Royal Fisk Gold Rush Letters

[Letter, J.A. McCrea to Royal Fisk, October 9 1862] McCrea, J.A. Oct 9, 1862

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 For Steamer “Siera [sic] Nevada”<br>
Victoria VI.<br>
Oct 9. 1862<br>
Royal Fisk Esq.<br>
Dear Sir<br>
Yours of the 27. <br>
Came to hand with contents all Correct <br>
Enclosed you will please find Messrs <br>
J J Southgate & Co. dft [sic] on Messr B____<br>
Lou & May for the Sum of one thousand <br>
dollars. (No 301/401.) which you will please <br>
place to my credit You will please <br>
Send by first sail vessel one Hundred <br>
boxes Candles. Also say 1000 lb Dried currants<br> 
10 Kegs dried apples. 10¢ I & H Lard 10 Bbls Billing <br>
Hams. 5 cases Cal Cheese and 10kgs Isthmus butter <br>
if not already shipp [sic].  50 Bbls golden gate superfine <br>
flour five bales Double crown Straw paper <br>
I find a great swindle in the tare allowed <br>
on the Soda the old mark on the bbls is 2gr 2 lb<br> 
and it is remarked 24.00 I have been obliged <br>
to allow full tare and therefore claim and the <br>
man that attempted this swindle ought <br>
to be prosecuted I claim 34 lbs on Each <br>
Bbl or 340 lb on all. I had a great deal <br>
of trouble about my salt on the Scranton <br>
and then the Capt went off without <br> Settling my claim however I will stop him <br>
next time hereafter you will have all <br>
my bills of Lading [sic] signed by the master<br> 
of the Vessel as they are really worthless <br>
without his Signature and Rem Pickett <br>
told me here that I had no claim <br>
on the Scranton as the bill of Lading [sic]<br> 
was not signed by the Capt but by his Father <br>
Therefore although Messrs Pickett & Co <br>
may be perfectly responsible I <br>
would prefer to have any claim I <br>
may hereafter have against the ship <br>
to any shipping House I send you bonders<br>
certificate for Salt &c Plenty of <br>
miners now returning with large amounts<br> 
of gold dust. No up Country trade <br>
until next spring.<br>
		Yours Truly<br>
			J.A. Mc.Crea<br>

P.S. Ask Mr. B if he would like to <br>
make an offer for the slate<br>
			J.A. McC<br>


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