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Long term pest monitoring for click beetles at the UBC farm Carrillo, Juli; Clausen, Martina; Cabra, César; Van Herk, Wim; Tam, Jordan


Click beetles are pests of economic concern in BC. Since 2018 we are monitoring for two species of click beetles at the UBC Farm, Agriotes lineatus and Agriotes obscurus, using pitfall traps baited with pheromone lures. In total, we deployed 20 traps paired in ten locations, with each location possessing one trap baited for A. lineatus and one trap baited for A. obscurus. Each week from April to July samples are collected from these traps and the click beetles are identified and counted. This project enables long-term estimates of click-beetle populations at the UBC Farm, while also providing long-term biodiversity estimates of ground-dwelling insects at the farm in general. The collected data will measure fluctuations in click beetle abundance in different habitat elements over time.

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