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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 24, 1953

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 No. 32
TUESDAY, MARCH 24, 1953, at 10 a.m.
present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning,
Miss Mercer, Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
~~   ~~  In the Minutes of the meeting of March 17, on p. 2,
the middle of the last paragraph should read: "Miss Lanning suggested that, since all the material at present involved will be moved
into the new stack area, these sets be put in their normal places
and that some reading tables be provided where the books can be
The problem of keeping this material so that it will
always be available was further,, considered. Miss Smith and
Miss Fraser believe it should be available anywhere in the building,
not only in the stacks.  It was suggested that it be charged out to
a particular place in the building (e.g., the Bio-Medical Reading
Room: but it appears that the BMRR does not have adequate space and
that there are times when no staff member is present there).
There is advantage in having its use restricted to a particular
place where it can be located readily, since, in the stackroom,
there may be difficulty in tracking it down upon request. Material
used by persons assigned to carrels is usually charged out to them
there, but this is not necessarily the case in relation to the
incidental use of periodicals.  It was agreed that, on a trial
basis, the non-circulating sets would be shelved as a unit alongside
the other sets, primarily for stack use but also available upon call
for supervised library use.
Unfortunately, an insufficient number of copies of the
third number of "NOTES" was mimeographed to circulate to the library
staff, but typed copies will be distributed as soon as possible.
It has been found that faculty members often refer to information
in "NOTES" in telephoning or visiting the Library as soon as they
receive their copies, Mr. Harlow would like to have all library
staff see the issues as soon as they appear.
The "NOTES" are issued as one means to develop on the
campus an increasing consciousness of the Library as a vital and
cumulating force in the University's make-up and to give it a
distinctive personality among faculty members. In the Library
Journal of March, 1953, (p. 522) an article on "The University
Library and Its 'Community'" discusses the importance of this type
of program on the campus:
"If a university librar}/- is efficiently organized and administered
and is well staffed, it may^be said to have met most of the
requirements necessary before good service can be offered to its
public. But it must also have 'character' and 'personality' (some of
which it derives from the quality and types of service offered).
It should create an understanding of what services it can offer, and "then proceed to make these services indispensable.  As the appreciation of the Library's resources and services spreads, the library
may well become indispensable in the minds of those it serves."
The difficulties in relation to the acquisition of UN
publications from the Ryerson Press are chiefly of concern to Acquisitions and Reference, but they will be of interest to other
divisions. Manyrdiscrepancies in shipping and billing occur, and a
careful.checking^invoices and a complicated bookkeeping procedure
has been necessary.  Henceforth the checking of invoices will be
done by Reference, where the documents are received, and corrections
will be made on the carbon copy of the invoice. Mr. Harlow has
asked Ryerson to send clear second copies so that this can be readily
done.  From the annotated copy of the invoice, Acquisitions will make
up a statement showing the amounts the Library actually owes, and a
copy of this statement will be sent to Ryerson and to the Purchasing
Agent with the invoices.  The Purchasing Agent has agreed to pay only
the amounts shown by the Library in the statement.,  Until Ryerson
service is straightened out, this will avoid the necessity of much
correspondence and delay in dealing with the Press.
Mr. Harlow has discussed with Miss Jefferd the method to
be followed in making the changes consequent upon the Library's
following the "W" medical classification.  In order not to have
Cataloguing try to handle all the "R" back files, and to avoid a
shelving crisis, the following procedure has been agreed upon:
For the time being, only those titles will be reclassified for
which new volumes come from the Bindery. The new volumes will be
processed in the normal manner and the "W" classification numbers
will be entered at the back of the volume and be lettered on the
spine.  At this same time the catalogue cards will be altered to
show the new classification number for the whole file, and the new
volumes will be added as usual.  Neither the call number on the
spine nor in the back of the volume will be changed on the part of
the file which is already classified in "R"; this work will be
postponed till a more convenient time.  In order to refer the user
from the volumes on the shelves classified under "W" a block will be
provided referring to the remainder of the file still classified
in »R», and a block will also be placed with the portion of the file
in "R", referring to the additional volumes in the "W" classification.  Changing the classification numbers on the volumes in "R"
will be taken care of gradually as staff time is available.
