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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 4, 1960

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Array M  I  N   U  T  E   S
October 4, I960.   No7~223
Reporting Division Heads Fleeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH, SR, RJL, AF1S, EBM, FID, ML, JS, JO'R, AB, GGT,
BSS, IB,,DF, and HM.
Winter Term
During the winter term the Library operates on a 75-hour
week (College Library, 83 hours), and the staff is on a 38-hour
working week. Staff members may be required to work a 5-day week
5k  days, or some other combination, if the schedule requires.
Book Loan for Staff
Members of the Library staff are privileged to borrow books
on extended loan. However, it is necessary that they return
books as soon as they have finished with them and bring them back
immediately upon request from the Loan Desk when required for
other use.
Annual Report
Reports from all the divisions except one have now been
received by the Librarian.  It has been a harrowing year in
many respects and Mr. Harlow expressed his appreciation for the
way the staff has cooperated and managed under such conditions.
The ventilation is still being adjusted, including that in
some parts of the old building (Processing Divisions and the
Biomedical Library). Some furniture is still to be supplied
and the administrative offices are yet to be completed.
The last shipments of bookstacks will arrive in Vancouver
on October 9 and October 13. Mr. W. Greco will return shortly
to supervise the final installation of shelves, stack indicators,
book supports, etc.
Staff Room
The new staff room off stack level 7 of the new South wing
will be ready in about a week. The refrigerator, stove, and
chairs have arrived, and lunch tables, chesterfields and drapes
are. on order. A large coffee maker is being installed.
University staff are entitled to one fifteen-minute coffee break,
either in the morning or in the afternoon, and since it is practically impossible to obtain service at any of the campus coffee
shops without exceeding this time, the Library staff (beginning
about mid-October) will be required to use the staff room for
their coffee breaks. It is tentatively proposed to hire a student assistant to
prepare the coffee and wash the cups, and tickets will probably
be available for a charge of 12 for $1.00. With comfortable,
well appointed quarters soon available (equal even to the new
Faculty Club), hot coffee on tap, at a cost less than that at
the Bus Stop or Brock, this should be no deprivation!
The staff room will also be available for those who wish
to eat their lunches there, if they will wash their dishes and
keep the new facilities clean. Entrance (by stack stairway or
the new elevator) will be via the 7th stack level. Use of the
room will be inaugurated by some kind of informal celebration.
Chinese Librarian
Fliss Ng Tung King, has been appointed Librarian in charge
of the Oriental collectionl She received her library training
at the Library School of the University of London and has, until
now, been Chinese Librarian at the University of Hong Kong.
Recently she made a trip to America under a Carnegie grant to
report on the cataloging of Oriental materials for the University
of Hong Kong. She will arrive in Vancouver early in December.
Emergency Lighting
Emergency lighting is being installed throughout the old
building, but (for a time at least) it will still be advisable
to have at least one flashlight in each division.  Heads were
asked to check flashlight batteries and report their needs to
the Librarian's Office.
Opening Ceremonies
The program for the opening ceremonies in connection with
the new wing of the Library has been drawn up, and printed invitations will soon be available.
It is now planned that on Thursday, October 27, the whole
building, except the College Library, will be closed from 5:30
to 7:30 p.m. Study tables will be moved close together in the
Science Division, where the inauguration ceremonies will be held,
and chairs set up both there and in the Ridington Room. A
public address system will be installed in the Ridington Room,
and displays will be set up. The ceremony will begin at 8:30
with the acceptance of the building by the President and Chancellor, followed by an announcement of gifts. Dr. Louis B. Wright,
Director of the Folger Shakespeare Library (Washington, D.C) will
then give the main address: "Research Libraries and the Advancement of Learning". This will be followed by an "Open House" when
those who wish to see the building may do so.  It is hoped that
a good many staff will attend the ceremony and assist as guides
or in other capacities.
On Friday. October 28 at 3:30 p«.m. in Buchanan 104, there
will be panel discussion, "The University Library - New and
Enlarged Edition".  This will endeavor to interpret what the
new Library offers to students, faculty, and librarians. It is to be co-sponsored by the BCLA and the Senate Library
Committee.  Dr. Rothstein is in charge of arranging the program.
