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Data and code for "Learning to stand with unexpected sensorimotor delays" Brandon G Rasman; Patrick A Forbes; Ryan M Peters; Oscar Ortiz; Ian Franks; J. Timothy Inglis; Romeo Chua; Jean-Sébastien Blouin


These files consist of data and Matlab code needed to reproduce the main result figures from Experiments 1, 2 and 3 of "Learning to stand with unexpected sensorimotor delays". Additionally, LabVIEW code is provided to produce robust Bayesian fits for perceptual data. Data and results include: standing balance behavior (sway velocity variance, percent time within balancing limits) with imposed delays, vestibular-evoked muscle responses (coherence, gain, cross-covariance) when standing with imposed delays, and perceptual thresholds to detecting unexpected standing motion when standing with imposed delays.

Data are provided in spreadsheets (for viewing purposes) and also in .mat matlab files (to run with source code).

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