Miss Jefferd will keep a file of cards indicating the back files for
which the numbers have to be changed.
Student help has been engaged to assist in lettering the accumulated
medical material, and a rubber stamp will be used to mark the blocks
referring from one classification to the other. SIMPLIFIED CATALOGUING, FILING
Mr. Harlow read a note telling about the refiling of the
public catalogue at UCLA in a strictly alphabetical arrangement
(except that personal names are filed first). New simplified rules
of descriptive cataloguing have also been adopted.  A change of
considerable interest is that of making Acquisitions responsible for
establishing personal and some corporate entries, thus avoiding
duplication of checking in Cataloguing.  Such developments in other
institutions should be watched by us since they may suggest new
procedures of value here.
Reference believes that combining the Serials and Day Use
call forms in one slip will create difficulties. Users are likely to
give author and title of articles instead of title of volumes in
which the articles are found. Mr. Harlow asked the Division Heads
concerned to draft call slips for the three uses (Home Use, Library
Use, and Serials, the latter to be used for bound or unbound
material for library or home use) and said he would welcome suggestions for information to be printed on the back of the slips.  He
asked to have the drafts by next Tuesday.
According to the University Calendar, Good Friday, April 3
and Saturday, April 4 are holidays for the University. This means
that everyone on the staff will work 28 hours during the week of
March 30-April 4.
Miss Mercer said that some of her staff are working many
hours of overtime in order to get the end-of-the-year business
cleared up.  The Librarian said that overtime of this kind, worked
at the request of the Division Head, may be compensated with
equivalent time off.  There is no normal provision for overtime
compensation, since there is no expectation that it will be required
for non-professional staff, and some extra effort is to be expected
of professional people.
A propos of this it was mentioned that personnel in other
libraries sometimes refuse to attend professional meetings in their
own time, and Mr. Harlow said that this attitude might be used to
justify the charge that many librarians do not have a professional
outlook and interests.  At UBC we are looking for librarians who are
interested in a career in university library work,in one. or several
of its varied aspects, and-we may have somewhat different standards
than other institutions.  This policy may provide one of the
attractions or represent one of the disadvantages of being a member
of the UBC Library staff, depending upon the individual point of
view. 4
The stack installation is proceeding with remarkably little
noise, and it is believed that the "QUIET" campaign may start at any
time.  "Quiet for Study" cards to be placed on the tables will be
printed by Extension, and Reference will arrange a display in one of
the small display cases.  The campaign will start, full blast, on
April 6 (Monday after Easter).
This is proceeding very well, and student help has been
engaged to assist in moving the books into completed sections.
Mr. De Wolfe has spoken to Mr. Harlow regarding the
meetings of this Committee, has. supplied Minutes of one meeting and
will provide Minutes of another shortly.  He plans a meeting soon to
which Mr. Bell, the Library representative, will be invited.
The Minutes the Librarian has received indicate that the students
have discussed several matters of interest and have shown a reasonable-
attitude. They want to take up with the Librarian the question of
establishing a Library School here.
Miss Lanning showed the Librarian a badly misused copy of
the play '"Shadow and Substance" which had been taken from the stack
without being charged out and heavily marked in ink by the user.
The name of one of the cast in the Spring Play was written on the
cover.  The Librarian said that he would investigate the matter of
having the book replaced by the individual or the Players' Club.
The meeting adjourned at 12:15 noon. 1-.
At a meeting of Miss Mercer and Miss Smith, March 27, 1953 in the Reference
Office, the following detailed arrangements were made:
1. The original invoice (Copy 1) goes to Acquisitions unmarked.
2. Copy 2 of the invoice is marked by Reference as follows*'
No marks on the right hand side unless the whole invoice
is correct. If so, mark O.K., initial and date in blank
space in lower right hand corner.
3. On left hand side, Reference will mark opposite each entry neatly
Y  for receipt
not received  or
not ordered, being returned
Anything more involved should be written on a slip, giving full explanatioa,
dated,'..-<-jm4 initialled and clipped to the invoice concerned.
4. Reference is responsible for returning all items received but not ordered*


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