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Data from: Positive relationship between genetic- and species diversity on limestone outcrops in the Carpathian Mountains Csergő, Anna Mária; Hufnagel, Levente; Höhn, Mária


We asked if the genetic diversity of Saponaria bellidifolia (a habitat specialist plant) and the species diversity of its habitat are driven by parallel landscape-level processes in an island-like system of limestone outcrops in the Carpathian Mountains. We tested the relationship of these two diversity levels at local and regional geographic scales. Local genetic and species diversity showed parallel patterns influenced by the number of plant communities. Likewise, at regional level there was strong evidence for parallel equilibrial dynamics of genotypes and species. However, a superimposed matrix effect enhanced the regional species diversity only. Genetic diversity of habitat specialist organisms and species diversity of these limestone outcrop islands on mainland are modulated by parallel landscape-level processes at different geographic scales, and mechanisms may be identified at very high spatial resolutions.; Usage notes
VegetationPlots_Saponaria bellidifoliaHabitat_Apuseni MtsVegetation data sampled within Saponaria bellidifolia habitat in the Apuseni Mountains (Carpathian Mountains, Romania).RAPD_Saponaria bellidifolia_Apuseni MtsRAPD analysis of 10 plants/population for 7 Saponaria bellidifolia populations within Apuseni Mountains.

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