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Data from: Sumakuru, a deeply-diverging new genus of lyssomanine jumping spiders from Ecuador (Araneae: Salticidae) Maddison, Wayne P.


The lyssomanine jumping spider genus Sumakuru gen. n. is here described for Sumakuru bigal sp. n., from the Bigal River Biological Reserve in Ecuador. Known from a single male, the embolus of the palp takes the form of a smoothly arching curve, and appears fully mobile, being connected to the tegulum by a thin sclerite and a twisted hematodocha. Data from four gene regions (28S, 16SND1, CO1, wingless) indicate that Sumakuru is the sister group to all other sampled lyssomanines, diverging deeply on the stem lineage of the clade of other known lyssomanines. Unlike previous molecular results, the sampled species of Lyssomanes Hentz, 1845 are supported as monophyletic, with Chinoscopus Simon, 1900 as the sister to Lyssomanes.; Usage notes
Alignments and trees for Sumakuru study (Salticidae)Alignments for 28S, 16SND1, CO1, wingless, and maximum likelihood trees from analysis of salticid spider phylogeny, showing placement of Sumakuru within the lyssomanines.Sumakuru-Maddison2016-ForDryad04.nex

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