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Royal Fisk Gold Rush Letters

[Letter, J.A. McCrea to Royal Fisk, November 18 1862] McCrea, J.A. 1862-11-18

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 For “Seira [sic] Nevada” <br>
Victoria V.I.<br>
Nov. 18. 1862<br>
Royal Fisk Esq.<br>
Dear Sir<br>
Enclosed please find <br>
Wells Fargo & Co two drafts No 899 & 919. for five <br>
hundred Dollars Each. which please place to my <br>
credit Your favor of the 7 inst [instante/this month] received with invoice<br>
& B/L [Bill of Lading] for goods on the Lucas. Did you mean <br>
in your letter that the proprietors of the G Gate <br>
flour wished advances Made to them if so <br>
I can not do less than Charge them interest <br>
unless they direct it Sold for cash on arrival <br>
I might make the interest two per cent as mny [money] <br>
is plenty here now. As I informed you in <br>
a previous letter my Counsel Com. is 5% <br>
when goods are sold on the wharf it saves <br>
storage cartage [etc] but does not reduce my <br>
Com. But if the goods are of a nature that I <br>
have to take them into store and sell them <br>
five ten & twenty dollar lots then I shall charge <br>
7½ per cent Did you pay W F & Co for making <br>
the advance on Johnson goods did you insure<br>
the goods we have no account of Either<br> I have sold all of Johnsons goods but <br>
cannot give you the amount to be divided <br>
among your friends as some of them <br>
came out damaged and I had to re sell <br>
them and have not got it settled yet <br>
Shall I divide what is over pro rata or <br>
how or shall I send it to you to divide <br>
Please tell me what to do as I shall <br>
not send it untill [sic] I hear from you <br>
I want you to match the auction for Tobacco <br>
Cheap Tobacco is very scarce here and anything <br>
at about 25 cents buy it that is about what <br>
it brings in your place at auction Do not <br>
miss an opportunity ship me also by <br>
first Sail Vessel 10 Kegs choice Isthmus butter <br>
50 Kg EB ___ 5 galls                            5 Case Cal Cheese<br>
                                                               5 Bale Double Crown straw paper <br>
If you can buy buy 20 case cheap Lard. buy 6 or 7¢<br>
				Yours Truly, J.A. Mc.Crea<br>
I have drawn a small draft on you favor of <br>
Mr A. P. Everett, which please honor & oblige.<br>
					J.A. McCrea <br>


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