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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Nov 16, 1954

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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER.16, 1954, at 11 a.m.
No. 84
Present: Mr, Harlow, Mr. Rothstein, Miss Lanning, Fliss Smith,
Miss Mercer, Miss Alldritt, Mr. Lanning, Fliss Fugler.
Flinutes No, 83, p. 1, para. 1: figure of 250,000 in line
3 should be 253,000; para. 2: figure of 8562 on loan should be
Mr. Kennedy will have the count of volumes in Law
brought up to date and inform Mr. Harlow of the number.
Mr. Rothstein is still gathering information for his final report
on the result of the count.
Mr. Harlow has noted that some members of staff seem
occasionally to criticize library operations from an exterior
point of view as if they were not themselves a part of the
organization. All staff are members of the library organization
and are responsible jointly for. its successful operation. If
something appears to be wrong, the matter should be discussed
with those concerned as among associates, and an attempt made to
understand the different points of view and to arrive at
cooperation. Such discussions will often reveal reasons for a
particular course which were not evident to the person objecting
to it. ^ The same sense of responsibility and loyalty should also
be maintained in talking to the public about library matters;
to criticize an organization of which one is a part under such
circumstances is to criticize oneself, while trying to be dissasso-
ciated from the problems involved.
For the general staff manual which is in preparation
there is a need to have statements of policy within each
Division. The section on the Loan Division, for example, should
have a statement of the Library's lending policy, to whom books
are loaned and on what terms. Mr, Rothstein added that a statement clarifying the Library's handling of monographs in series is
needed so that staff and faculty in particular will understand
why we follow certain procedures. He suggested that the topics
covered in the University of Illinois library manual might be
taken as a general model for us to follow. Recording such policies
will mean clarifying a good many matters which have never been
reduced to definition, as would, for example, a statement of the
Library's collecting policy. *7
An inquiry from a staff member concerning some means of
evaluating his performance has brought up the need for keeping
staff informed in this respect. Mr. Harlow stated that, first and
from the administrative point of view, it is the Division Head's
responsibility to discuss with an individual in the Division a
performance which is not up to standard. If his performance
continues to be unsatisfactory, it becomes the Librarian's responsibility to take drastic action, but this can only follow upon the
individual having been informed of his shortcomings and having
failed to make the improvement described. A staff member is always
free to ask the Division Head for a report to guide him, and it is
the duty of the Head to tell their staff what their accomplishments
are as well as to discuss their mistakes and shortcomings. All
clerical personnel are on probation during the first half-year of
their employment and all professional people for one year. New
persons must be clearly informed one or more times before the end
of these periods how well they are doing. Fir. Harlow suggested
that he or Mr, Rothstein take part in the discussions in order to
be fully informed and to give the interviews a broader scope and
to assure that they are on an official basis. It should be clear
that a staff member may ask to discuss the job with the Division
Head at any time, and his work should probably be reviewed once a
year. The purpose of the interchange between Heads and staff is to
improve the service and the individual's satisfaction in it.
The salary scale has been published to staff and all know what
annual increases are provided.
BIO-MEDICAL BUDGET  (An Outline of Procedure for Staff Information)
This is a complicated budget because it involves the
Faculty of Medicine, the Library and the B. C. Medical Centre, and
two separate funds are established for the Branch at the Hospital
and the campus Reading Room. The funds for the Branch are provided
jointly by the Faculty of Medicine and the B. C. Medical Centre,
and, in general, only clinical material is bought on this account,
with material in the basic sciences purchased'from campus funds.
The President's Committee on the Branch represents each of the
groups contributing to its maintenance and it meets two or three
times a year.
Budgeting for both campus and branch is done by
Miss Fraser and Mr. Harlow, and submitted to Dean Weaver.
The Accounting Office separates each fund into Salaries and Expense
but within the Library funds are segregated into Salaries, Books,
Current Serials, Back Files, Supplies and Expense, and Binding.
