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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 27, 1953

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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1953, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Lanning, Miss Mercer,
Miss O'Rourke, Miss Alldritt, Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
As a matter of general information Mr. Harlow said that
a person employed full-time by the University may take a course
without payment of Alma Mater Society fees, if the Head of the
University Department will request that such fees be waived,
The Extension Department plans to issue on Saturday of
each week a bulletin listing events for the coming week, to be
distributed to faculty and students.  Deadline for contributions is
the preceding Wednesday. Library staff are requested to send
information to the Librarian's office about anything"they think
should be included (exhibits, important gifts, etc.),
The Vancouver Art Gallery is planning an exhibition of
Italian Renaissance work, and the University Library has been asked
for examples of books of that period.  Four or five have been
located in the Library by Mr. Hennessey, and Mr. Harlow will be glad
to know of others.
Miss Mercer suggested that some record be kept of material
of special interest, such as this, as it comes into the Library; it
would greatly simplify the search for items of this kind. Mr. Harlow suggested that Acquisitions might keep such a list on an
informal basis.
In the issue of September 28, 1953, of the Library of
Congress Information Bulletin comment is made upon Miss Doreen
Taylor's very able performance in the Map Division of L.C. last
summer, and Mr. Harlow drew attention to the fact that she was the
only one of her group particularly mentioned.
The Librarian also read some remarks by Mr. Robert A.
Miller, Librarian of the University of Indiana regarding the requirements for Acquisitions work:
"Acquisition is more than a mechanical process, even when
selection is left entirely in the hands of specialists or faculty.
There must be time for the responsible person or persons in our
acquisition department to assimilate the book knowledge which comes
to them daily.  Somehow or other, our research libraries must
develop bookmen and bookwomen in our acquisition departments,
persons who are personally interested in the books they handle and
in the trade history of these books."
Mr. Harlow said he believed that this Library was on the way to
^-^ develop people with such qualifications.  The average length of
\j  service of staff members this year is somewhat l«w?ger than a year - /
ago, and a number of persons are developing specialized interests in
which they can gradually become competent bookmen.
Mr, Harlow has received inquiries regarding the 5 and 5s
day week recently, and he emphasized once again that the Library, in
common with the rest of the University, is on a 5h  day basic work
week. If a division can schedule its work more advantageously on a
5^ day week for some or all of its members, it must do so; freedom
to schedule persons on a 5 day week is allowed to the Library only as
a convenience in arranging the 79 hour per week schedule upon which
the Library is expected to operate.
Holidays for University employees are supposed to be
taken during the June-through-August period, and they are to be
taken at one time, in so far as possible. Again, because of staff
requirements during Summer Session, the Library is permitted to
arrange holidays on a more flexible schedule, but this does not mean
that they may be taken whenever a member of staff wants them, and
except when the work of a division benefits from a split'holiday,
they should be taken all at once. Mr, Harlow has a few times
permitted staff whose homes are in eastern Canada to take part of
their holiday during the Christmas period in order that they may
fly home to spend the festival with families.  The extra time taken
then must be deducted from the annual summer holiday; time-off may
not be made up in advance or later. Rarely, and for not more than
a day or two, the Librarian will permit time off without pay,  but
applications for more than a day or two must, by University regulation, be made to the Board of Governors, and he does not wish to
overdo appeals of this kind.
In order that delivery service on the campus may be
extended, it has been agreed that student assistance will be engaged
to do some of the wrapping which now takes so much of the mail
clerk's time.
The Serials Division reports that 2808 current titles are
received for the Library, plus 596 for Medicine and 112 for Law,
making a total of 3516.  These figures indicate titles only, not
duplicate copies, of which there are a few.
Several divisions are necessarily involved in exchange of
publications, and there is some confusion at the moment among them.
Mr, Harlow emphasized that the Library must know precisely what
material is being sent out on exchange, and this the Librarian
proposes to have at this time centralized in his office.  On the
other side, we need to know what we are getting on an exchange basis;
this will be more difficult to ascertain because some material has been coming for so long without our sending anything in return that
it has come to be thought of as a gift. But this information is
essential if a proper exchange is to be established.
