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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 25, 1961

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I—    —^.l..„,,■■■■— ■■!■■...     ■■■■.,...■ .I,,!..!-!..      |. ■ ■.H.— .l,,.!. i I ■ h ■ urn
April 25,  1961 *b.'24l
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of Eritish Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, RJL, BSS, GGT, AMS, NTK, JO'R, MD, DF, AB,
EBM, JS, ML, EC, and HM.
Medical Library Association
Following the conference of the Medical Library
Association in Seattle May 7 - 12, Dr. Frank Rogers, Director
of the National Library of Medicine, Washington, D.C, will be
in Vancouver, and a reception will be held for him in the
Faculty Club on Monday, May 15, at 4:00 p.m.  Members of the
Senate Library Committee and professional librarians have been
Invited by the Faculty of Medicine to attend, and any who wish
to do so are asked to notify Miss Fraser in order that reservations may be made.
Parking Permits
Campus parking permits must be renewed by the end
of May by applying to the Traffic Office on the campus.  A
list of professional librarians (who are entitled to receive
Faculty parking permits) has now been sent to the Traffic
Retirement of Miss Mabel Lanning Announced
Mr. Harlow announced that Miss Lanning will retire
as Head of the Loan Division at the end of October, 196l,
finishing thirty-five years of continuous service in the
Library.  She joined the Library staff in September, 1926,
when the University had been on the "new" campus only one
year and has taken part in most of the marvellous changes which
have occurred since that time.
In the fall of 1926, the Librarian recalled to the
staff's attention, the Library contained about 60,000 volumes
(now about 500,000), the book and periodical budget was $5,500
(thirty-five years later, nearly a quarter of a million), and
the total amount which had been spent for books and periodicals
since the founding of the University was only $157,000. There
were about 1,500 registered students and an additional 430
extra-mural readers. Loans during Miss Lannlng's first year
totalled 78,721 (including 46,276 reserve books), an increase
of 73^ over the year before (in 1959/60 almost 400,000). There
were seats for 337 persons in the building. The first general
shift of the book collection took place in 1926/27, moving
materials Into a section on stack level 2 which had been
occupied by newspapers and government publications (the most
recent shift was completed last July).  Lighting had also been
74 75
improved for the first time, providing "excellent illumination,"
up to 10 ft-candles in all parts of the reading rooms (60 ft-
candles in the new south wing).  Student discipline, a problem
on the Fairview campus, was reported to be improving, with
a "tradition of quiet becoming established."
Thus very great changes have occurred in a lifetime,
and a good deal of stamina, flexibility, and dedication to
the cause of the Library and its users has been required to
cope with them. It was noted by several staff members that
Miss Lanning is probably the most widely known member of the
University among the alumni. Mr. Harlow expressed his
appreciation and that of the Library and the University to
Library Fines
Since fine bills (at 25$  a day) are not made out
for less than $1.00, students have learned to take advantage
of the three days of grace before returning books which are
overdue.  It has been suggested that a charge of $1.00 be
made, instead, for the first day, but this is not believed
to be practical.  Our first charge is now a dollar, with a
maximum 14 plus 3 days loan period.
Student Assistants
Division Heads were reminded to hand in severance
notices for student assistants (showing forwarding addresses
this time, if necessary) to the Librarian's Office on each
individual's last work day.
Monthly Reports
The Librarian has noted references to new duplicate
checking files in some monthly reports, and he reminded staff
that, once started, they must be kept up forever to continue
the effectiveness and that they may prove to be more time-
consuming and expensive than a division can afford.  If
information cannot be secured satisfactorily from the central
record, supplementary assistance probably should be added
there. One problem proved to be keeping track of journals
which are routed to individuals and departments, and it was
suggested that they be.sent first to the Divisions and charged
out from there. The Librarian asked the subject divisions to
give careful consideration to the importance and cost of these
repetitive records.
Professional Salaries
There is to be no raise this year in the basic
professional salary, which will remain at $4600.  Individual
raises in all staff categories will apparently follow the
existing schedule. 76
Holiday Schedule
Holiday allowances for staff members who commenced
service after June 1, i960, have been sent to Division Heads,
It is requested that they prepare holiday schedules for
members of their staff and forward a copy to the Librarian's
College of Education
Tenders for the first unit of the College of
Education building have been called, containing the
Curriculum Laboratory, and Mr. Harlow has submitted specifications for the bookstacks required.
The new plaque for "The Walter Koerner Wing" has
now been installed at the entry to the Science Division
reading room.
Miss Gwendoline Miryis as Clerk II in the
Acquisitions Division on April 26.
Resignation *
Mrs Preya DeJong as Clerk I in the Fine Arts
Division on May 18.
The meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.


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