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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Aug 14, 1956

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N  U
August 14, 1956. No. 133
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Librae Staff
Present: NH, AMS, MIL, RJL, EBM, FIAA, EF, Firs. Tucker and Mr. Bell.
Dr. Rothstein was absent on holiday.
Minutes No, 132
P, 1, par, 2. Add: "Miss Smith will make decisions regarding reference books."
P. 3, par, 1,line 5: "Three of the 47 missing from
Sedgewick up to last year have been returned...."
Identification Cards
The 1956/57 identification cards are in hand: yellow for
faculty and grey for other categories.
Friends of the Library
Invitations are being printed for the meeting on  September 7, 1956, at which Dr. N. J. L. Myres, Librarian of the
Bodleian Library, Oxford, will speak on "Libraries and the Advancement of Learning." Letters are now being written to the persons
who are being asked to act as Councillors of the Friends of the
Library, and it is expected that the organization will be
inaugurated at this meeting.
Annual Report
Mr. Harlow reminded Division Heads that he xrould like to
have their annual reports by the end of September at latest.
Fir, Bell and Mrs. Tucker reported upon the observations
which they made of mending operations being carried on in the
University of Washington Library. Washington does not have a
bindery, and its mending operations are therefore extended be3?"ond
those which would be required here.
Following is Mr. Bell's report, with comments:
"Pamphlets, In the main library pamphlets are not stapled
or put in" Gaylord binders.  Stapled pamphlets are thought to be
flimsy, and binding with their own boards less expensive than with
Gaylord binders. In the main library the process for covering
pamphlets is about halfway between 'our flush and plush flush. 3
There are three types of pamphlet covering, two requiring hand
sewing and one requiring the application to the pamphlet of a super.
Another type of light binding practised at Washington is the light
covering of an incomplete periodical volume with padding compound
and cheap Davy board.
"The music library, unlike the main library, both staples
pamphlets and uses Gaylord binders.  The music librae finds'this
practice completely satisfactory.  Unlike U.B.C, the music library
pastes the reinforcement strip in the Gaylord binder to the .
pamphlet. We were shown many examples of Gaylord covers which had
undergone heavy usage without the contents coming out or becoming
"Flending. The Universitjr of Washington Flendery has a fluctuating staff; at present it numbers three. Flany repair processes
are carried on, from light mending to hand binding.  During our
stay we observed most of the light mending processes.  The light
mending processes undertaken at Washington are:
1. Putting on a back strip.  This requires the application of
a new super and would probably not be done at U.B.C,
except perhaps in the case of books to be kept in use while
being replaced.
2. Backing books with tornvor worn backs but otherwise in
good shape.
3. Repairing loose spines.
4. Putting reinforcement strips on the inside of the cover at
the hinge.
5. Tipping in pages. This is done with Magic-Mend, a white
liquid adhesive or some similar brand such as the
Dab-N-Stick we recently started using.
6. Repairing torn pages.  Done at Washington with Flagic-Mend,
Scotch Permanent Mending Tape or Dull-Seal, a more expensive
7. Quick repair of ragged corners.
Crumpled pages are straightened and strengthened at 'Washington
with Dull-Seal or Nylon Chiffon.  It is probably a process
that should be done here by the binder,
"Lettering. Lettering is done in the University of Washington
catalogue division with an electric stylus and with fountain pens.
The stylus marking gives the book a nice appearance but seems to
have no advantages over the marking done with the new type ink.
"A lettering machine is used in the Mendery at Washington.
It again gives the book a nice appearance but has the disadvantage
of requiring a flat surface. Marking is done on vellum or buckram 3
and this is pasted on the back of the book.
"A plastic spray is used to cover the spine markings of all
"Typewritten author and title labels are not used on pamphlets
at the University of Washington.  The covers of the pamphlets'-are
cut off and front cover pasted on the photomount board cover."
