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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 3, 1951

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Array MINUTES of meetings of Division Heads held in the Librarians office on
April 3, 1951, at 2:30 p.m. and on May 9, 1951, at 10:45 a.m.
Present:  Miss Snith, Miss Jefferd, Miss Eendell, Miss Fraser,
Mr. Lanning.
Today's meeting was called to discuss the treatment of Government
periodicals, and after discussion the following procedure was agreed upon.
All Government publications received by the Library are to be checked
in by the Serials Division.  These will include several types of material,
not all of which are handled in the same way after being checked in.
I. The material already classified and catalogued, e.g,, U.S.D.A.,
Farmer's Bulletin:
1. Unbound material to be checked in by Serials Division, stamped,
have call number added, and be sent to Circulation for shelving
in main stacks.  This by-passes the Catalogue Division.
2. Bound material to be sent to:
(a) Serials Division for: (i) cheeking, (ii) accessioning;
(b) Catalogue Division for addition to shelf list.
3. Orders for bound or unbound material to be sent to:
(a) Acquisitions, except all material from U.N. and special agencies,
which is to go to Serials unopened or with the envelopes;
(b) Serials;
(c) Follow usual procedure as to whether bound or unbound.
Serial Publications
II.   Material not already classified and catalogued:
1. The great mass of material of this kind will be checked in as
usual by the Serials Division and filed on Floor 4.
2. Government periodicals with distinctive titles — to be treated as
ordinary periodicals.  Unbound issues will be shelved on Floor 6
in the usual alphabetical sequence among the other periodicals. «— ^ *»
The Catalogue Division will establish the form of entry for the
unbound material, and the catalogue cards in the main catalogue
will, in, the place usually occupied by the call number, indicate
that the unbound issues are shelved in the Serials Division.
When the volume is complete and bound, the Catalogue Division
will classify the material and deal with it in the usual way.
3. Separates
The Reference Division may make and file cards for these if desired.
The Serials Division will file the separates without listing in a
box at the end of the appropriate department or bureau.
4» Exceptions:
If, in the opinion of both the Reference and Serials Divisions, a
particular separate is so valuable that it should be catalogued,
it will be sent to the Catalogue Division for that purpose.
Serials: Occasionally a new series begins which is so important
that it should be available in the stacks as is the Farmer's Bulletin,
etc. This will be sent to the Catalogue Division with an appropriate
note to be classified, catalogued and shelved in the main stacks;
e.g., U.S.D.A., Farmer's Bulletin.
It is understood that full cataloguing for government serials and
separates will be requested sparingly.
III. Canadiana
For Canadian government entries the hew Canadian government
publication Canadiana will be the authority for the form of


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