Dr. William Gibson and others v/ill take part.
On Friday evening, at 8:30, in Buchanan 106, Sir Frank
Francis, Director and Principal Librarian of the British Museum,
will speak on "Libraries: the Great International Network".  This
program is jointly sponsored by the Alumni Association.
New Zealand Visitor
Fir. P. Havard-Williams, Librarian of Otago University,
New Zealand, will-be in Vancouver on Saturday and Sunday,
October 22 and 23, en route to Harvard University and England.
It is hoped that some librarians can meet him.
Fliss Mercer is expected by Dean Walter Gage to provide
information a bout important gifts to the University.  She asks
that, divisions which receive gifts, please notify Acquisitions
on a form provided.
Examination Papers
Fir. Parnall, the Registrar, has agreed with the proposal that
only 1st and 2nd year examination papers be made available for
students. These will be put into the College Library.  Some
faculty may not approve of this.
Mr, Turner has issued for Division Heads a statement
covering rebinding procedures.  It is important that binding
slips be filled out properly in order to simplify checking
done by the Cataloging Division.
Sedgewick Room
The President of the University and the Senate Library
Committee have approved the proposal that the new Humanities
reading room be named the "GarnettSedgewick Humanities Room".
On Friday,   September 30,   a TV crew from CBC was  in the
Library to record a program for the  7 O'clock Show.    Mr.  Harlow
was interviewed and movies were made of the  new wing.     The  program is  scheduled  for October 27 or 28. 4
Library Lectures
The annual series of Library lectures will be held from
October 11 - 18 inclusive (except Saturday afternoon).  There
will be four lectures a day.  Notices are being sent to all
faculty members, and the lectures will be open to everyone
at the University.  Because of the rather complete reorganization
of the Library since last year, the content of the lectures will
be drastically changed.
Fliss Maureen Wilson, Librarian I, from Science Division
to Social Sciences Division on September 26.
Mrs. Anneke Bertsch as Clerk II in the Curriculum
Laboratory on September 19.
Mr. Branko Blaziecevic as Clerk I in the Division of
Special Collections on September 1.
Fliss Jeanne Carrol as Clerk II in the Serials Division
on September 20.
Mrs. Edith Cartwright as Clerk I in the College Library
on September 20.
Miss Elizabeth Charnley as Library Assistant in the
Science Division on September 19.
Miss Halina Cymbal as Clerk II in the Circulation Division
on September 6.
Miss Marjorie Conway as Clerk II in the Science Division
on October 1.
Mrs. Faith Bennis as Library Assistant in the Acquisitions
Division on September 19.
Fliss Helen Derewenko as Clerk I in the Science Division
on September 1.
Firs. Gail Flackett as Library Assistant in the Curriculum
Laboratory on September 19.
Fliss Theresa Forbes as Clerk I in the Humanities Division
on August 15.
Fir. Robert Harris,as Library Assistant in the Circulation
Division on September 1.
Miss Seraphine Morton as Clerk I in the Science Division
on September 1.     .
Mrs. Lorna Mozer as Library Assistant in the Division
of Special Collections on September 21.
Fliss Kristine Robertson as Clerk Trainee in the College
Library on September 1,
Fliss Elizabeth-Anne Ross as Clerk I in the Social Sciences
Division on August 15,
Fliss Sarah S. Simpson as Library Assistant in the Social
Sciences Division on September 26
Firs. EJizabeth Williams as Library Assistant in the
Humanities Division on September 19. Resignations
Miss Margaret Beattie as Librarian I in the Social
Sciences Division on September 17.
Miss Anne Boak as Library Assistant in the Serials
Division on September 30.
Fliss Edith Campbell as Library Assistant in the Reference
Division on September 15.
Miss Audrey Cunningham as Clerk I in the Cataloging Division
on September 28th.
Fliss Joan Lougheed as Library Assistant in the Serials
Division on September 30.
The meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m.


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