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Performance evaluation of portable dual-spot micro-aethalometers for source identification of Black Carbon aerosols: Application to wildfire smoke and traffic emissions in the Pacific Northwest Chakraborty, Mrinmoy; Giang, Amanda; Zimmerman, Naomi


This data has been collected and studied to understand the performance of the micro-aethalometer model MA300. Mirco-aethalometers are portable instruments for measuring Black Carbon (BC) mass concentrations. These instruments are facilitated to measure light absorption in multiple wavelengths, which can be utilized to perform source identification of BC. Through a long-term field deployment of three units of MA300s, we aimed to collect BC data at a traffic junction, covering sources from Traffic emissions. The data collection period overlapped with the Wildfire smoke-affected days in the Summer of 2020. All three MA300 units were operated inside Metro Vancouver&apos;s monitoring station at Clark Drive, Vancouver.</p>

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