Japanese Maps of the Tokugawa Era

Honchō kokugun kenchi zusetsu Hiyama, Gishin


Cover attached; cover title: 本朝國郡建置沿革圖説 Honchō kokugun kenchi enkaku zusetsu (Historical atlas of changed provinces and district of our country). Contents: (Beans 1823.1) 神武天皇登極圖 Jinmu Tennō tōkyoku no zu; (BEANS 1823.2) 景行天皇東西征定圖 Keikō Tennō tōzai seitei no zu; (Beans 1823.3) 神功皇后摂政元年征韓圖 Jingū Kōgō sesshō gannen seikan no zu; (Beans 1823.4) 推古天皇二十六年圖 Suiko Tennō nijūrokunen no zu; (BEANS 1823.5) 齊明天皇六年圖 Saimei Tennō rokunen no zu; (Beans 1823.6) 元正天皇養老四年圖 Genshō Tennō yōrō yonen no zu; (Beans 1823.7) 淳和天皇天長元年國名全定圖 Junna Tennō Tenchō gannen kokumei zentei no zu. There is a preface of Satō Issai dated from 11th Month, 文政 Bunsei 6 (1823). Cited in:WSN; 154

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