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BC Seed Trials and CANOVI Replicated Carrot Variety Trials 2017-2019 - UBC Farm Lyon, Alexandra; Thoreau, Chris


This dataset comprises data from three years of replicated carrot variety trials carried out at the UBC Farm. Production and quality data were collected as part of farmer-participatory variety trials that sought to identify carrot varieties with strong performance for both fresh market sales and seed production in British Columbia. Trials used the “mother-baby” design and included up to three “mother” sites (like UBC Farm) that conducted replicated trials, along with many on-farm “baby” sites that carried out unreplicated trials. The 2017 and 2018 trials were part of the BC Seed Trials project, and the 2019 trial was part of the nationwide Canadian Organic Vegetable Improvement (CANOVI) project. A different assortment of carrot varieties was trialed each year, and the set of traits evaluated also varied among years. This variability resulted in substantial missing data, but the dataset can be useful with appropriate filtering for varieties and traits of interest. The metadata tab summarizes the attributes rated per year, defines rating scales, and indicates when rating scales were converted for consistency among years.

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