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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Dec 13, 1960

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December 13, I960.  No. 230
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH, SR, AMS, GGT, EBM, ML, BSS, JO'R, EC, MD, AB,
JS, DP, NTK, and HM.
Asian Studies
Mr. Harlow welcomed Miss Ng Tung King, the new
Librarian to be in charge of the Chinese and Japanese collections . Her headquarters will be on Level I of the new
bookstack, to which place the P'u-pan collection has now been
moved. The remainder of the Oriental materials (now located
on Level 6) will be moved after December 21. Miss Ng has
been discussing with Mr. Turner the cataloging procedures.
It is proposed to put a complete set of cards (with transliterated author and title lines, but also with Chinese
characters) in the public catalog with a shelf list and author
and title file on Level I. The L.C classification scheme
will be used. Available cards will be obtained from the
Library of Congress, and Miss Ng will have the others prepared
for reproduction by mimeograph.
The "Descriptive Catalogue of Valuable Manuscripts
and Rare Books ..." in the P'u-pan collection (Sung, Yuan, and
Ming dynasties) which was prepared by Dr. Y. T. Wang will now
be sent to a number of scholars and libraries as a bibliographical guide. An accompanying letter will explain that a
Chinese Librarian has now been added to the staff and that the
Library is engaged in a steady program of acquiring both
Chinese and Japanese material in conjunction with the work of
the Department of Asian Studies under its new Head, Mr. William
L. Holland.
Library Delivery Service
Mr. Hughes of the Department of Buildings and
Grounds has inquired whether the delivery service is adequate*
After discussions with staff, Mr. Harlow replied that the hours
scheduled for Library use seemed to be sufficient except that
(1) use by the Faculty of Medicine often intruded upon Library time
and (2) at peak periods, such as during the annual book return
in May, service is insufficient.  If we request additional truck
service in May 1961, Mr. Hughes says It will be provided.
33 34
Noise in the College Library
Some complaints have now been received about
talking in the College Library.  It should be noted that at
this time of year students consult with one another about
the examinations and that talking is more likely than at
normal times. The commissionaire has been asked to spend
more time in the College Library now and try to curb some of
this disturbance. Mr. Harlow remarked that this University
has gone to more trouble and expense to provide optimum study
conditions than have most institutions and that students have
some responsibility. The Senate Library Committee has recommended that the appointment of the commissionaire be made
Staff Room
The experiment of serving coffee in the new Staff
Room seems to have been successful and the Librarian is appreciative of the work which has been done by Miss Mercer's
committee and volunteers from the staff.  It is hoped that
a regular employee can be secured to carry on this service.
The former Staff Room (level 8, north wing) is
now closed and any staff members who have personal supplies
In this room may secure them by asking at the Librarian's
The Canadian Jewish Congress has donated $3500
to the University of British Columbia for the purchase of
Judaica for the Library as a part of the Bicentennial of
Jewish settlement in Canada.  It is expected to oe a continuing grant.
Annual Report
The Annual Report will be presented at the Senate
meeting on December 14, and.the Library Committee will present
several recommendations in relation to it.  (1) That the book
budget be increased by $50,000; (2) That the importance of
additional staff positions be recognized; (3) That the salary
scale of professional librarians be revised to bring it in
line once again with the faculty levels; and (4) That,the
staff of the Bindery be increased by one apprentice and two
binders in order to raise the output by 50$.
Victoria College
Mr. Dean Halliwell, Librarian of Victoria College
was on the campus last talk to many members of the staff, 35
As heretofore, the College will have first choice of our
duplicates.  In developing the collections of Victoria College,
Mr. Halliwell will take into account the research materials
already available at U.B.C.
Reading Room Space
Students should not be permitted to reserve space
in the reading rooms for long periods by leaving books on the
tables. Other students are of course free to move the books
and sit down, but few are willing to do so.  It was suggested
vthat the latter group be encouraged by either (l) having the
Commissionaire keep an eye on occupancy in a given reading
room and place unused books on the floor, allowing other
students to reoecupy the space or (2) by having slips (giving
day and time) issued at the public desks to students upon
request authorizing them to take over such an unused space,
surrendering It if the original occupant returned In a 10-mlnute
Interval. Or students leaving their desks for a short period
could presumably secure "hold" slips from the desk indicating
the time of their proposed return.
The meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m.


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