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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Nov 22, 1955

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 '2 ""?
O /
November 22, 1955.  No. llf*f
Reporting Division Head Meetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
At Heads Meeting: NH, SR, AMS,. MF1L, RJL, EBM, F1AA, EF
Tours of the Bindery for Library staff will be deferred
until December.
Mr. Harlow said he hoped that staff are reading the new
appendices to the Flinutes, since they contain information which
cannot be obtained so easily in any other way.
The November 1955 Flonthly Letter of the Royal Bank of
Canada is made up wholly of a statement about public libraries
in Canada.  Dr. Rothstein has obtained a number of extra copies,
chiefly for use of the Recruiting Committee, but copies will be
available for each Division.  It was agreed that on.the whole it
is a very good statement.
Twenty-nine people have indicated they will take the
course in Russian which the University is making available to the
Library staff. Dr. Sobell has asked Fir. Peter Isaac, Instructor
in Slavonic Studies, to arrange the matter with Dr. Rothstein,
and final plans should be announced very soon. Fir. Harlow and
Dr. Rothstein expressed the hope that those who begin the course
will do so with the intention to continue throughout the 15 lectures. This course sets a precedent in the University, and its
success may determine whether in-service training of this kind,
without fee, will be repeated.
A number of errors in the report of hours worked by
student assistants have resulted in improper payments being
made, and Fir.. Harlow asked the Division Heads to check the weekly
lists carefully before sending them to his office for the payroll.
Bills for fines are to be sent to the Librarian's
office by the 14th and 29th of each month, since they are forwarded to the Accounting Office only on the 15th and 30th.  The maximum overdue fine for any one book is $5.00; bills for replacements should be for the cost of the books. DAILY BREAK PERIOD
The Librarian asked that staff be conscientious about
taking the daily coffee period. The average during any week
should not exceed fifteen or twenty minutes, once a day,
Cataloguing of the Flining and Metallurgy collection is
proceeding as quickly as possible.
Inquiry was made concerning the demand for catalogue
drawers, and the Librarian asked for information about the use of
those in the stack behind the Reserve area.
Dr. Rothstein remarked that there are a good many
annual bibliographies in various subject fields, many of which
are not being checked adequately against the Library's collections,
These should be looked at by professional staff who may have some
knowledge in the fields. They would indicate important items,
and these would then be checked against the Library's catalogue.
If the desirable material is not here, It should be ordered.
Miss Smith said that checking is now spasmodic, and Dr. Rothstein
believes that the checking will be good experience for staff with
interests in subject fields.  It was agreed that Fliss Smith and
Dr, Rothstein would discuss the matter in more detail.
Miss Lanning said that some clerical help for checking could
probably be provided by the Loan Division as soon as examinations
begin and the desk work falls off.
Fir. Harlow asked whether the Loan Desk staff would be
working on inventory during the Christmas period, and Fliss Lanning
replied that there would be too many people working in the stack-
room at that time, and that the major inventory will have to be
taken in May.
The Committee of the Geology Department which reviews
requests for purchases from the Geology allocation asked
Mr. Harlow over to talk about library matters. He was interested
to know what sort of material they are ordering for use in the
reading room and wished to discuss with them the development of
a research collection. For Geology, most of the research begins
in the field, and in British Columbia a great deal of work is
still to be done.  The Department is interested in material
relating to other areas of the world similar to ours geologically,
and in material relating to "classic" geologic conditions.
The Committee will give more thorough consideration to the
regions which should be of interest here, and the Library will
build up the collections in the light of the department's scope. Fir. Harlow encouraged the faculty to ask for whatever they
actually need, and after scrutinizing the demands closely, he will
order accordingly.  He urged them not to buy little sections of.
sets, as they have been doing in the past largely because of
financial stringency, if in the long run the whole series would be
L    * II I .. I     I     !.!■■  M   ■■     ■    ■
There is complaint that medical students who do not
have degrees cannot borrow bound volumes of serials for home use
from the main Library though the3T can get them at the Biomedical
Branch Library while those with degrees can do so. Fir, Harlow
said that the distinction between graduates and undergraduates
extends to medical students as to others. Practice at the
Biomedical Branch does not affect use at the main Library,' and
Fir. Harlow asked Fliss Lanning to discuss the problem with
Fliss Fraser. He added that a specific statement of Loan privileges should be provided as soon as possible.
Miss Smith displayed a number of bibliographies and made
brief comments upon their usefulness. Flost of them are UNESCO
or government publications and are probably known only to the
Reference staff as long as they remain unbound and uncatalogued.
Dr, Rothstein commented upon the need to make this extremely
useful material known to the public, and Fliss Smith agreed that
this is one of the problems which is still to be solved.
A selective means of providing analytical cards in the public
catalogue for bibliographies in series was suggested, and this
would assist the Reference staff as well as the public.  The
matter will be discussed again and staff suggestions are solicited.
The Librarian reminds staff that the approach of
winter weather, with its delayed transportation, requires
that special effort be made to reach the Library on time.
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.
An unexpected delay has occurred in Miss Erla Isman's plans
to leave Vancouver, and she has returned to the Library for a few
weeks, working on a temporary basis in the Acquisitions Division.
Fliss Jean Donald is resigning from her position in the
Catalogue Division in mid-December in order to return to her home
in Toronto. 4
New Sub scripti ons. to JournaIs :
Reconstruqtive__surgery and traumatology.
Sets Added:
Western humanities review (formerIj'- Utah humanities review) ,
"~mr7* 1947 to date."
Indian journal of medical research, v. 13-42, July 1925-
1954- '~~~~~    ~~  "    ~
Deaths in the Periodicals family:
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A bibliography on the teaching of modern languages.
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Documentation and terminology of Science. Bibliography
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Aeronautical sciences and aviation in the Soviet
Union.  A bibliography. Washington, D.C., 1955.
Polish abbreviations, a selective list. Washington,
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A national program for the publication of historical documents.
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A guide to works of reference published in Pakistan, by Khwaja
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Index to New Zealand periodicals and current national bibliography
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B.C.L.A. Bulletin, 19 (October, 1955), 1-3. The service
which the UBC Library wants and might legitimately expect
the National Library to provide.
What should Canadian public libraries have in the way of books,
staff, organization and financial support? The Canadian
Library Association gives the answers in "Suggested
Standards of Service for Public Libraries in Canada," Ontario
Library Review, 39 (November, 1955), 233-38.


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