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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Feb 17, 1959

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M  I  M  U  T  E  S
February 17, ~195C No. 190
Reporting Division Heads Fleetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, AMS, MML, RJL, EBM, FIAT, DF, EF.
BCLA Bursas-Loan Fund
The following letter has been received from the Bursary-
Loan Committee of the British Columbia Library Association:
"We, the BCLA Bursary-Loan committee, have been doing some
research into the value and long term results of our awards. Our
findings have been most encouraging, for among the recipients there
is a co-ordinator in a medical library, a head cataloguer, a children's libra-", ■ a reference librarian, a librarian with the National
Research Council, and certainly a healthy percentage of recipients
are active in the profession today. We concluded our research feeling that th^ Bursary-Loan fund has more than justified its existence
and is a project of which BCLA can be justly proud. By supporting
the fund all members are undoubtedly aiding recruitment in a practical way.
Since we find ourselves at a low ebb financially, and obligated
to the University to grant bursary/loans in 1959, we hope you will
present these facts to the members of your staff and urge them to
contribute as generously as possible. Flight we have all contributions by March 1, and please send them to Miss Theodora Rhodes,
B. C Telephone Co., 768 Seymour St., Vancouver.
Very truly yours,
Flargaret Clay
Shirley Ellison
Bessie Greenwood
Barbara Ann McAlpine
Gwyn Lewis, Chairman
Bursary-Loan Committee BCLA"
Mrs. Barbara Ann McAlpine is the UBC Library representative on this
committee and contributions -may be made to her.
Miss Vera Traff
Fliss Traff, who was severely burned in an accident a little
over a week ago, is making a good recovery. She is in Burnaby
Hospital. 22
Flr. Gallie
Fir. Lanning commended Mr. Gallie for the way in which he
has the building ready for use at opening time in the morning, doors
unlocked promptly and lights on.
Librarian's Annual Report
Another packet of clippings from newspapers has -been
received using a press release about the Librarian's Annual Report;
some are from small communities at considerable distances from
Vancouver. Fir. Harlow said that Miss Vernon Ross, Director of
McGill Library School, stated that she makes the Report required
reading for her students. Dr. Lee Ash, editor of the Library Journal,
was recommending it to librarians at the ALA Flidwinter meeting.
It may be that the Annual Report is worth all of the effort everyone
puts into it I
Mr. Harlow asked whether there are any pass keys to the
building i>- Divisional areas which could be used by unauthorized
persons, and urged Division Heads to make sure that such keys are
secure from use by any but permanent staff.
Use of Reading Rooms at Night
A survey made by the Circulation Division shows that a
large number of students use the Main Reading Room and Reserve Book
Room at 9:30 p.m. (as many as 170 on Flonday evenings). Because of
student and faculty requests consideration will be given to means
of keeping the Library open during the pre-examination period until
11 p.m,, probably from April 1 to 17.
The Librarian reported that the estimated cost of the
present plans exceeds the funds available and three alternates have
been agreed upon for which separate tenders will be asked. One or
more of these will then be omitted if the final cost exceeds the
funds available. A good deal of detail work must be done on the
plans by the Library in the coming weeks. They will be presented to
the Board of Governors shortly, and Mr. Walter Koerner has expressed
his desire that the building be ready for use in September, I960.
Chinese Collection
One hundred and twelve cases of Chinese material (weighing
21,582 lbs.) comprising the P'u Pan collection from Macao are on
the dock in Vancouver, and the customs brokers are clearing the
shipment. They should be delivered to the Library in a few days,
and will be stored in a partitioned space on Level 7. Temporarily,
loans of Chinese material are made to students only after notification from Dr. Y. T. Wang, but the rarity of much of the content of
the collection will call for special care.  Loans will not be made
to extra-mural readers at present. Lr
Librarian's Trip
Fir. Harlow reported some of his activities during his visit
to Chicago and eastern Canadian cities. The Accreditation Committee
of ALA under the chairmanship of Mr. Gitler had a long and concentrated session, dealing chiefly with standards for undergraduate
training programs in teachers colleges. The standards recommended
will not be applied by the ALA, but are intended as a guide for
regional accrediting associations.
