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Data from: Data archiving is a good investment Piwowar, Heather A.; Vision, Todd J.; Whitlock, Michael C.


Funding agencies are reluctant to support data archiving, even though large research funders such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health acknowledge its importance for scientific progress. Our quantitative estimates of data reuse indicate that ongoing financial investment in data-archiving infrastructure provides a high scientific return.; Usage notes
PubMed Central reuse of GEO datasets deposited in 2007This is the raw data behind the analysis. It contains one row for every mention of a 2007 GEO dataset in PubMed Central. Each row identifies the mentioned GEO dataset, the PubMed Central article that mentions the dataset's accession number, whether the authors of the dataset and the attributing article overlap, and whether this is considered an instance of third-party data reuse.PMC_reuse_of_2007_GEO_datasets.csv
Aggregate Table DataAggregate table data behind the figures and results in the README associated with the main dataset. Includes Baseline metrics used for extrapolating PubMed Central (PMC) results to PubMed, Number of mentions of a 2007 GEO dataset by authors who submitted the dataset, and Number of mentions of a dataset by authors who DID NOT submit the dataset across 2007-2010.tables.csv

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