Japanese Maps of the Tokugawa Era

Teisei zōyaku Sairan igen. Kan no 4 Yamamura, Masanaga.


Cover title: 増譯采覧異言 Zōyaku Sairan igen (Enlarged Sairan igen); 采覧異言 Sairan igen is a geographical work by 新井白石 Arai Hakuseki in 1713. The 14 volumes include a preface volume, 12 volumes of text, and a volume of maps. The maps are coloured with the exception of the last four, which have only the boundaries outlined in red. All the maps occupy two facing pages, with one exception (Beans 1803.9) [East Indies]. Contents: (Beans 1803.1) 歐羅巴洲與地圖 Yōroppashū yochizu (General map of Europe); (Beans 1803.2) Horutogaru Isuhania Furansu Itaria Serumania Aran Heruheshia Suuyusserurando ijō nanakoku no zu (Map of the seven countries Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, and Switzerland); (Beans 1803.3) Teemaruka Noruweshiakoku Shueshiakoku ijō nikoku no zu [and] Koroodo Buritaniakoku no zu (Scandinavia [and] British Isles); (Beans 1803.4) [Balkans, Black Sea region and Asia Minor]; (Beans 1803.5) [Southern Russia and Poland]; (Beans 1803.6) 亞細亞洲與地圖 Ajiashū yochizu (General map of Asia); (Beans 1803.7) [East Asia]; (Beans 1803.8) [Southern Asia]; (Beans 1803.9) [East Indies]; (Beans 1803.10) 亞弗利加洲與地圖 Afurikashū yochizu (General map of Africa); (Beans 1803.11) 南亞墨利加洲與地圖 Minami Amerikashū yochizu (General map of South America); (Beans 1803.12) 北亞墨利加洲與地圖 Kita Amerikashū yochizu (General map of North America). Cited in: WSN; 125

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