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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jun 17, 1954

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No. 73
THURSDAY, JUNE 17, 1954, at 3 p.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Mr. Rothstein, Miss Lanning, Miss Mercer,
Miss Alldritt, Miss O'Rourke, Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
P. 3, 2nd para. Add to last sentence, "though he warned
that there were a few gaps—the file is not 100% reliable."
3rd para., 1. 12: Replace "of much use to" with
"often enough used by".
P. 4, 3rd para. Replace 1st sentence with "A means has
been suggested to provide notification to faculty in general
regarding the arrival of new books.;i
When the building was being cleaned after the end of
term this year the janitors did not always arrange their work to
permit full use of the Library, and the Ridington Room was closed
from Monday through Wednesday noon. Mr. Harlow will ask the
janitors to arrange with him a cleaning schedule which will not
seriously interfere with library use by the public.
Apparently the replacement of the revolving door with
swinging doors has not actually been authorized, and Mr. Harlow is
checking with the Administration to see whether the job is to be
completed before Summer Session.
About May 20, 1954, when this collection x^ras reviewed by
Mr. Rothstein and Miss Mercer, it had 45 books and 15 to 20
regular readers.  Financially it broke even in 1953/54, and the
present cost of operation is very small.  In April, 35 books were
transferred from Rental to the main stack, a gain to the Library's
general collection.  It is agreed that more books should be bought
for Rental because it provides a general reading collection of
material not otherwise available to University people.  The Rental
collection should be made better known to the public.  Its present
location is probably the best for that purpose, but it was suggestec
that the books be turned so that the spines face the public.
Other suggestions for publicizing the rental books were
announcements in Mr. Harlow's "NOTES..." contact with faculty
women's groups, notices to departments, in the Faculty Club, and
other likely places, possibly mention in "The Ubyssey." The chance'
of getting wider publicity and additional advice in selection would
be increased by adding a faculty member and a faculty wife to the
Committee.  It was agreed that no move should be made to attract
readers outside the University, and that extra-mural readers should not be allowed to borrow from the rental collection. The location
of the collection does allow an extra-mural reader occasionally
to pick up a rental book, sign the card, and go off with it.
The advisability of expanding the collection was
discussed, and in general it was believed that the two shelves
should be filled with live material. The present rate of 5 cents
per day will continue in effect.
Miss Mercer will investigate possible additions to the
Committee and make recommendations.
Mr. Harlow remarked that if the collection if ere permitted
to become too large its operation might become expensive, as the
rental collection at McGill has done, and prove too great a burden.
Mr. Harlow read the terms of the agreement with the
USBE providing for a piece by piece exchange between the Library
and the Book Exchange, to be established as soon as we send the
first shipment of material.  Apart from the possibility of obtaining desirable items, the plan provides a means of disposing of
duplicate material usefully.  The exchange operation will be looked
after by the Acquisitions Division and Mr. Hennessey will be
officially recognized as Gift & Exchange Librarian. Mr. Lanning
and Miss O'Rourke will make a final review of material assembled
for the USBE, and a shipment will be made,
Mr. Rothstein is interested in re-establishing this
Committee, and Mr. Harlow thinks that such a group can serve a
very useful purpose. When the Committee operated before, it was
provided with a fund from which to purchase material of "general
interest." Since, the Reference staff has checked for reference
and related material in journals and other bibliographic sources,
but because many books recommended for purchase turned out to be
in the Library already, there was some feeling that much of the
time spent in reading reviews and making recommendations was
wasted. Mr. Harlow did not agree with this point of view, saying
that this is a part of any broad acquisitions program; finding the
book already here should be a source of satisfaction both because
the Library had the material and because the selection confirmed
the individual's judgment. Book selection is a proper part of
every librarian's responsibility and staff should be encouraged to
take part in it.  In the field of general reading opportunities
exist to recommend books for the Sedgewick and Rental Collections,
as well as for the general collections (Librarian's Fund), and it
was suggested that a fund be made available to the Committee for
general reading.  It is highly desirable to develop subject
Interests among the staff, providing regular sources of recommendations for purchases from departmental allocations.
