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Data for A Simple Chamber Design for Calibrating Weiss Saturometers and Recommendations for Measuring and Reporting Total Dissolved Gases Pleizier, N. K.; Cooke, S. J.; Brauner, C. J.


Total dissolved gas (TDG) supersaturation downstream of features such as hydroelectric dams can cause harmful bubbles to grow in the tissues of aquatic animals. TDG supersaturation is often measured using Weiss saturometers, but information on the calibration and use of these instruments is scarce in the literature. Regular calibration, accurate measurement procedures, and standardized TDG reporting are important for generating reliable measurements that are easily interpreted. We provide a description of low-cost calibration equipment that practitioners can build themselves and recommend a specific two-point calibration protocol. We also recommend methods for the more accurate measurement and reporting of TDG.

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