Ihe Librarian also attended meetings of the Executive
Board of the ALA which has responsibility for reviewing proposals
and making recommendations to Council, the governing body of the
Association. During the Fiidwinter meeting he was elected to the
Executive Board as a general member for a 4-year term.  As chairman
of a special Committee on Chapter Alternates he presented recommendations to Council that a former constitutional provision allowing
alternates for chapter representatives not be reinstated (thus helping to assure the continuity and responsibility of Council); the
report was accepted by a wide margin. He attended a meeting of the
ALA/CLA Li' 7son Committee, where the chief discussion centred upon
the I960 joint conference to be held in Flontreal.  The proposed
program for UBC's Library School was discussed, with Dr. Asheim, and
Dr. Carnovsky of the Graduate Library School of the University of
Chicago and with Dr. Lancour of the University of Illinois, all of
whom indictced approval of present plans.
In Toronto, the Librarian attended an Executive meeting
of CLA, when the coming conference in Edmonton was among matters
discussed, and visited Fir. Harry Campbell, Chief Librarian of the
Toronto Public Library.  Several hours were spent checking duplicates in the University of Toronto Library. Mr. Harlow reported
that the University of Toronto Library is planning to adopt the
Library of Congress classification scheme, and a substantial part of
the present collection will be recatalogued and reclassified.
The Division Heads expressed their satisfaction that Fir. Ridington
had selected the L.C. scheme for UBC back in 1915.
In Ottawa he visited the NRC library as a member of the
Committee on Scientific Information. The Committee is preparing a
basic list of scientific journals which should be available in the
various regions of Canada.  It will be checked by the Library and by
members of the science departments and a report made in June.
The Committee also discussed the possibility that NRC give support
to libraries in other ways, e.g., by providing conies of Russian
translations which are not readily available everywhere. Fir. Harlow
suggested that NRC might also make grants specifically for library
material, supplementing those made for scientific research.
The research office of the National Conference of
Canadian Universities was also visited. This organization is considering a survey of the research facilities of Canadian university
libraries. Fir. Harlow spoke at a meeting of the Library Association
of Ottawa upon-the acquisition of the Flurray Collection. He learned
that Fir. Lower, former Director of FlcGill Library School, is now at -4-
the University of Ottawa, assisting Father-Morisset to develop an
accredited Library School. Also in Ottawa, the Librarian visited
Mr. Jim Pilton in the Library of the Department of Citizenship and
Immigration, where Miss Flyra Clowes ( also formerly of UBC) is one of
his staff.
The recent explosion in Ottawa did a great deal of damage,
not the least of which is the delay in proceeding with the construction of the new National Library building.  Sensing that the delay
is partially due to government inaction, the Council of CLA will protest this postponement.  After a short visit in the Parliamentary
Library (where, after the fire several years ago, the woodwork was
completely refinished and reinstalled, creating a very handsome
appearance), Mr. Harlow-spent a brief time in the visitors' gallery
of the House of Commons, and later had lunch in the parliamentary
restaurant with Fir. Hardy, the Librarian of Parliament, and Mr. Hamilton, his assistant. A short visit was then paid to the National
Library in its new temporary quarters.
At the Library schools of the University of Toronto and
FlcGill the Librarian interviewed students who might wish to come to
British Col' ,ibia, about eight being interested.  Salaries for beginning librarians are rising to UBC's level in a number of libraries
in the country.
Two and a half welcome days were spent on the train returning to Vancouver.
The meeting adjourned at 12:20 p.m.
Fir. Adolf Bangert returned on February 2 to his former position
as Shipping Clerk in the Acquisitions Division.
Fliss Heather Spears joined the Curriculum Laboratory staff as
Library Assistant on February 16.
Mr. John MacDonald left the Acquisitions Division on January 31.
Mrs. Lois.Warren resigned from her position in the Curriculum
Laboratory on February 14.
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