Japanese Maps of the Tokugawa Era

Dai Nihon kairozu. Jō


Cover attached; title from cover. Castles and provinces indicated. Contents: 浦邊順覧東海路之圖 Urabe junran Tōkairo no zu (Chart of eastern sea routes [the Pacific], Matsumae to Edo); 南洋湊方角之圖 Nanyō minato hōgaku no zu (Chart of Edo to Ōsaka, by Saikichi on Aizenmaru ship, Hōreki 2 [1752]; 浦邊順覧西海路之圖 Urabe junran saikairo no zu (Chart of western sea routes, Ōsaka to Nagasaki); 北海湊方角之圖 Hokkai minato Hōgaku no zu (Chart of Japan Sea route from Shimonoseki to Matsumae) by Aizenmaru ship, Meiwa 4 [1767]. The latter three charts are reproduced in Kurita’s 日本古版集成 Nihon kohan shūsei, pl. 77, 78, 79; 南洋湊方角之圖 Nanyō minato hōgaku no zu reproduced in 日本古地図大成 Nihon kochizu taisei, pl. 120. Copyright purchased 天保 (Tenpō) 5 [1834]; revised edition published in 天保 (Tenpō) 13 [1842]. Vol. 1 has four extensions (two on either side) on panels 6, 8 and 9; panel 8 has Mt. Fujiyama; vol. 2 panel 11 overlaps panel 12 like an extension. Cited in: WSN; 314

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