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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 20, 1959

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October 20, 1959* No. 201
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, RJL, AMS, EBM, ML, DF, MAT, and HM
It is expected that the noisier jobs of drilling will
be postponed until the Christmas period. However, there will
be drilling as each level of the new wing is anchored to the
old building, that for the second floor beginning at once.
Forms are now being erected to pour the walls of the
second floor.
There is enough steel available for reinforced concrete,
but some difficulty is being experienced in securing the heavy
columns and beams to complete the bookstacks.
Remodelling Schedule
Remodelling of the Ridington Room and Concourse is to
be completed between Flay 1 and the beginning of summer session.
As soon as the winter session ends (by May 1),
Acquisitions and Cataloging are to be moved to the North Reading
Room off the Concourse, close to the public catalogue, and
remodelling in the Processing area and Reserve Book Room is
to be completed by about September 1.
It is hoped to make the new doorway between the Fine
Arts Room and bookstacks during the Christmas period, the
remainder of the work to be completed during the summer.
At the south end of stack level 7, which is two
s oreys high, a new ceiling slab will be put in, forming a new
section on level 8 for the new air conditioning unit for the
Special Collections area.
There will be new lighting and bookstacks installed on
stack level 2 { the Flailing Room, Bindery Preparation, and
Duplicate Exchange areas), and some new shelving on level 1.
Victoria Times and Colonist
The back files of the Victoria Times have arrived from
the publisher and are now stored temporarily on stack level 7.
Copies of the Victoria Colonist should follow shortly. As
newspapers are bulky and are not permanent records the question
of preserving microfilm versus originals was discussed. It was
agreed that because of their local importance as research material,
they should be rebound and kept in their original state. 2,
Faculty Association
At the last meeting of the Faculty Association the
constitution was amended to specify that full-time professional
librarians would be eligible for active membership in the
Association, and new members will be invited each year. Heretofore, librarians were free to apply for membership but had
to be voted upon at an open Faculty Association meeting.
Extra-mural Readers
Extra-mural readers have been borrowing juvenile books,
apparently for use by their own children. These books are in
steady use by students in English 201, and the Loan Desk is
having difficulty keeping them on hand. It was decided that,
in future, extra-mural readers will not be eligible to borrow
juvenile books except by special arrangements.
Provincial Medical Library
The B. C. College of Physicians and Surgeons, at the
recent meeting in Victoria, approved the formation of the
Provincial Fledical Library Service, to be supported by a fee
from all practicing physicians. The University Library
(especial^-Fliss Fraser in the Biomedical Division) will have
a major role in the organization.
Paperback Books
The Loan Desk is experiencing difficulty with students
requesting books, usually paperbacks, for which cards have been
put in the catalogue but which have not yet reached the stacks.
Some time is obviously required for binding, and Mr. Lanning
will study whether some special attention needs to be given
to materials for 100 and 200 courses (rush binding, perhaps),
whether a second copy should be put into the stacks unbound,
or whether catalogue cards will need to be 'held back until
the books come from the Bindery. The Bindery is experimenting
with non-sewn binding for paperback books which may affect
this problem.
Loans from Departmental Reading Rooms
Requests for loans from departmental reading rooms
should be placed through the Loan Desk.
Manuscripts in Books
Books with manuscripts, stamps, or other possibly
valuable material laid in, should be sent to the Librarian's
Office for decision about handling. 3.
Annual Report
Mr, Harlow suggested that for future annual reports
the division heads submit separately the lists of activities
of their professional staffs and their equipment needs.
Biomedical Branch Library
At the committee meeting of the Biomedical Branch
Library on October 9 the budget for 1960/61 was presented
and approved.
Mrs. Elly Wisselink, who was appointed Clerk I in
the Cataloging Division on October 15, will be unable to
fulfill her appointment.
Miss Flargaret Piercy as Library Assistant in the
Serials Division on November 21.
AUSTRALIA. Atomic energy commission. Research establishment.
Accession list of books, pamphlets etc. for period
March to April, 1959. Library, July, 1959.
Research establishment. Accession list. Unclassi- .
fied reports. List No.. 72-3. 23rd June - 3rd Aug.,
CALIFORNIA, California state publications; annual listing,
vol. 12, no. 12, January - December, 1958.
Sacramento, 1959.
Compiled by the California State Library.
CANADA, Defence research board. Directorate of scientific
information service. Documents Digest, vol,14, no.5.
Ottawa, 1959.
GREAT BRITAIN. Atomic energy authority. Development and
engineering group. Bibliography on plutonium buildup in reactors. DEG information series 23 (R).
Risley, 1959. 4.
NEW SOUTH WALES.  Department of technical education. Handbook
1959 session; details of courses and general
information. Sydney, 1959.
NORTHERN RHODESIA, Government printer. List of publications,
Lusaka, 1959.
Supplement to the Northern Rhodesia government
gazette, 26th June 1959.
RHODESIA & NYASALAND, Federal information department.
Catalogue of official publications. Salisbury, 1959.
WASHINGTON. Superintendent of public instruction. Elementary-
junior-senior high school library reading list.
Olympia, 1959.


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