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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 23, 1952

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Array No. 16
TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1952, at 10;30 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning,
Miss Mercer, Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
The new book-plates are here and will be put into use
immediately.  Special plates have been provided to acknowledge
purchases from special funds. Names of donors are to be typed
on the new plate rather than written as in the past.
A faculty identification card is also being printed
and will be distributed by the Librarian with a letter to the
..— ,— .n — ,—,.  », i, i■ i ..■„,, ,..„■.„ ...■iill.n.  I,..1 ,11■■. ., ■ |l I
The erection of a partition separating the Receiving
Room from the 2nd stack level will make it necessary for staff whc
open in the morning to follow a new route to the work areas.
Entering via the Receiving door, they will go up to Acquisitions
and Cataloguing, get the Catalogue Division key from the drawer
under the L.C. catalogue, and open the First Aid Room door in
order to reach the elevator. The key should then be returned
immediately to its place.  At night the delivery door, which is
now being locked by the janitor promptly at 5 O'clock, will be
left unlocked until 5:10 p.m, daily. Acquisitions will be
responsible for locking it at that time.
Mr. Harlow has discussed with Mr. Lee the problem of
student discipline during the Saturday afternoon games, and an
effort will be made to have the Director of Physical Education
assume responsibility for policing the Library roof. We shall
remain open during the game of October 4 on an experimental basis.
The matter of special library privileges for student
assistants who work in the Library was considered. Mr. Harlow
said that he would like to extend stack privileges to these
students, if they work 5 or more hours a week.  He was also
interested in knowing what proportion of the student assistants
are in the upper years of their courses.  After a week or so,
when it is known who the student assistants are, the problem will
be reviewed and a decision made regarding stack privileges. INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS
An agreement has been reached between the University
and the Institute of Chartered Accountants regarding the provision
of library service to Institute members.  The library of the
Institute has been received, and the University Library is now
officially that of the Institute, in so far as Commerce materials
are concerned. When there is a choice, the books are to be
classified in Commerce rather than in other fields, and shelved in
their normal places in the stack.  They are to have Library gift
book-plates, but the Library book-plate should not obscure an
Institute plate if there is one in the book.  The Institute books
should be processed within the next month, or as soon as possible.
Members of the Institute will be informed about the new arrangement
and will be provided with identification cards by their own
organization. Mr. Harlow gave Miss Lanning a card file of the
Institute membership for use at the Loan Desk.  He does not
anticipate a great demand for books by Institute members.
Arrangements will be made for mailing books to out-of-town members.
Articled clerks will have a letter from the Institute which they
are to bring to the Library when they ask to borrow material.
It is to be remembered that borrowing privileges' of Institute
members and articled clerks extend only to Commerce material.
Mr. Harlow has received a letter signed by a number of
staff members who were not included in last week's list of persons
to be assigned parking privileges in the Library parking lot.
They set out their objections to the arrangement and made suggestions. There was a discussion of the problem, to which no
entirely satisfactory solution could be found.
It is clear that staff without a "faculty" parking permit
may be underprivileged when compared with many other University
employees.  It does not necessarily follow, however, that all
staff with cars (about 20) should automatically have access to the
limited space back of the Library. One possibility is of course to
throw the Library parking lot open, issue stickers to all Library
car owners, and let first come be first served.  Those having early
assignments would then fill the lot, as arbitrary an arrangement
as any other, and persons working evening shifts, and coming in
mid-afternoon, would have no better chance to find a place close
to the Library than before.  Persons with night assignments can
move cars into the lot during the supper hour, for convenience in
10 o'clock departure. Another suggestion was to issue faculty
parking stickers to all ear owners on condition that those not
listed in Minutes No. 15 refrain from using the Library parking
area until late afternoon.  The Librarian has been investigating
the possibility of enlarging the Library parking area, but there
seems to be little likelihood that this will be effected soon.
The matter will be discussed by the Librarian with the group. 3
Public and staff access to this area should be available
on Saturday as long as staff are working in the Acquisitions
Division.  The door will be opened by the person who is on duty
in Acquisitions, and locked by him at noon.
It was discovered that the wooden shelves where it was
planned to put these volumes are not adjustable and are not high
enough.  It was decided to shelve them temporarily lying flat
and to use blocks to show their location out of their normal''
place. An estimate is to be presented to the. University Finance
Committee next week for steel shelving for level 2.
A request has been received from the Faculty of Pharmacy
for a number of books to be transferred to its reading room.
Mr. Harlow said that much of the material is for laboratory use
and'would be properly situated in the Pharmacy reading room.
Some duplication may be necessary.
The meeting adjourned at 12:30- p,m.


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