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[Letter, J.A. McCrea to Royal Fisk, December 8 1863] McCrea, J.A. Dec 8, 1863

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Victoria V.I.<br>
Dec 8. 1863<br>
R Fisk Esq<br>
		Dear Sir<br>
Enclosed please find<br>
GK M___ draft No 45 for one hundred sixty dollars<br>
$160 Draft. Drawn by S Marks Endorsed by E S___s<br>
on Messrs Schloss & Livingston in my favor. for Three<br>
Hundred and forty dollars $340 one drawn by same<br>
parties favor of G Veginola for the sum of two<br>
Hundred & Eighteen & 77/100 dollars {$218. 77/100} All of<br>
which have protested if not paid - I also<br>
Enclose you full a/c [account] Sales of Nat [National] Mills flour<br>
to date including all shipments up to the Rice<br>
and first of Exchange to your order for the<br>
balance due them amounting to $1274 21/100 which I<br>
hope will prove Satisfactory to them and<br>
they will continue to ship in larger quantities<br>
as I shall have large sales in February -<br>
I expect to sell all the flour on the Rice tomorrow<br> 2<br>
Your favor of the 27th Nov only came to hand <br>
this morning in consequence of the Seven months <br>
I consequence of the trouble I have in sending <br>
goods to the various post [sic] on the Sound I wish<br>
you to send me if possible a copy of the<br>
manifest of each Vessel for (on which you ship<br>
any goods for me) certified to by the collect<br>
of your post by this means I can send goods<br>
American I mean) [sic] free of duty which cannot <br>
be done without and I can always have a <br>
large Sound trade if I can only pan them <br>
free. I think it will be better then to have<br>
a uniform mark particularly as some parties<br>
here object to seeing their mark on my goods<br>
Business is very dull except the local Trade<br>
what can you get for Sal Soda and what will<br>
be the duty. there [sic] is a large stock here I can<br>
buy at 2 1/2 & can you do anything with Tart Currants<br>
in Bbls - Let me know by return Steamer<br>
			Yours [etc.]<br>
					JA McCrea <br> 3<br>
P.S. I also send you drafts on asst. <br>
Treasurer of the U.S. No 430. for the sum<br>
of five hundred dollars which collect<br>
and if paid in green backs sell them <br>
and place amount to my credit and send <br>
more of amount by return boat.<br>
You will please purchase & ship 200 boxes<br>
Candles 10 Bales Straw paper 10 kegs apples<br>
If you have not made any purchase of Tobacco<br>
do not do so unless it is very low<br>
No more Lard at present as I have a <br>
consignment besides your last purchase <br>
I case you can buy a lot of _____ __ __ _____ pork<br>
low. in Bbls or Halves. Even if it is a little sour<br>
I would like some I was able to sell the<br>
other at a small proffit [sic] and therefore did not<br>
send it back but that does not remove the<br>
fact that thy [sic] misrepresented it you [sic]<br>
					Yours [etc.]<br>
						J.A McCrea<br>


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