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Data for: The mining industry would benefit economically from a global tax on carbon emissions Cox, Benjamin; Innis, Sally; Kunz, Nadja; Steen, John


This data supplements our publication "An unlikely pairing: the mining industry economically benefits from a global tax on carbon emissions". This data is used to test the impact of a hypothetical international carbon taxation regime on a subsection of the mining industry compared to other sectors. A financial model was developed to calculate the cost of carbon taxes for 23 commodities across three industries. The findings show that, given any level of taxation tested, most mining industry commodities would not add more than 30% of their present product value. Comparatively, commodities such as coal could be taxed at more than 150% of their current product value under more intense carbon pricing initiatives, thereby accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources and the consequent demand benefits for mined metals.

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