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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Feb 6, 1962

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February to, iyba. No. 262
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  SR, RJL, BSS, IB, GGT, AMS, NTK, JO'R, MD, AL, JS,
EH, EBM, DF, and HM.
Dr. Rothstein introduced Miss Sheila Egoff, the
newest member of the faculty of the School of
Correction to Minutes #26l
p. 39. The telephone number for night calls to the
Loan Desk is CAstle 4-1142, not CAstle 4 1124.
Information Desk
Last week, students of the School of Librarianship
spent an hour each as observers at the Information Desk.
Reports indicate that there were enough questions received
at the Desk to give students a fair Idea of the nature of
the work. The presence of the Library School students did
not appear to pose any particular difficulty for the staff.
Division Heads felt that the Information Desk should
not be moved into the circulation area as it might be confused
with the Loan Desk operations. A better plan might be to move
the call slip table towards the stairs (north side) and put
the Information Desk in the space created, so that it would
be out of the main line of traffic yet still conspicuous.
The "Bibliography of Reference Books in English
Literature", compiled by I. B. Bell, Joan Selby and Elizabeth
Vogel, has been printed and is obtainable at the Bookstore
for 50c^. This is used in connection with the library lectures
now in progress for students of English 200.
It has been discovered that a large number of Education
journals are being deliberately misshelved in the stacks by
students who wish to keep them for their own use.  It appears
that the blame may be with lower year students who are permitted
into the bookstacks in the evenings.  Dr. Rothstein will take
up the matter with Dr. Katz.
42 ■ .  43
Canadian Library Association
Election ballots for membership on the Council of
the Canadian Library Association have been circulated.
Mr. G. G. Turner, head of the Catalogue Division, is one of
the candidates.
Mr. H. J. Arsenault, field librarian of the Dominion
Department of Agriculture', visited the Library and the School
in conjunction with his visit to the Agriculture Library located
on the U.B.C. campus.
The following librarians will be visiting the School
of Librarianship to conduct interviews with students and to
give lectures:
Mr. Harry Campbell, Toronto Public Library. The topic
of his address to the students was International Bibliography
and Documentation.
Mr. F. J. White, Librarian of the Vancouver Island
Regional Library. He will discuss the work of regional libraries.
Mr. Brian Land, Assistant Chief Librarian, University
of TovonTb.    He will speak to students about the Institute
of Professional Librarians of Ontario.
Mr. Morton Coburn, Edmonton Public Library.
Mr. Robert Davison, Public Library Commission.
Mr. Bruce Peel, University of Alberta Library.
Exhibition of French Periodicals
An exhibition of French periodicals is now on display
in Buchanan 112 under the sponsorship of the Alliance Francaise.
The display is entitled "A Mirror of Contemporary France...
Exposition of French Periodicals" and contains approximately
350 items in many fields.
Department of Building and Grounds
Under a new plan for campus maintenance, the Department
of Buildings and Grounds has detailed three "Maintenance
Liaison Inspectors" who will be responsible for inspecting
and reporting on the buildings in specified areas.
Mr. T. Holness, who has served the Library so well In the
past, is to be the inspector covering the Library. 44
Coat Racks
Several requests have been made to install coat racks
or hooks for coats in the reading rooms, carrells and faculty
studies. Mr. Stuart-Stubbs will ascertain how many of these
will be needed and request an estimate of the cost of Installing
from Buildings & Grounds.
Division Report - No. 13, Asian Studies Division, Miss Tung King Ng
The Division came into existence in December, i960.  It
contains about 80,000 volumes, of which 65,000 are in Chinese,
8,000 in Japanese, a few in Korean and the rest (the original
Institute of Pacific Relations Collection) in the Western
languages.  In the Chinese section the P'u-pan (Macao) Collection numbers some 45,000 volumes, including 320 very rare
books published between the 12th and 17th centuries.  The
Division currently receives 13 Chinese and 40 Japanese periodicals. Both the Chinese and Japanese Collections are
comprehensive in range of subjects but are strongest in history
and the social sciences. The I.P.R. Collection is shelved in
the Division temporarilfjp^.as soon as it is catalogued it will
be moved to the main stacks,*;
Because of th^e language problem, books in Chinese and
Japanese must be catalogued and ordered by our staff. The
Asian Studies therefore1 Is primarily a language rather than a
subject division. In all branches of work involved, we try to
follow the rules and methods now in use in the Library and solve
the language problem by jjiejans; of romanization. We work in close
association with other ;Dlvisibns, especially Acquisitions,
Cataloguing and Serials'.
The work of acquisition and cataloguing takes up most
of our time. Within tlje past ;13 months, 1,200 titles have been
catalogued and approximately 1,600 titles ordered. For each
book catalogued, two se,ts of cards are prepared; the one with
the romanized headings -goe^-to the Main Catalogue while the
other with vernacular headings remains in the Author and Title
Catalogue in the Division. With the help of the Bindery, problems of binding contemporary^materials have been solved, and
the first group of 430 volumes has been prepared and sent to
the Bindery. We have, however, still to find effective measures
for binding materials in the traditional Chinese style.
Lists of periodicals in Chinese and Japanese have
been made with titles that appear on the title page,;in English
if any, and in the romanized form. A list of 130 reels of
microfilms for 156 titles of Chinese rare books has also been
prepared. ■  .45
With an addition of an assistant on the staff, the
hours of service has been increased since last October. The
Division is now open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The Asian Studies Library is probably the largest and
most active of the three sizable Oriental Collections in Canada.
With the combined effort of Dr. Ping-ti Ho, Dr. Yi-t'ung Wang
and Dr. R. Dore, of the Department of Asian Studies, it has
been carefully developed to its present significance. We look
forward to continuing this growth in both quantity and quality.
The meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon


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