Mr. Harlow will provide $100, to start, for a staff
Committee fund for general reading, and Mr. Rothstein was appointed
Chairman of the Committee. He will select the other members. -3- /tf
What policy should be adopted in this matter? Miss Mercer
reported that some material in this category now reaches Acquisition
marked ;7For Use in Library Only," which v/ould seem suitable for
circulation. Mr. Harlow suggested approaching the question b}r askin
what kind of series should not be circulated and why.  Periodicals
are restricted because they are particularly difficult to replace
and because they usually contain a considerable number of articles
which are likely to be wanted by a number of people. Four or five
monographs in a series, bound together, also cover several subjects,
and if the volume is loaned, several persons may be inconvenienced.
One monograph, bound as a separate, could be treated like a book
and circulated in the same way.  Some monographs are, however,
irreplaceable like other rare material, however they may be bound,
and no hard and fast rules can be adopted concerning them.  It was
agreed that circulation should be as free as possible, and after
general discussion Mr. Harlow asked Mr. Rothstein to confer
particularly with Miss Lanning, Mr. Lanning, and Miss O'Rourke and
try to work out a practicable plan.
Mr. Rothstein has conferred with Miss Priestly about the
cataloguing of the Law Library.  The first step is to order L.C.
cards for material currently being catalogued, to be done by the
Catalogue Division, Lat^ to pay the cost of the cards.
Fliss Priestly has previously discussed the possibility of ordering
cards for uncatalogued material in Law, she to search the L.C. card
numbers. Mr. Rothstein will secure a firm agreement with Law before
card orders are placed.
Miss Alldritt inquired whether the Library, which now
provides a main entry card for items ordered for the Engineering
Library, is to do so for other departmental collections. The
Librarian replied that one day the Library will undoubtedly provide
cards for all University collections; it is certainly the Library's
work and departments should not be expected or allowed to do their
own varieties of cataloguing.
Mr. Peeps of the School of Architecture has requested
that material on landscape architecture be put into the Fine Arts
Room for the greater convenience of students in architecture who, he
says, need to use it more than they now do.  It has always been
understood that landscape architecture is chiefly of interest
to horticulture, but it also is essential to at least two Architecture courses.  Certainly the material is classified in SB, and
the Horticulture faculty make extensive use of it. It was pointed
out (as a precedent) that books on the Dance, which are not in the
M or N classifications, are in Fine Arts. -4-
Miss O'Rourke said that the Fine Arts staff has been
returning some non-Fine Arts volumes to the general stacks and is
building up a card file of books in the main stacks of interest to
Architecture (e.g., Engineering in some phases) for the convenience
of students who use the room.  The students in Community Planning
have been persuaded to use the main collection, but the Architecture
students have resisted attempts to get them to do the same.  It meant
that material in the Fine Arts Room of interest to Architecture and
Engineering is withheld from use by Engineering students because
most of them do not come into the Room.
It was agreed that from the Library point of view there
is less objection to re-locating material within the building than
to sending it outside, which is often the alternative in dealing
with such special demands,
Mr. Harlow said that he would talk with Mr. Peeps and
perhaps selected material could be charged to the Fine Arts Room for
a brief period.
Fir. Rothstein will assemble information and ideas
concerning the problem of making the Sedgewick collection a circu?-
lating one and present them for discussion at next meeting.
This will be discussed further at the meeting next
A number of new books have arrived recently with the
binding in such poor condition that they have to be sent to the
Bindery for treatment before they can be put into use.  The question
of what should be rebound and what returned to the agent or
publisher should be discussed.
A ballot on union affiliation was taken on Thursday
afternoon by the Provincial Labour Relations Board, all staff
members other than Division Heads, the Assistant Librarian and
Librarian being eligible to vote. The tabulation of votes was
Number eligible 54
Number voting 40
For 13
Against  27
The meeting adjourned at 5 p.m.


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