Material that is wanted by one division is not always of
interest to another, and if various divisions are arranging
exchanges they will do so from different points of view and possibly
be working at cross-purposes.  In some instances, requests sent to
different divisions have resulted in two lots of material being
sent.  The Librarian feels that until someone has been appointed to
be responsible for a Gifts and Exchange program, the business should
be coordinated in his office.  Any stock of UBC publications being
held for distribution in other parts of the Library should meanwhile
be sent to his office.  A meeting will be held by the Librarian,
Miss Mercer, Miss O'Rourke, Miss Rutherford, and Mr. Lanning to
discuss the matter and to try to work out procedures for handling
In some divisions one person
supplies from the central stock in the
others each individual asks for them,
that in general needs within Divisions
Requests for new material, not kept in
the Division
in writing.
is responsible for fetching
Librarian's office, in
The Division Heads agreed
should be handled jointly,
stock, must be made through
Head, who wiil justify them to the Librarian, usually
A report of a discussion of a policy on Mending (among
Miss Lanning, Miss Mercer, Mr. Lanning, Mr. Fryer and Mr. Harlow)
was summarized and adopted (see copy attached).  T
The Bindery will begin in November to take 50 volumes a
month for rebinding.
Miss O'Rourke reported that she and Miss Taylor had
considered this problem, which was explored briefly at last meeting,
and had decided that (on the basis of one book truck per week,
with about 10% of the books having maps), the Reference Division
could undertake to catalogue the maps as the books come through, put
them in the Map Room, and note their call number in the text.
Miss O'Rourke did not believe that a backlog would accumulate.
It was therefore agreed that Reference will follow its plan,
removing loose maps and large folding maps which are tipped into
the volumes.  Nothing will be taken from a rare book.  Acquisitions
will attach a note calling maps to the attention of Reference,
It was noted that difficulties would arise in handling serials which
normally go directly to the stacks from the Bindery; many serials
have a large number of maps.  Mr. Harlow recommended that, for a
trial, material of this kind henceforth be put on a shelf where
Miss O'Rourke or Miss Taylor can look at it and decide what to do
about the maps (this will not necessarily apply to back accumulations, unless agreed to by Mr. Lanning and Miss O'Rourke),
Mr. Lanning emphasized the delay in bindery preparation that might
result. Maps in material going to the Bindery before being 4 53
catalogued should be classified at Reference before going to the
Bindery. This will be the practice with government publications.
The card now sent to faculty advising of the availability
of a book is sent when the volume goes to the stacks.  It is now
proposed to send the notice when a book goes to the Catalogue
Division, to notify faculty at an earlier stage and to give Cataloguing some means of knowing what should receive rush treatment.
Items wanted by faculty immediately could be catalogued and made
available in, say, 24 hours.  It was pointed out that some persons
will always want things in a rush while others will hesitate to
press the Library for special service.  It was also suggested that
perhaps the people who want material urgently should have it; all
will be given equal opportunity under this plan.
Acquisitions would provide another copy of the multiple
form to accompany the volume to the Catalogue Division. Cataloguing
would pull the slips out when the books reach them, returning the
slips to Acquisitions for mailing.  A rubber stamp would be used:
If the notice is brought in by faculty to any other part of the
Library, the bearer could be referred to the Cataloguing Division,
or wherever it is decided that such loans will be handled.  The
possibility of putting a card into the public catalogue when a book
goes to the Catalogue Division was also mentioned.
It was agreed that making the extra copy of the multiple
form for this purpose should commence at once, but that the new
proposal regarding notification should not be undertaken at present.
It will take some time for the new system to be applied, since it
must begin with the preparation of the multiple forms at the
ordering stage,
The Reference Division reports that Vol. 9 of the Encyclopaedia of Chemical Technology is missing; if anyone knows of its
whereabouts Reference will be pleased to have the information.
The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.
Miss Jean Donald will join the Reference staff on a
one-year appointment as Junior Librarian on November 2.  She is a
graduate from the University of Toronto and from McGill Library
School (1949), and has had experience in the Provincial Legislative
Library in Toronto, the Brooklyn Public Library and the Owen Sound
Public Library.
Mrs. Josephine Pollock resigned from her position in the
Circulation Division on October 22, and Miss Patricia Tankard started
work in that department on October 26.


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