Nora E.
Beust to teach the new Summer Session course, "The Library in the
School." She is a specialist in children's and school libraries
in the Office of Education in Washington, D.C, and has had a long
experience in the work.
Senate Library Committee
The Library Committee at its next meeting, to- be held on
March 13, will discuss the relationship of the additional wing of
the Library to the building funds which are expected to be available during the next few years.
It will also consider the report of the Public Library
Commission Committee on Library Education which has been referred
to it by the President. t? 6
Delivery Service in Use
Miss Lanning remarked that requests are received from
faculty for as many as 20 volumes of periodicals at a time for
delivery. It was agreed that material is returned rather promptly
and that it is perhaps much easier to deal with such requests by
the delivery service than to have people waiting at the service
desk while the books in this quantity are sought in the stack.
Many expressions of appreciation are still heard from faculty for
this service.
Reserve Book Room Routine
The Loan Division is now sending out requests to faculty
for revised lists of material to be placed on reserve for the
1957-58 Session.  Last year this procedure worked out very well and
enabled the staff to place about 30% of reserve material in the
R.B.R. before the beginning of the fall term.
Miss Harting and Fir. Carter, both working for their M.L.S
at University of Washington Library School, visited the Library
last week, spending some time in the Fine Arts Room inquiring about
procedures and policies there. Their study is also being carried
on as part of the survey being made by the Ford Foundation sponsored
PNLA project under Dr. Morton Kroll.
Special Issue of BCLA Bulletin
A special number of the BCLA Bulletin is to be printed by
Mr. Bob Reid.  It is to be distributed to members of the Canadian
Library Association prior to the annual conference in Victoria in
Gordon Commission Report
The Library has received a copy of the Interim Report of
the Royal Commission on Canada's Economic Prospects which is being
so heavily used by students that Miss Smith reports that the
Reference staff have not had an opportunity to read it.
The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.
"Schefflera actophylla"
The handsome potted plant which the Botanical Garden has
placed in the entrance of the building "to beautify the Library,"
bears the above official name. 3
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Rieger, Frantisek Ladislav, ed, Slovnik naucny.  Prague, 1860-73.
10 v.
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Artist (London)
Educational forum
Harvard educational review
Management science
Medical history
New leader
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