Royal Fisk Gold Rush Letters

[Letter, J.A. McCrea to Royal Fisk, September 14 1863] McCrea, J.A. Sep 14, 1863

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 “Seira [sic] Nevada” <br>
R Fisk Esq               Victoria V.I Sep 14. 63<br>
		Your favor of Sept 5. received<br>
contents all correct Enclosed please find<br>
dft [draft] on Messrs Falkner Bell &Co No 2/406 for five<br>
Hundred dollars which place to my credit<br>
I will receive and sell the National Mills<br>
flour for five per cent commission I have<br>
made arrangements with the Bank of British<br>
Columbia for Messrs Falkner Bell &Co to <br>
advance when required Seventy per cent of <br>
invoice thy [thereby] changing there [sic] one & one half<br>
of one per cent for advancing which covers every<br>
thing until the need arises here when I<br>
Will charge them [sic] one & one half of one per cent<br>
a month interest until I am reembursed [sic] <br>
from Sales this is just what I have to<br>
pay the bank and the best terms I could<br>
make therefore all I make is my com [commission] of <br>
5% You will therefore have to make them <br> pay your own charges this is the best I can do. 	               				2<br>
	I send you Messrs Edgar & Aime<br>
Certificate in regard to the pork which <br>
I hope will Satisfy the sellers. You will<br>
please Send my [sic] by first Steamer<br>
2 marble mantles width of pier 4 feet 6 inches<br>
with 18 inch Grates with the fire brick<br>
Summon ____ & Everything complete- about the<br>
Same as Mr Edgar although I dont [sic] mind<br>
a few dollars more than his cost if you<br>
think it pays the difference I am building<br>
a house and want them for it send by<br>
Steamer as I have but little Extra time<br>
Our town is rather quiet and the news <br>
from the mines not very Encouraging<br>
Mr Edgar has just returned from a trip <br>
there and I presume he will give you<br>
an account of them<br>
			Yours Truly<br>
				J.A. Mc.Crea<br>
P.S. I have not written to <br>
Messrs J Masterston &Co presuming<br>
you will give them all the<br>
necessary information<br>


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