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The phylogeny and global biogeography of Primulaceae based on high-throughput DNA sequence data Larson, Drew; Chanderbali, Andre; Maurin, Olivier; Goncalves, Deise; Dick, Christopher; Soltis, Douglas; Soltis, Pamela; Fritsch, Peter; Clarkson, James; Grall, Aurélie; Davies, Nina; Larridon, Isabel; Kikuchi, Izai; Forest, Félix; Baker, William; Smith, Stephen; Utteridge, Timothy



The angiosperm family Primulaceae is morphologically diverse and distributed nearly worldwide. However, phylogenetic uncertainty has limited the ability to identify major morphological and biogeographic transitions. We used target capture sequencing with the Angiosperms353 kit for over 300 species across Ericales, tree-based sequence curation, and multiple phylogenetic approaches to investigate the phylogenetics of the major clades of Primulaceae and their relationship to other Ericales. The study included 150 samples of Primulaceae comprising nearly all recognized genera of the family, with a particular focus on the most diverse subfamily, Myrsinoideae, for which previous phylogenetic knowledge was poor. We used fossil and secondary calibrations to generate dated phylogenetic trees and conducted broad-scale biogeographic analyses as well as ancestral state reconstructions of plant habit.</p>

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