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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jul 8, 1952

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TUESDAY, JULY g, 1952, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr* &arlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning,
Miss Mereer, Mr. tanning, Miss Fugler*
A recent visitor t© the University wa# Mr* Lester
McLennan, a graduate of UBC in the Glass of 1922, who has sent
many gifts to the Library during the last few years. ©n this
©eeassioa he presented to the Library a very handsome and valuable
work, a 2-volume History ©f the University of Oxf©rd, beautifully
b©uad and illustrated, as well as other material, and the
Division Heads had an opportunity to examine the history; it will
be exhibited in the Sedgewick Room case* He also discussed with
the Librarian the possibility of establishing a Library Friends
group as a means of securing outside aid in developing the Library's
Mr* Alban Winspear has presented to the University two
volumes of classics which are just off the press, a section ©f which
he has translated and edited*
Samples of "flush" binding, much cheaper to produce than
regular binding and suitable for paper backed books, catalogs,
some government publications, pamphlets, etc., has been turned out
by the Bindery, and samples were examined by the Division heads*
After some consideration of its various uses, it was agreed that
decisions relating to binding types would be left to Mr* Lanning.
The cost of lettering adds greatly to the cost of binding (more
than doubling the cost of flush binding), and material put into
flush binding will not be gold stamped in the Bindery.
Because flush binding often calls for the removal of the
back cover of paper-back material, it is necessary to record in
some other plaee the call number and accession information now placed
there by the processing divisions. It was therefore decided that
for unbound material this information would be placed on the last
page of text.
It is intended to have n© unbound material stand on the
Library shelves, and with the present Bindery facilities it is
expected that this state can be reached within a reasonable time*
During the month of June, when more than a week was spent in the
Bindery installing and learning how to operate the new sewing machine
and teaching the new sewing method, 53© volumes were finished, s©
that the ©utl©©k for a good flow of work from the Bindery is very
In reply to an inquiry from Miss Jefferd, Mr, Harlow said
that he had received no more specific information about the date
of publication of the new Library of Congress nRfl Classification for
Medieine, but that as soon as it does appear he has been promised an expert appraisal of it in comparison with the existing Army Medical
«W« Classification* The "R" schedule is said to be "in press".
©ccasioaally a do©r which has been lecked by the Library
staff at closing time is fcuad unlocked la the moraiag^ aad it is
presumed that the maiateaaae© staff wh© g© thr©ugh the buildiag
sometimes fail to relock doors. Mr* Harlow will call this t© the
attention of the Superiateadeat of Buildings aad Grouads*
Mr* Harlow said that members ©f the permanent staff may,
with the knowledge aad permissioa ©f their Divisioa heads use$
library typewriters for iacideatal perseaal work, after hours^
but that this use sheuld aot be extended t© iaclude work d©ae f©r
others for which paymeat is received.
Members of the permaaeat staff wh© wish t© remaia ia the
Library after hours may do so with the kaewledge and permissioa
©f their iivisiea heads* Pr©fessi©aal staff wh© may wish t© enter
the building after it is clcsed sheuld make arrangements with their
Division heads and secure a key lathe Librariaa's office to the
main basement deer; before leaving the building, the key should be
placed in an envelope and left under the door in Room B.
This will be celebrated ia October, and the Community
Arts Council of Vancouver Is making plans a©w f©r a week--loag
program and for radi© and press publicity aad displays* Mr. Harlow
is a member of a committee werkiag ©a the project*
Mr* Harlow hopes t® have pregrams of readiags ia the
Sedgewick Room duriag the Summer aad Fall sessioas, aadseveral
possibilities for talks aad readings were discussed*
Some months ago an informal committee (including the
Librarian) met to consider the desirability aad feasibility ©f setting
up a publishing pr©gram. Last week, Mr* August Fruge, Maaager of
the Uaiversity ©f Galiforaia Press, visited the University and met
a few ©f the administrative ©ffieers conceraed with this matter.
His experieace aad the advice he was able t© give the meetiag have
been ©f great assistance, aad it is new planned that the University
will experiment with several publications series* No attempt to
issue a regular periodical will be made, anf undertaking of this kind demanding an assured, continuing supply of appropriate material;
but the serial publication of suitable material too long for
ordinary periodical use and yet act ©f book length is contemplated*
Publication will be subsidized by the University and the papers
will be distributed by exchange through the Library. The Editorial
Committee will select and edit material, the work of selection
being of prime importance in a scholarly publishing program.
A good deal of interest is expected among the faculty when it is
known that material of the kind s©ught can be published within a
reasenable time. The project will previde a needed basis for an
exchange pregram for the University Library.
