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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 1, 1961

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September 1,  l'96l. No.  2^1
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  SR, AMS, RJL, JO'R, IB, AL, EBM, GD (for GOT), DP,
JK (for JS), AC (for BSS), and HM.
Miss R. Vainstein, Mr. R. M. Hamilton, and Dr. R. Hagler,
members of the faculty of the School of Librarianship were
present and were introduced to the Division Heads.
The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the ways in
which the School of Librarianship will affect Library services
during the session. The following problems, which may arise,
were discussed:
Student Library Cards
The School of Librarianship opens on Wednesday,
September 6. Students will not formally register (and
receive library cards) until September 14. In this interim
period, they will have temporary library cards.
Requisitions will be filled out and signed by Dr. Rothstein
and by the faculty member requesting the publication. Many
of these will have to be treated as'rush orders". In such
cases, faculty members will themselves search the catalogue
and check the order files. This will reduce work in the
Acquisitions Division and the order can be put through more
Rush Cataloguing
The regular rush cataloguing slios can be used, on
which should be shown the desired destination of the book.
Use of Library Materials
Materials in Library Science for which the School foresees a heavy demand are to be put on reserve in the Upper
Year Reserve Collection. Reserve slips for these should be
made out by faculty members in the usual way and given to
Mr. Bell.
Other materials, used for Illustration in the lectures,
may be put In a special area where the students can refer to
them—perhaps in the Social Sciences balcony. Reference material which is heavily used in the
Divisions will be left in the enclosures and the library
school students will consult them there. There is not space
to keep them on the tables so they will be obtained from the
shelves and returned after use. Reference material in lesser
demand by the Divisions may be located temporarily in the
laboratory of the library school. They will, of course,
continue to be available to the Library staff at any time.
In some instances, it may be necessary to buy additional
copies of reference materials for the exclusive use of the
Most of the Z-volumes dealing with librarianship are
located either In the main stacks or in the enclosure of the
Social Sciences Division. Others may need to be relocated
and Miss O'Rourke will arrange to bring these together in
her Division.
It will also be necessary for library school students
to use the trade and national bibliographies housed in the
processing divisions. The Library staff in these divisions
will merely have to show the location of the sets and are
expected not "to give the students too much help.  If it is
necessary for the students to consult these volumes after
hours, arrangements will be made to have them sign in at the
Humanities turnstile and, when they are finished, to sign
When the students are given assignments, advance
notice will be given to the Divisions in order that preparations can be made.
Courses covering the use of government documents will
not be given until the second term. In general, library
school students should be given the same access as other
students but for convenience, groups of documents may be
brought together on the balcony for temporary periods.
Journals In Librarianship
A list of journals in the field of librarianship has
been checked by the Serials Division,  In some cases a second
subscription will be required for use of the library school
students and those that are not in heavy demand will be made
available to the students. The current issues of these will
be put in the laboratory of the School.
The following journals were discussed:
American Documentation - There is only one copy which should
remain in the Division. ASLIB Proceedings - There is only one copy which should remain
in the Division.
- There are two copies, the second of which
will be put in the School.
College & Research
Libraries  - There are two copies, the second of which
will be put in the School.
Journal of
Documentation- There is only one copy which should remain
in the Division.
Ontario Library
Library Resources
as Technical
There are two copies, the second of which
will be put in the School.
There are two copies, the second of which
will be put in the School.
Special Libraries - There is only one copy. A second subscription will be obtained and put in the
The routing procedure for these journals will be discontinued and, where there is only one copy, It will be sent
directly to the Social Sciences Division.  It was agreed
that a second subscription for Library Literature is necessary
and should be purchased. The back file of this would also be
Social Sciences Division will also supply some superseded
volumes of journals and indexes for placement in the School.
In addition, Library staff members may wish to contribute their
personal copies; these would be most welcome.
Tour of the Library
In order to familiarize the students of the library school
with the location of the materials they will be using in their
courses, they will be taken on a tour of the Library, commencing at 1:00 p.m., Wednesday, September 6.
Following the tour, a tea will be held in the Faculty
Room of the School (the old staff room, North wing).  An
invitation is extended to the Heads of the Divisions and their
husbands or wives.
Miss Smith expressed to Dr. Rothstein and the members
of the faculty of the School of Librarianship best wishes of
the Library staff for the success of the School, 4
Miss Elizabeth Ross, Clerk I in the Social Sciences
Division, has been transferred to Catalogue Division on
September 1.
Miss Gall Howander, as Clerk I in the Social Sciences
Division on September 5.
Miss Glenda J. MacInnis, as Library Assistant in the
Social Sciences Division on September 5.
Mr. William E. Parker, as Library Assistant in the
Biomedical Library on September 5.
Mr. L. Seboek, as Library Assistant in the Circulation
Division on September 5,
Mrs. Florence Weinberg, as Library Assistant in the
Catalogue Division on September 6.
Mr. J. Atherton, as Library Assistant in the Division
of Special Collections on September 15.
Mrs. Wilma Ross, as Clerk II In the Catalogue Division
on September 21.
Mrs. Jane Szepesi, as Library Assistant in the
Acquisitions Division on August 15,
Mrs. Margaret P. Wilton, as Library Assistant in the
Circulation Division on August ml8.
The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.


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