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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jul 22, 1952

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TUESDAY, JULY 22, 1952, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning,
Miss Mercer, Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
Corrections to No. 11 Minutes:
Page 3, .1, 10: TC should read LT;
Page 4, first paragraph, 1. 4: "our UN material" should read "our
UNESCO material".
As a preliminary to discussing with the President the
need for more bookstacks, the Librarian and Mr. Lanning surveyed
the present situation and reached the following conclusions: (1)
additional shelving should be provided on stack level two to meet
the needs of the next year or two; (2) a major stack addition should
be undertaken to complete three to five levels in the well.  Both
projects will depend upon available funds.
Some months ago Mr, Harlow pointed out to the President
the need for improved lighting in certain areas of the Library
building.  Several of the smaller jobs were done in the spring,
and probably more will be completed during the summer.  Changes
in the entrance foyer and stairways will involve rewiring since
the present wiring will not carry an increased load. Mr. Harlow
held a meeting last week with Mr. Lee, Mr. Fletcher, and a
representative of Canadian General Electric to consider the lighting of the main concourse and the wings. A plan to install mixed
incandescent and mercury vapor bulbs in panels of reflectors
affixed to the cross beams was discussed. Mr. Lee will report on
the estimated cost to the President, The re-wiring and better
re-lighting of the main entrance is to be included, and, in all
probability, an item for cleaning the walls in the main reading
room while the scaffolding is in place. When the project is
carried out, it may be necessary to close part of the reading room.
Staff tours of the Bindery have been arranged for 2 p.m.
and 3 p.m. on Wednesday 22, Each tour will assemble at the Bindery
at the proper time,, and Mr. Harlow hopes to be there during the
afternoon. In order to complete the schedule, it was recommended
that each tour be completed in less than the full hour if feasible.
For members of the staff who intend to resign from their
positions at the end of August it is advisable for them to give -2-
notice to the Librarian bgocffiffldcxsMxbg*: at once in time for the
information to be sent tq^the Board of Governors at its meeting
on July 28. Termination/ban then be made available before the
staff member leaves the campus,
The University Art Gallery will have displays of summer
session work during this Festival, and from August 12 to 15
(Tuesday through Friday) the Library building will be open until 8
p.m. to permit visitors to reach the Gallery. The Extension
Department will provide a commissionnaire, and the stairways leading
to the upper floors will be roped off, leaving the lower corridor?
to the washrooms for public use. The bookstack will be locked as
usual, but it is possible that some people may get up to the main
reading room and it may be advisable to clear the Loan desk on
those evenings.
There are still a few points in the stackroom not under
control.  Further measures recommended by the Librarian are: (1)
closing the west end of the Serials counter to prevent uncontrolled
access to the serials stacks; (2) gates on stairways from Serials
to stack levels 6 and 7; (3) providing a locked partition between
the serials stacks and the Bio-Medical reading room; (4) lock the
door near the old elevator, to shut off access to the Reference
and Serials stacks from behind the Loan Desk or provide a new door
at the north side of the elevator entrance to close off Reference;
(5) lock the door from the stacks to the Reserve Book Room on the
stack side; (6) erect a partition around the receiving area on
stack level 2 to prevent stack access there; (7) possibly close all
archways between old and new building stack levels. This would not
control exit by elevator on 8th level.  It was agreed that the
Serials counter be closed. In reply to protests against having to
lock and unlock doors so often in the course of one's normal work,
the Librarian said that the alternative was to have the staff be more
concerned and vigilant about traffic to and from the stacks via the
service desk<; Reference is a vulnerable point. Faculty will be r
provided with identification cards which will give them access to
the stacks via the Loan Desk, but they are to use the Loan Desk
entrance to come and go.  The staff must be careful to insist that
traffic follow the approved routes throughout the Library until
they become established. At present many people apparently feel
that they may come and go by any route that meets their convenience,
and the Library staff must help to discontinue this. So far as
staff are concerned, the easiest way to do this would be to keep
the doors locked and thus avoid argument. This procedure would
involve a much greater use of keys by staff and greater care not to
lose the keys. Great vigilance is required at the Loan Desk at all
hours to screen out all but authorized traffic, but no stack access
or egress is to occur at other places.  Since the problem of no
access is probably most acute at the Reference Desk, the Librarian
asked Miss Smith to discuss it with her staff and let them know
what is involved. -3-
Mr, Albert Spratt, who has had three years' experience
at Carlton College in Ottawa, has accepted a position in the
Reference Division, to commence September 1; and Miss Cecil}/- Girvan
has accepted a Library Assistant position in the Serials Division to
commence at the same time.
Abe Goodman has spent a couple of days sorting the
documents, in response to a request from Reference.
