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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 21, 1961

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March 21, 1961.  No. 23b
Present:  NH, SR, RJL, IB, BSS, GGT, AMS, NTK, JO'R, MD, DF, E
EBM, JS, ML, EC, AB, and HM.
IPR Library
Books in the collection received from the Institute
of Pacific Relations while still uncataloged, are available
to interested persons who locate materials of interest on
the shelves and sign a call slip for them. They are charged
out at the Loan Desk and the slips are then filed in the
Asian Studies Division.
"Career Day"
Dr, Rothstein reported that the Career Day held at
the Vancouver Public Library on March 8 was successful.
There was a good turn out, the group consisting of high
school counsellors and school librarians. Although the
group was limited to two from each school, about 100 people
attended. Tea was served and afterwards Mr. Jordan, Miss Taylor,
and Dr. Rothstein spoke on librarianship as a career. Dr.
Rothstein also reported on the new Library School being opened
at U.B.C. this fall.
The next day the BCLA arranged interviews at the
Personnel Office on campus for university students interested
in librarianship. Dr. Rothstein and Miss Sing interviewed
13 or 14 prospective candidates, some of whom appeared to be
very favorable.
Dr. Rothstein suggested that the employment In the
Library of interested students during the summer months would
be an excellent means of introducing them to librarianship;
and it was proposed that the extra employees who do join the
staff during the summer period be given special attention
with this object In view. Dr. Rothstein also suggested that
interested students might be invited to take part in ah
orientation program at the end of the spring term each year,
the program to be organized by the Library School, with
Library staff participating.
Easter Holiday
The University will be closed from Friday, March 31,
to Monday, April 3,   inclusive, for the Easter holiday.
55 55
Late Closing of the Library prior to Examinations
From Monday, March 27, 1961, through Friday,
April 14, the Library (including the College Library) will
remain open until 11:00 p.m., Mondays through Fridays —
except that the Ridington, Sedgewick and Fine Arts rooms
and special Collections will close at 10:00 p.m. The work
area and turnstile in the Science Division will close at
10:00 p.m., but the reading room will be open. The bookstack
will remain open, with access only at the Loan Desk, but books
will not be charged out after 10:00 p.m.
The Saturday hours will remain the same — 8:00 a.m.
to 5:00 p.m.
The Sunday hours in the College Library will also
remain the same -- 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Government Documents
A discussion arose over the lending of bound and
unbound government publications, and the subject divisions
were asked to make a proposal at a future meeting, in consultation with Mr. Turner and other interested parties.
Personal Cleanliness
There have been reports that all student assistants
have not been giving proper attention to personal cleanliness
(i.e. too infrequent baths) which has aroused criticism in
close quarters. Division Heads were asked to remind student
assistants at the time of hiring that they are expected to
wash regularly and to wear clean clothes as part of the
employment contract.
Staff Room Access
It is necessary to limit the use of the Staff Room
to full-time permanent members of the Library staff. The
facilities do not permit access to student assistants,
except that students who work four hours on the evening
shift may make use of the room during that period.
University Publications Committee
A new University Publications Committee has been set
up (Dean Neil Perry, Chairman) to establish policy and give
direction to the University's publication program. The former
Editorial Committee (of which Mr. Harlow is chairman this year)
will be a sub-committee to review and pass upon manuscripts.
The Immediate purpose is to coordinate the production work
of the two major journals, Canadian Literature and Pacific
Affairs and to provide joint financial support. A new office 517
will be in charge of Miss Mary Healy, formerly with Professor
Holland in the Institute of Pacific Relations In New York.
A new "publications centre" will bhus be established which
may be a new step toward the establishment of a University
Mr. August Fruge, Director of the University of
California Press, was on campus for two days interviewing
members of the faculty who have writings in process, and was
asked to meet with the new Committee for discussion.  A
number of books by U.B.C faculty have been published by the
U.C. Press in recent months (by Dore, LaPonce, Stankiewicz,
Acquisitions Catalogues
Miss Mercer asked what disposition should be made of
the file of "Paper Bound Books in Print" which has been
accumulating in Acquisitions, and it was agreed that It should
be shelved by the Serials Division.  "Textbooks in Print"
would be offered to the Curriculum Laboratory.
College Library
Back files of The Expllcator are being moved from
the Humanities Division to the College Library and will be
shelved back of the desk to keep them from being taken. Miss
Cock reported that several of the current issues have already
been taken by students.
Examination papers for 1st and 2nd year courses are
now being placed upon the College Library shelves for
student use.
Notes and Memoranda
Notes and memoranda which pass from one person or
desk to another should always be signed clearly by tne writer
and be initialed or otherwise checked by the addressee before
being passed along or returned.
Mrs. Jane Szepesi, as Library Assistant in the
Acquisitions Division on March 16.
The meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon


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