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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] May 22, 1962

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May 22,  1962 No.  26?
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  SR, RJL, GGT, AMS, DF, JO'R, AL, MD, JS, EBM, EH,
NTK, IB, and HM.
Norman MacKenzie Collection
The Board of Governors has approved the purchase
of the A. M. Donaldson Collection of Burnsiana, to be secured
by the Friends of the Library in honour of President and Mrs.
MacKenzie. Members of the English Department plan to hold a
public meeting and ceremony to mark the occasion of this
notable acquisition.
Xerox Photocopier
Dr. Rothstein has received approval for the
installation of a Xerox 914 photocopying service in the Library.
This service will be operated on a self-supporting basis with
charges probably to be set at the rate of 15$  per exposure for
faculty, students and staff, and 25<^ per exposure for others.
Payment of the rental charges will be made from the Supplies
and Expense account. The machine will probably be available
for use in September.
Arrival of the New University Librarian
Dr. James Ranz will arrive on June 1 to take up
his duties as University Librarian. Dr. Rothstein suggested
that division heads should prepare a statement on problems
and recommendations which they would like Dr. Ranz to consider.
These could be sent in writing to the Librarian's Office or
presented to Dr. Ranz personally at a regular meeting of the
Division Heads.
Present parking stickers are valid until June 30
but the new permits are now available and may be obtained at
the Traffic Office upon payment of the $10.00 fee. The new
brochures have not yet been issued. Staff members are reminded
not to park in the visitors' lots, as these are patrolled and
cars may be towed away.
Dr. Rothstein asked Division Heads to submit their
recommendations with respect to annual increments for their staff;
such recommendations are in turn transmitted to the Director of
Personnel Services for final review.
61 62
Summer Hours
Inquiries have been received as to whether staff
members could work from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm during the summer
instead of from 9:00 to 5:00. After consultation with the
Personnel Office, Dr. Rothstein stated this would not be
possible and that the regular summer Library hours (i.e. $:00 a.m,
to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday) would continue to be
Mr. Stuart-Stubbs has turned up some desk lamps
which were presumably bought many years ago but never used.
If these would be useful In any of the divisions, they can
be obtained from the Librarian's Office.
Binding of Paperbacks
Some of the paperbacks which have been published
recently have very narrow margins and cannot be bound.  It
was jmggested that these be taken out of ./the "pre-bind" category,
~ -"ss -4j, and put in the stacks "as is". Dr. Rothstein asked
Mr. Bell and Mr. Lanning to examine the pre-bindery stock and
to transfer any such paperbacks to the Catalogue Division for
immediate processing. Mr. Bell and Mr. Lanning are also to
determine criteria for such "as is" processing which could be
applied to future acquisitions.  In the case of unbindable
paperbacks for which a heavy demand is foreseen, Miss Mercer
is to order additional copies to be set aside for replacement
of worn-out copies.
Book Losses
Miss O'Rourke reported that losses of library
science books (Z classification) from the open shelves in
the Ridington Room have not been high. However, Miss Dwyer
reported quite a heavy loss of materials from the'Fine Arts
Mail Room
When the mail room is unoccupied during the day,
it is necessary to keep both doors to this room and also the
fire door to the receiving room locked. Staff members going
out of the Library by the receiving door (Floor 2) are requested to make sure these doors are locked behind them. To
come back into the Library by the receiving room, it will be
necessary to use a key; staff members without keys will have
to use one of the public entrances. 63
ALA and CLA Conferences
Dr. Rothstein will be away from June 13 to about
July 4 to attend the meeting of the American Library Association
in Miami and the Canadian Library Association conference in
Ottawa. He will also attend a meeting of the National Research
Council's Advisory Committee on Scientific Information.
Miss Fraser will be away from June 3 to July 2
attending the Canadian Library Association and the Medical
Library Association meetings.
Mr. Stuart-Stubbs will be leaving June 8 for his
trip to libraries in Eastern Canada and the United States.
Pacific Northwest Library Association
The annual conference of the Pacific Northwest
Library Association will be held at U.B.C. from August 22 to
August 25.
BDLA Short Course
The British Columbia Library Association is again
sponsoring a Short Course for public library association
personnel on the campus beginning June 10.
Visitors    x
Mr. Kalu Okorie of the Eastern Nigeria Library
Board visited the Library and School of Librarianship last
week as part of the tour he is making of Canadian and American
libraries under a grant from the Carnegie Corporation.
Mrs. Ruth Wertheimer,_Assistant Director of the
University of Cape Town Library School, visited the School
of Librarianship and Library on May 15 and 17.
New Medical Library
The sod-turning ceremony to mark the beginning of
construction of the new medical library will take place on
June 23 with President MacKenzie officiating.
Dr. Rothstein's Last Meeting
Dr. Rothstein stated that this would be his last
meeting with the Division Heads. He wished to thank all
members of the Library staff for their cooperation over the
fifteen years of his association with the Library and particularly for their help in this past busy year.
Miss Smith expressed on behalf of the staff their
appreciation to Dr. Rothstein for the extra work he has had to
accomplish during his term as Acting Librarian while also
carrying out his full duties as Director of the School of
Librarianship. 64
Mr. Geoffrey Selth, Librarian I in the Catalogue
Division will be leaving for California on July 31 to enter
the Starr-King School for the (Unitarian) Ministry. While
preparing for the ministry, he will be also working part time
in the Catalogue Division of the University of California
Library at Berkeley.
New Professional Staff Appointments
Miss Rita Butterfield, as Librarian I In the
Acquisitions Division on June 1.
Mrs. Barbara Edmonds, as Librarian I in the
Serials Division (Pre-Blndery Section) on July 1.
Miss Eleanor Haydock, as Librarian I in the
Biomedical Library on July I.
Mr. Robert Harris, as Librarian I in the Circulation
Division on June 1.
Miss Robyn Radcliffe, as Librarian I in the
Catalogue Division on July 1.
Miss Islay Sampson, as Librarian I in the Catalogue
Division on -^^- 1.
Miss Margot McCiure, as Librarian I, on September 1,
to work part time in the Catalogue Division and part time in
the Fine Arts Division.
Non-professional Appointments
Miss Kay Fukuzawa, as Library Assistant in the
Catalogue Division on May 15,
Miss Elizabeth Peters, as Clerk I In the
Catalogue Division on May 22.
The meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.


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