Books are accumulating in the Acquisitions Division
awaiting plating, and it is hoped that the new bookplates will be
available shortly. The Librarian has asked Mr. Bob Reid to design
a plate and submit a proof and estimates,
Books ordered by Dr. Tucker in eastern Canada are arriving
in the Library now from booksellers and from Laval University and
the Quebec ArchivesP  They will be checked in, and the bills paid,
but the books will be left aside until appropriate bookplates are
ready3  a classification scheme is agreed upon, and perhaps until
the paper-backed material has been bound.
The Librarian asked what priorities were followed in
dealing with mail. During the first hour of the day, before the
mail arrives, Mr, Holmes wraps parcels for the Extension Library.
As soon as the mail comes, he sorts and delivers it to the Divisions,
including interlibrary loans and requests, at the same time picking
up out-going interlibrary loan material* He then wraps parcels,
interlibrary loans first. It was stated that nothing waits longer
than 1 or 2 days for wrapping and mailing, but there, were reports
that material had been delayed much longer than this before being
sent out. It appears that some people leave books, which are to be
mailed out, on the counter outside the mail room, and this is not
good practice.  It was recommended that Mr, Neale and Mr. Holmes
arrange together a definite place for this purpose. The University
truck has not always made its appointed rounds, and when this occurs
deliveries promised to departments on the campus are not made
promptly. It was arranged that if the truck fails to call on the
regular day Mr. Holmes should advise Miss Mercer, who will inform the
Librarian's office.  The truck should come on Monday, Wednesday
and Friday and stop for parcels if there is a card in the wrapping
room window.  It has been arranged with Mr. Rogers that the truck
will call at about 1 p.m. on the day stated. Mr. Harlow said that
there should be nothing in the wrapping room except material being
received or sent.  A collection of books now there, will be moved
to another location.
Priority in parcel wrapping was considered, and all -4-
agreed that as long as interlibrary loans were treated first,
Extension and Circulation material could have second place, but
that there should not be a delay of more than one day in getting
out any parcels. There may be occasional exceptions from other
Divisions for parcels having to go by a certain boat which may run
only once or twice a week, but these are few and can be handled as
individual cases,
Besides dealing with the mail and xvrapping, and making
some campus deliveries, Mr. Holmes delivers book truck loads of
material to the Bindery and takes loads from there, Mr, Harlow
asked whether this work could be scheduled regularly at a certain
time each day in order not to interrupt Mr. Holmes' other work,
Ths best, time would be at the end of the afternoon, but the Bindery
closes at 4 and makes this undesirable.  It was agreed that,
to facilitate this work, a key to the passage in the Museum area
and a key to the Bindery should be available in Mr. Lanning's
office.  It was not possible to set a definite hour for the Bindery
deliveries; but it will be worked out by Mr. Lanning, Miss Mercer
and Miss Lanning.
Miss Mercer, Miss Alldritt, and Miss O'Rourke have done
some work on a student handbook, and Miss Mercer has just made a
revision for the Librarian, Mr. Harlow has suggested that an
attempt be made to publish a four-page booklet to be printed by the
Extension Department.  Copy will be typed and sent to the Division
Heads for comment and revision and an estimate cf cost will be
secured.  The handbook will be intended primarily for students
using the Library for the first time, but mention will be made of
special collections and services.
Apart from the handbook, there should be supplementary
sheets, probably on punched, colored paper to fit a standard loose-
leaf binder, giving more specific instructions regarding specialized
personnel of the Library. The handbook is designed to be a general
introduction to the Library, to promote its use, and it should be
as attractive as we can afford to make it. The title of/handbook
will be "KNOW YOUR LIBRARY". the
The Reference Division has some books which are badly in
need of mending or of other attention* Mr, Harlow said that if it
is patching or mending that is needed, it is not likely that the
work could be done in the Bindery, but that student help should
perhaps be engaged to do it. Miss Smith pointed out that the
repairs were urgently needed, and should be made during the summer.
If the material needs to be bound, rebound, or recased, the Librarian agreed should probably be sent to the Bindery when the
staff there return from their holidays about the middle of August.
To enable the Bindery to handle it economically, about 100 volumes
should be collected;,  The Divisions will gather together the volumes
most urgently needed and most in need of repair and have them ready
for Mr. Lanning prior to that time. -5-
Mr. Harlow took this occasion to remind Division Heads
who have not yet planned their annual holiday that they should do
Miss Mercer reported that a Canadian Senator is setting
up a Committee to look into this matter, and has asked CLA to
submit certain recommendations and information*  The. opinion was
expressed that this was not a proper matter for.CLA to support,
since it is a dangerous example of censorship which can very easily
get out of hand> but that CLA might well make representations to
examine the possibility of liberalizing the present import restrictions if such a Committee^IvW set up0
The meeting adjourned at 12:20 noon.


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