Miss Hearsey keeps the accounts under the above headings.
In general, Miss Fraser is responsible for the use of all
funds, is specifically responsible for book purchases and generally
for serials. She will sign all requisitions and indicate the
account to be charged, including those for back files of serials,
but Mr. Lanning is specifically responsible for the funds for
back files and for current subscriptions. Fliss Fraser and
Mr. Lanning will maintain their own running accounts as required 2t
and will check monthly or as often as necessary with Fliss Hearsey
on their use of the funds. In April, when the new budget comes
out, Miss Hearsey will be given figures for the accounts mentioned
above, Mr, Lanning will be advised of the amounts budgeted for
current serials and back files, and there will be no change of
these figures without notification to all concerned,
At its meeting last week, members of the Library Committee inquired again about having a list of journals, with call
numbers, posted in the stack as a guide to users. It would be
useful to provide the list if it can be done, but the preparation
of a card catalogue or visible file would be quite expensive, and
a mimeographed list was considered, to be revised once a year.
It could be posted on each floor of the stack and copies provided
for faculty. It would not remain up to date for long, it would not
give information about non-current files or material bound and
added to the collection in the stackroom during the year. The
list would contain several thousand titles and run, certainly,
over a hundred pages. Fir. Rothstein, Miss Alldritt, and
Mr. Lanning will give the request further consideration.
The Library Committee decided not to ask for a change in
the alphabetical arrangement by title in the Serials stacks for
the present. Further consideration will be given to the problems
involved, but the Committee did ask for subject lists to assist
their use of the material.
Mr. Harlow would like entries for these in the main
catalogue so that people would know that the books are in the
Library. A comment was made that if faculty know what books are
in the Sedgewick Room they may want to borrow them, but a number
of non-circulating collections are listed there (Howay-Reid for
example), and it is not unlikely that the Sedgewick collection may
be made a circulating one  at some future time. It was proposed
that a temporary slip be used for the purpose (one of the multiple
forms), and Miss Mercer and Miss Alldritt will discuss with
Mr. Rothstein how the listing can best be done. Older books in
Sedgewick will gradually be removed, and those suitable for the
permanent collections will be fully catalogued at that time.
A mimeographed statement has been sent out advising
faculty of this new service, with sample copies of the notification
they will receive from Acquisitions when the books they have
requisitioned go to Cataloguing. Faculty will be required to
bring or send the notification to the Librarian's office when
requesting rush treatment, and the Librarian's office will accept
requests in order as they are received and advise the faculty
member to pick up the book at the Loan Desk. To begin with, not
over a dozen titles will be promised for 24 hour service, any in excess of that in any one day will be ready one working day later.
If requests are brought in after 5 p.m. they may be
accepted at the Loan Desk but no promise can be made there about a
specific time of delivery. The faculty member should telephone
the Librarian's office the following day for this information.
Books given "rush" treatment will be kept at the Loan Desk for not
longer than one week. If not picked up by then, they will be
shelved in the stack.
Acquisitions will continue to send out "Book Received"
notices when the books are ready for the shelves, as it does now,
including the call number for faculty records.
Mr. Harlow will attend the ceremonies upon the opening
of the wing recently added to the University of Toronto Library
and take part in a discussion to be held on the future of research
libraries. He will be in Toronto for three or four days. It was
suggested that if time permits he should visit the Cooperative
Book Centre there.
In reply to Dean Chant's request that reserve books not
be returned until 10:45 a.m. Fir. Harlow explained the use of the
reserve material during the first part of the morning and the
desirability of having it available then. Dean Chant has agreed
that the present practice should continue as being of benefit to
the greatest number of students.
-Revue archeologique. Ser. 5 t* 23, 1926 to date, with some
years missing.
Royal Society of Medicine.    Proceedings.   cl-4j   "14  A?>35j
1907/42 ""
The meeting adjourned at 12:45 p.m.


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