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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 30, 1962

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October 30, 19^2* No. 279
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and Other Hatters of Interest to the
University of British Columbia Library Staff
PresentJ AMS, GOT, JQ*R, AL, EBM, JS, TKtf, SR, EH, BSS, IB, MD, EW,
JR. u
Faculty Bibliography
Miss Smith announced that the contract for printing the
1961/62 bibliography of faculty publications has been awarded to the
Morriss Printing Company of Victoria. The bibliography is scheduled
to appear in December.
School of Librarianship Colloquium
Mr. Willard Ireland, Provincial Librarian and Provincial
Archivist of British Columbia, will speak on the work of the Glassco
Commission (The Royal Commission on Government Organization) at the
School of librarianship Colloquium on Friday, November 2, at 10:30 a.m.
Report of the Committee on the Agenda
The Committee on the Agenda (Miss Mercer, Mr. Bell, and MLss
Smith, Chairman) presented their proposals for the agenda, organization
and conduct of the weekly Division Heads meetings. After discussion of
the Report, Mr. Ranz suggested that he meet with the Committee to
consider the various suggestions offered by the group and that the
report be submitted in final form to the Heads at a later meeting.
Senate Library Committee Meeting
The Senate Library Committee held its first meeting of the
1962/63 academic year on Monday, October 29. The Chairman, Dr. Cowan,
reviewed the terms of reference of the Committee and briefly described
its work during the past decade. He noted that the present membership
of the Committee is no longer representative of the Faculties and that,
accordingly, the Committee's capacity to serve as a liaison between
the Library and the various academic units on campus was impaired. It
was suggested that this function might be served by periodic meetings
of selected members of the Library staff with the Library contact men.
The Committee approved the idea and asked Mr. Ranz to inform the
academic deans of the plan. The Committee also discussed several
matters of library policy which might well receive attention in future
Miss Ronna Lee Pelman as Clerk I in Fine Arts, effective
October 31, 1962.
12 13
Miss Ann Elizabeth Jenkins as Library Assistant oh an hourly
basis in the Biomedical library, effective October 30, 1962.
Mrs. Haruko Mitchell as Clerk I in Fine Arts, effective
October 31, l%2,	
Graphic Arts Course
This course is to be given by Mr. Louis Greriby on Wednesday
evenings at 7 p.m. in Room 862 of the Library, starting November 7, 1962.
Any member of the Library staff who is interested in this course can
enroll the night of the first meeting and pay fee at that time.
Attention Staff
Books selected for exchange, and another group selected for
discard are displayed on floor 3. Staff may examine them until
November 9.


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