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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jul 21, 1953

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 No, 42
TUESDAY, JULY 21, 1953, at 10 a,m.
Present:  Mr, Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning, Miss Mercer,
Mr, Lanning, Miss Fugler,
Mr. Harlow welcomed Miss Jefferd back to the first meeting she has
attended since May 9, and welcomed Miss Smith to her first meeting as Assistant
Librarian, Miss Jefferd reported a very good holiday and an enjoyable visit to
the Library of Congressj Dr. Evans did not return to the Library until the last
day of Miss Jefferd's stay in Washington but Mr. Verner Clapp, Acting Librarian,
was a very fine host, Dr, Evan's resignation as Librarian of Congressto become
Director General of UNESCO was commented upon.
The Librarian thanked the Acting Librarians, Division Heads and staff for
their very satisfactory conduct of the Library during his absence.
A large number of books which have been sent to the Law Library during
the past few years and which have remained there have now been transferred in the
Library's records. Most of the card changes which this made necessary have been
made by the Cataloguing and Circulation staffs.
Mr. Harlow reported that the ALA conference was preceded by a two-day
conference on intellectual freedom at Whittier College. Some notable persons
contributed to the two panel discussions (e.g., Mr. Eric Larrabee, of Harper's,
Prof. Harold Lasswell, of Yale, Douglas M. Black, President of Doubleday and of the
American Book Publishers' Council, Louis Ridenour, and Lester Asheim) following
which the delegates held smaller group discussions on specific areas of the problem
of censorship; the Librarian was chairman of one of these. He said that one of the
aims was to clarify the distinction between censorship and book selection, and this
was done ably by Mr. Asheim of the Graduate Library School, University of Chicago,
The talks are to be published by ALA and should be available very soon. About 400
attended the conference.
The ALA conference began immediately afterwards, and was highlighted by
President- Eisenhower's letter relating to the freedom to have and exchange ideas,
received in reply to one addressed to him by Dr. Downes, President of ALA,
Mr, Harlow felt that the President's reply was very forthright, considering all
the circumstances. The Convention responded with an ovation, and it was an
important step in ALA's long developing stand in favor of intellectual freedom,
Mr. Harlow spoke at a luncheon meeting of this group on the subject of
Canadian National Bibliography, and took the opportunity to make the point that
Canada is one of the blind spots of the United States, and that Americans and the
ALA should inform themselves more fully about what is going on in their northern -2- I	
neighbour's country,    Mr, Verner Clappfattended and was much interested,
Mr. Harlow also spoke to a hundred or so members of the Alumni of the
Library School at Berkeley, from somewhat the same point of view,
He mentioned his holiday of about 8 days, going by boat down two
tributaries of the Colorado River with a Sierra Club group. There is a proposal
to build several dams which would destroy the recreational value of this highly
spectacular area, and the Sierra Club is one of the groups of conservationists
which is campaigning against ruining this national park reserve.
Mr. Harlow reminded'the Division Heads that their annual reports would be
due in September.
The result of inventory, with all but the W's checked, is 489 books
missing, contrasted with last year's figure of 1096. The final picture will be
slightly different, and a large percentage of the lost material may eventually be
returned, but it appears that there has been a real improvement in book security
during the past year. Miss Lanning requested the other Division Heads to check
the file of cards for missing items in a final locate them.
It was remarked that the arrangement of serials in the "W's (alphabetically by title instead of by subject) may be somewhat confusing, although Circulation
does not find it so. The practice of leaving space at the end of each set, was
discussed but no change was decided upon. More shelving is needed on level 2 to
accommodate unbound medical material, and Mr, Harlow asked Mr, Lanning whether the
steel shelving on hand can be used in the new stack installation. If the stock in
the attic fits the framework it may be possible to have it assembled under Mr.
Neale's supervision,
Mr. Harlow will ask Buildings & Grounds to do something about unauthorized
student parking in the Library space. As far as Library staff are concerned, he
could only remind the staff that those who were granted parking stickers, last
October (see Minutes # 19, p. 4) on condition that they not park in the restricted
Library parking space, had agreed to the condition. As long as this agreement
stands, those who made it should abide by it,
Mr. Harlow told the meeting of a number of items received on exchange
from other institutions. He has spoken to the President about the Library
distributing University publications to further its exchange relations, and the
President has indicated his approval, subject to arrangements to be made with the
Editorial Committee and Extension.
It was agreed that (1) since most of the material received on exchange
is serial in nature, the records should be kept in the Serials Division; (2) the
wrapping and mailing should be done by Acquisitions; (3) and the addressing and -3-
other operations looked after in the Librarian's office. The question of suitable
material to offer is a perplexing pnej the Library has a stock of certain items
which can be sent out for this purpose, but it needs other material as well. There
is talk of a University or Western Canadian Quarterly or some similar publication,
but no concrete plans for this have been made as yet,
These are drawn up prior to the oral examination of the candidate and
contain useful biographical and other information regarding the candidate and his
work. It was agreed that they should be bound with the theses and that an attempt
should be made to get a complete set. Mr. Lanning will consider with Mr, Fryer
the best way to handle the leaflet.
