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Ethics~Pediatric Sepsis Data CoLab Environmental Scan Kissoon, Niranjan; Fung, Jollee; Hwang, Bella; Trawin, Jessica; Symonds, Nicola; Knappett, Martina; Krepiakevich, Alexia; Liu, Christine; Businge, Stephen; Jabornisky, Roberto; Suiyven, Dzelamunyuy; Talla, Emmanuela; Nwankwor, Odiraa; Tagoola, Abner; Oguonu, Tagbo; Karlovich, Gabrielle; Kenechi, Onah Stanley; Dunsmuir, Dustin; Wiens, Matthew; Ansermino, J Mark


The purpose of this environmental scan is to support health facilities in identifying and assessing quality improvement (QI) priorities and initiatives to treat children with sepsis. This dataset contains generic protocol and templates, written consent form templates, and verbal consent scripts to assist project teams in the ethics application process.;
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