A microfilm copy of the University of Washington manual
of mending is being made and will be sent to U.B.C as soon as it
is ready. The visitors also spent a couple of hours in the
order department getting prices and sources of supply of mending
Mr. Bell suggested that mending here should be scheduled
for a definite time each day, and that it should be done in one
location, not in several Divisions and under varying supervision.
We do not now  have special staff for mending, and at present
space is not available for large-scale' operations.  It is proposed
that at the present mending be centralized in a space in the
Reserve Book Room, directly under Firs. Tucker's supervision.
Selection of material will be done in the Loan and other Divisions,
and each volume will include a note indicating the kind of mending
required and whether it is a permanent or expendable item.
The Flending Committee will meet to adapt Washington mending practices to our needs here.
Reserve Book Room at University of Washington
The operation of the Reserve Book Room was also noted b3/f
the visitors. Overnight reserves are not provided for at the
U. of Washington, such as we do here. The procedure was adopted
at U.B.C. in order to eliminate the long lines of students waiting
to take books out at the end of the day, particularly on Friday for
week-end use. We must work out a means to notify students when
books due at check-out time are returned so that they do not stand
at the desk and interfere with other business.
Mr, Harlow thanked Firs. Tucker and Fir, Bell for their
visit and report.
End of Summer Session
Mr. Harlow has received a letter from Fir. Alec Burns,
President of the Summer Session Association, thanking the Library
for its services to the students, particularly in giving stack
access to students in the lower drears.
Deposit Accounts
Fir. Harlow asked for information about all deposit
accounts not already reported to him. A list of such accounts must
be provided annually for the benefit of the auditors. nj
Victoria Summer School Library
With the establishment of the College of Education at
the University, the Summer School in Victoria ceases to exist,
and Dr. Johnson and a representative of Victoria College went
through the Victoria Summer School Library, dividing the useful
material between the College and the U.B.C. Library. Books pertaining to 3rd and 4th year courses will be sent to Vancouver,
Additional Grant to Ko.erner/Rose Fund
In honor of the 71st birthday of Dr. William Rose, a
further grant of $2500 has been made by Fir. Walter Koerner to the
credit of the Koerner/Rose fund for library material in the field
of Slavonic Studies.
Binding Schedule
A binding schedule for 1956/57 has been drawn up and will
be published in next week's Fiinutes.
Fir. Albert Lake, a U.B.C graduate who is now Librarian
of the Riverside City and County Library in Southern California,
visited the Librae this week. Fliss Elizabeth Dafoe, Librarian of
the University of Flanitoba, also paid a very brief visit.
To Discuss at Next Fleeting
Fir. Harlow asked the Division Heads to be prepared to
renew discussions of the steps to be taken toward setting up a
central serials record,
Fliss Smith inquired whether the freshman instruction
program for this autumn should take these proposed changes into
account, and it was decided that until the changes are actually
worked out, it will not be possible to describe the new system
very fully.
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon,
Fliss Anne Clayton arrived in Vancouver from England on
August 10 and started work as Librarian I in the Reference Division
the following day.
Mrs. Margaret Little will be appointed Librarian II in the
Catalogue Division, commencing on 1 September.
Fliss Nancy Macdonald will join the Reference staff as
Librarian I on September 1, and Fliss Betty Vogel will being work,
also as Librarian I, in the same Division about 10 September. T^cT
Miss Denise Peterson and Fliss Patricia Brooke will be promoted
to Library Assistant positions in the Circulation Division on
17 September, replacing Mrs._ Mary Blakstad and Miss Carol Hall,
both of whom are resigning on" 15 September,
Miss Valerie Skinner has joined the Reference Division as
Stenographer II.
Firs. Marian Nagle will become Stenographer II in the Bio-
iedicaT Library on I" October, 1956,
Fliss Fiarguerite Stanlow has been appointed Clerk I in the
Circulation Division, to commence on 17 September.
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recent acquisitions. No. 1, January 1956.
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annotated bibliography of public relations, by William A.
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United Nations. Analytical bibliography of international migration
statistics 1925-1950. New York," 1955.
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