The theses submitted for the Spring Congregation have been out of the
bindery for some time, and are now about out of the Catalogue Division. There are
occasional requests by students to have their personal copies of theses bound by the
Library, but no work for private individuals can be undertaken as yet, and all such
inquiries should be referred to the Librarian's office in the first instance.
The practice regarding loan of theses was reviewed. The first archival
copy is never loaned for use outside of the Library building and is used only under
the supervision of the Reference Division, The second copy is available for inter-
library loan and, under very restricted conditions, may be borrowed by faculty for
home use. It is not to be loaned for outside use under any other conditions.
Second copies are to have the pockets and slips stamped indicating that the books
are loaned by special permission only.
Requests to borrow theses before the cards for them are filed in the
Catalogue should be referred to Mr. Harlow, No theses should be taken from the
bindery. Requests of this kind, if necessary, should be referred to Mr. Harlow.
A stamp indicating that books are for use in the Library building only
appears on some of the more valuable volumes, and Mr. Harlow would like to have some
less disfiguring way to do this job. He is having the Graphos Press print small
slips containing this information to be pasted inside the book covers.
Loans of this kind are frequently a cause o.f inconvenience to the Reference
Division and to general public service, Mr. Harlow said that if there is any special
difficulty in getting material returned by particular individuals it should be
reported to him and he will try to handle the situation, Otherwise, Miss Smith
should set up and enforce suitable regulations. It was recognized that is is
extremely difficult to draw a line in deciding and enforcing such matters, and
junior staff should not have to do so. They should have basic rules to go by and
say that they have no authority to over rule them, and then refer the inquirer to
Miss Smith'or an authorized person in the Division, who will decide each case on
its merits.- The person (and the material) should be taken at once to Miss Smith
for a decision and not be asked to come back another time, unless this is unavoidable. Mr. Harlow recommended that Miss Smith draw up a statement regarding loans
of this kind and submit it for discussion, The staff need something definite to
work upon. -4-
The Armed Forces Medical Library classification system, which the
Library is now following for medical material, puts bibliography with other material
in the subject fiflDe^ and prefixes a "2" to the regular call number. This may be
confusing, and it was decided to use a small "z", in a superior position to the
call number, to distinguish these volumes (e.g., ZW6).
"FRIENDS" Groups
There is interest in promoting a "Friends of the Library" group for
U.B.C. and Mr, Bob Reid is working on a pamphlet "Keepsake" to be given to those
who join the group. It will be a reprinting of the original Proclamation
establishing the government of the Province of British Columbia, (1858) with the
arms of the Province reproduced in red. The Alumni Association and the President
of the University are interested in cooperating. The purpose of this group will
be to provide additional funds for the purg&se of library materials,
A gift of many volumes from Dr. Andison's library contains some items
which the Library has long wanted and is very pleased to have,
A particularly valuable edition of the complete works of Goethe,(in 40
vols., 1902) which is of great interest to the Department of German, has been
received on an order by the Acquisitions Dept,
Other Acquisitions:
APPIA, Adolphe, 56 reproductions of stage designs - portfolio,
CHUBB, Charles. Birds of British Guiana, 2 v. London, Quaritch, 1916-21
KARLOWICZ, Jan, ed. Dictionary of the Polish language, 8 vols. 1952-
THIEME, Ulrich and Becker Felix. Allgemeines Lexikon der Bildenden
Kunstler. A-Z, 37 vols. Leipzig, Engelmann, 1907-50.
Architecture has been ordering some very fine items on Koerner-Binning
funds and these are arriving in the Library,
. Miss Mercer reported that a new Middle English Dictionary, ordered for
Reference from the University of Michigan, is coming in fascicules. It will be in
process for a decade, and it was decided that no entry should appear in the public
catalogue until one volume is bound (which will be soon)j at that time the card
should add "In process of publication" and refer the inquirer to the Reference Desk
for unbound parts,
This news sheet is issued on Wednesday of each week, and material for it
should be sent to the Librarian's office to reach the publications office not later
than noon of the preceding Tuesday,
The meeting adjourned at 12:40 noon,
Miss Melva Dwyer and Miss ^riscilla Scott from the University of Toronto -5- . I	
Library School and Miss Dorothy Knowles from McGill Library School (all Librarians
I) joined the Reference staff on July 2.
Miss Runjeet Kore (Junior Clerk) began work in. the Circulation Division
on July 2,'and Mr. Wan-Feng Wong started as Mail Clerk in the Acquisitions Division
on June 29,


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