Mr. Harlow announced to the division heads the ameunt of
money available in the current budget for student assistants.
He also said that it is important that he have knowledge of all
requests for student assistants which go to the Personnel ©ffiee*
He needs to have complete information about matters pertaining to
staff in order t© deal properly with the Personnel office*
The clerical group of the Library staff has an established
salary scale, but no such scale has to date been agreed upon for the
professional staff. The Librarian is seeking to raise the existing
level for professional librarians before establishing such a scale.
Recently the professional group has asked the Labour Relations
Beard to release them from the Union agreement, and while no
official reply has been received, the Union has represented only
the clerical staff in recent negotiations* Salaries for professional
librarians and Library Assistants have been agreed upon by
discussions between the Librarian and the University Administration.
For the clerical group, the University aad Union have
agreed that clerical persoaael will receive the aermal step ia the
established scale ($6© a year), the consolidation of the basic salary
and cost-©f-living bonus, and an additional increase of &% ©f this
total figure, effective July 1, 1952*
For the professi©nal staff the Librarian has not asked
this year for the approval of a fixed salary scale (as explained
earlier) but for specific salaries for each individual. These
salary figures are, however, based upoa a tentative scale which he
hopes to expand and to have adopted next year* Last year*s figures
for the four professional categories and those agreed upoa for
1952/53 (effective July 1, 1952) are compared below:
1951/52 1952/53
$2574-2916 Jr. Librarian/L-1 #280Q-$3100 ($100 steps)
2796-3Q96 Sr. Librarian/L-2 3100-340©
3©16-331© 1st AssH./L-3 3400-4000
3816- Div. Head/L-4 4041-
Professioaal staff with 1 year's service will receive $2800 this year; 4
those with 2 years' serviee, $290©; etc
In the discussions regarding the professional staff, it
was emphasized that library personnel, now that their salaries are
being compared with those of faculty, must also be of comparable
caliber and ©f serious purpose*
Mr. Harlow is investigating the matter of the staff's
relationship to the University retirement plan, and will present
his findings, with recommendations, to the staff shortly.
All serials will henceforth have volume number instead
of year represented ia the call number (unless the series is
identified only by year), ©n the spine of the volume, year and
volume will continue to be given.
The "library has" card was considered very carefully, in
relation to the new numbering. Formerly this data has been^jarranged
with the yearly record of holdings given first, followed by the
volume numbering; heneeforth volumes will be given first, and the
yearly reeord afterwards. In the public catal©g, if the information
on the "library has" card is brief, it will be revised t© conform
with the new system at the time additions are made. If the
recorded information is of more than a few lines in length, the new
system will be begun below, without altering the existing data.
No project to revise "library has" cards will be undertaken.
It was also discussed whether the record in the public
cataleg might ©mit the "library has" information, aad just give
inclusive dates and volume numbers, ending with a dash and indication
that the title is being received "t© date." Siace the workability
of this system weuld depend upon having all binding up t© date,
it was agreed that time was not yet ripe for such a change*
At present the chang%jr©u3^felieve the Catal©g Divisi©n of a
considerable load %sA *turn a new responsibility for ascertaining
what material is bound and available for use over to Loan and
The desirability of having the call number always in the
same precise position on the spine ©f a book was examined*
Miss Lanning said that it would not matter to her division whether
the number was always in the same place. On some books, part of
the spine would have to be painted out to accommodate the call
number in the proposed position, and since the spines of many books
are variously marked and decorated, the uniformity of line thus
achieved would be at the cost of other aspects of good appearance.
It was agreed, during the discussion, that the call number should
always occupy at least tw© lines. In some existing cases it is ©n one line, and this practice is to be discontinued. This question ©f
l©eation of the call number was reserved for further consideration.
The use of the "diagonal" to distinguish fiscal year from
calendar year, which the Bindery proposes t© discontinue, was also in
discussion, and was left for consideration at another time*
One or two faculty members come to ask for books which they
have been informed are in the Library and are disturbed when the books
are not available. It appears that in some cases the advice slips have
been held by the faculty member for several weeks and the books have gone
out on loan in that interval. Bo@ks cann©t be side-traeked f©r an
indefinite time after advice slips for them have gone out, and Mr. Harlot
suggested that in case ©f difficulty ia this matter the faculty member
should be referred t© him. Every advice slip;should be stamped "B©GK
RECE ST" and be stamped the day of mailing*
Summer Session has commenced and fines are beginning to
accumulate. Circulation was authorized by the Librarian to send bills,
following the procedure set up during the fall term*
The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.


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